Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Is spelling important??

I remember when I was at school aeons ago..whenever the teacher goes..ok girls it's spelling quiz now..and everybody will go...aaahhhh... at that point of life I remembered that those who can't spell correctly means they have to stand at the class corridor...damn!! that was so low!!! Now I thanked the teacher buckets for teaching me the importance and greatness of spelling words correctly. That's the least I could be proud of since I'm a horrible writer and speaks broken english... the thing that really gets me annoyed when receiving official documents from people is spelling error....really...once when I was a nanny for this royalty household and we have this breakfast ramadhan menu where all the muslim staffs are invited to breakfast with the boss.. i was shocked to see the draft of the menu done by the supervisor. One of the household is a black american who always eats his home cook meal cook by the Siamese chef..

SOLE FOOD????? it's god-damn soul food for cryin' out loud mister!!!!

But when I got this in my inbox, has all my effort gone into waste, has spelling become less important nowadays??

Olny srmat poelpe can.

cdnuolt blveiee taht I cluod aulaclty uesdnatnrd waht I was rdanieg. The phaonmneal pweor of the hmuan mnid, aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at Cmabrigde Uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoatnt tihng is taht the frist and lsat ltteer be in the rghit pclae. The rset can be a taotl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit a porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae the huamn mnid deos not raed ervey lteter by istlef, but the wrod as a wlohe. Amzanig huh? yaeh and I awlyas tghuhot slpeling was ipmorantt!

if you can raed tihs psas it on !!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Top 70 blogs

Read this link

Yayy...steady la Mak 70 tu!! and Pokku and Mokcik Nab and Afdlin Shauki and Pak Adib and more to come...

Multiple ways of using perfume..

Zahin pestered his mom for a bottle of perfume last weekend when we were out shopping for his boxers... Grown man he more 'spende kaler kaler' aka colorful underwears. He's first perfume was the one that Toki bought in Mekah while performing the umrah. He took care of it like he's life depended on it i.e putting it in a safer place while he's at school and even use it to school.

He even told mama, that they're allowed to use perfume to school but not bringing it it to school. So mama gave way and bought him one and of course whatever he gets Muhd get it's too. It's like having twins... fenin..

We went to this small cheapo perfume shop who sells it in a small, medium and large bottles. After testing few and getting confused I think he settled for *Eternity* and Muhd "Hugo". Both bottles for RM7 can make him a happy man.

Today while I was getting ready for work and they needed to get ready too for their extra class in school, I saw him at a glance wiping his arms like he's using a lotion. He doesn't use one so I stopped and ask.

Me - Zahin buat aper? (What are you doing?)

Zahin - Pakai perfume. (Putting on the perfume)

Me - Ehhh..that's not the way to use it...

Zahin - Abih camner?? Zahin pakai camni sbb mama beli perfume dlm botol bukan spray..
(But how? I'm putting it this way because mama bought the one not in the spray kind of bottle )

Me - ???? Lost of word..and walk away..giggling..
Kids say the darnest thing..don't u think?? Technically he's right...

Monday, May 29, 2006

Proud 2B Malaysians..

I got this via e-mail today and decided to share with my fellow bloggers...

Lesson 1
You have just landed in KL International Airport and the first thing you want to do is to call your Malaysian friend. If you're calling him at home or at the office, the first thing to say on the phone is "Eh, what you doing?". If you're calling him on the handphone(cellular phone)the standard greeting is "Eh, where are you?"

Lesson 2
Your Malaysian friend has graciously offered to pick you from them airport. He said "Give me half an hour...", be prepared to wait at least one and a half hours. This is probably your first encounter with Malaysian Timing. There's no need to adjust your watch. Whatever time a Malaysian tells you, just add another hour,
and you won't go wrong.

Lesson 3
You have no friends in Malaysia (yet) and you decide to take a cab from the airport. You'll soon realize that the one-way taxi fare is more expensive than a night's stay at most decent hotels.

Lesson 4
If your friendly limo or taxi driver, says "Sir, you want to try some Thai chicken," he is definitely not suggesting a good place for Thai food. If you encounter the word "chicken" in a taxi, hotel lobby or street corner it usually
means a lady who charges you a fee in exchange for pleasure.

Lesson 5
If you're a newbie expat, your colleagues will definitely introduce you to the mini Beverly Hills of Kuala Lumpur, Bangsar. Believe me, there are other more interesting places to shop, eat and drink. And by the way, get the pronunciation right! It's "Bar-ngsar" not "Bang-sar" as in "Bangkok".

Lesson 6
Since you're heading for Bangsar anyway, you ought to know that Bangsar was previously Indian territory before the white men's invasion. Some of the local Indians you meet there try their very best to look and behave like the blacks in the US. Complete with rapper's hair cut, shades and customary "Yo! What's up motherxxxxxx?" greeting, you wouldprobably think that you're right in the middle
of Harlem. But remember this important warning: Don't ever call them blacks, even though their sole purpose in life is to look and sound like the blacks. They become extremely hostile if you refer to them as blacks! I can never figure this out but don't say I didn't warn you.

Lesson 7
Why do Malaysians call all Caucasians "Mat Sallehs"? About a hundred years ago, drunkard sailors from the West were a common sight in the Port Klang area. The locals used to call them "Mad Sailors". Somehow, it got corrupted into the Malay name "Mat Salleh". The Chinese will still call you "Gwai-Loh" or "Devil". To
the more polite Hokkiens you're a "Ang Moh" or "Red Hair".

Lesson 8
If your Chinese friends invite you to join them for a Chinese meal like "Hokkien Mee" or "Bak Kut Teh", eat as much as you can. You'll never gonna get it anywhere else. Not even in China, Taiwan or Hong Kong. There's another Malaysian invention, the "Yee Sang" or raw fish salad (served during the Chinese New
Year). Before I forget, if you're the queasy type, avoid ordering "spare-parts" when you're having "Bak Kut Teh", unless you fancy all the internal parts of a pig.

Lesson 9
When you're in a restaurant, always "pop" the disposable tissue packet as loud as you can. Don't worry, nobody will get annoyed. Usually, at the end of a ten course dinner, there'll be one "Big Bang" as everybody "pop" theirs. In order to express your appreciation to your generous host, remember to throw in a loud belch as well. Although it may be normal in your own country, don't ask the waiter for a separate bill (check). Either you pay for everything or just keep your mouth (and wallet)
shut. If you feel bad about it, offer to pay the next time. Anyway, don't worry too much about it as most locals know that most Mat Sallehs are "stingy buggers"...

Lesson 10
Don't like to be a stingy Mat? Take your friends to a Mamak "fish-head curry" restaurant. Order the prawns and the crabs as well. Be totally reckless, don't ask about the prices and don't check your bill as well. I guarantee you'll find a big hole. The one in your pocket, not the ones you're always chasing in Bangsar. Whether you're in a five-star hotel or at a roadside stall, always ask for the "bill". Nobody will understand when you say "check" or "tab". Need a paper napkin
or serviette? Just say "tishoo".

Lesson 11
Every Wednesday or Thursday night is Ladies' Night at the "fun pubs" and discos. That's the night when most club operators get rid of all their stale and unwanted alcohol. They mix it into some strange cocktails and give it away free to the ladies. Ladies' Night is actually Men's Night! That's the time when all the
predatory "buayas" (crocodiles) go out in full force. Stick to normal nights, you'll find less competition. If you're a lady, stay away from the "buayas" and the free drinks (unless it's pouring brands).

Lesson 12
Stop hassling the street vendor who sold you a 3 VCD set of "The Titanic" that didn't exactly meet the ISO 9000 specifications. C'mon, what can you buy for US $3 back home? Besides, you should listen to your own government and not buy pirated stuff. But from what I see at Imbi Plaza, pewter and batik are no longer the favorite souvenirs. By the way, when you're at Imbi Plaza, don't forget to check out another distinguished landmark of Malaysia; the world's first and only permanently static escalator.

Lesson 13
Malaysian drivers tend to slow down when they come across any road accidents. They are not being cautious nor are they intending to give assistance. They must catch a glimpse of that ever important "Nombor". Even if the number (license) plate is broken into a million pieces, the passer-bys will patiently re-assemble it just to obtain that "lucky" number. Then, it's off to the 4D betting shops. If the numbers don't come this way, they do some quick interpretation of their dreams through the handy Chinese Dream Book. It looks like a Clip Art Visual Catalog. Nightmares are included as well....

Damn, I'm Proud to be Malaysian!

Note 1 - I must check the escalator in plaza imbi..never notice that.
Note 2 - Lolls, is that your version of explanation for the term "mat salleh"
Note 3 - That black in Bar-ngsarrr is so reall!!!

Anyone care to add lesson 14 and the next?? I'm sure there's more...

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Friday Fiasco

I'm all drained out. Remember my 11hours beauty sleep I must have weekly, well I didn't quite manage to do it for the past 3 weeks or so.. Not with all the stuffs going on these 2 weeks with Masyitah and Habib in and out of the hospital, the big boss is back from outstation and guilty....guilty, all the late nights spend on blog hopping.

It was raining cats and dogs and just about when I want to make my way home my colleague called and said there's a huge tree fell right into the middle of the road. And since the area logistics is a one way street, like it or not him and me we have to figure out a way to solve it. We gather our team plus the securities and gardeners we managed to remove bulk of the big branches under the rain. Well I was holding an umbrella while doing it, can't have all the men drooling at my boobs under the white shirt can I?? Even with the whole bunch of us, it took us about 45minutes to do it. City Hall will come only the next day because they need to attend the other falling trees in the city.

I got home in under 30minutes even in the messy wet road..thank god for that short cut..if there's one thing I'm good at..that's my sense of direction. I had to bring the kids to the hospital today, coz they didn't go the night before. I was really knackered by that time.. Got home, showered, shouted here and they a little bit to get the 3 kids ready then I got a call from Toki that he wants to treat the whole clan for dinner. So off to dinner at about 8tish. The theme was Thai food. Damn good!! despite me being tired i still whacked that siakap steam and tiga rasa..uuhh..yummy..marvellous.

When we reached the hospital, I told the kids to go up and I just need to take a quick nap in the car. I dozed off real fast. The next thing I knew, they were knocking on the window. Woke-up..still in dizziness and still sleepy..I drove home. Alhamdullilah I managed to hold my eyes from closing for another 30mins. I reached home grabbed my mattress and bunk it in-front of the tv and zasss..while i'm still dreaming I made sure the boys did their Isya..

Ohh..and I suppose to go for X-MEN III midnite show but for some reason and misunderstanding between my friend and that damn TGV ticket counter peep..she somehow didn't manage to get the tickets which I've booked 3 days earlier...Ohhh..i was so looking forward to it... blessing in disguise i think?? one, because i was too god-damn sleepy that night and would have wasted the ticket and two, i should not and never have intentions to leave the kids at home when their mom is not around...somehow or rather up there did not permit me to do that..and this is not the first.

So everything was a failure day for me except for the yummylicious dinner...

And did I manage to get the 11hours beauty is like luxury nowadays..

Friday, May 26, 2006

Soul Patrol ruless!!!!

Yaay!!!! so ok i know i'm a bit behind. Staying with 5 kids means I have to sacrifice the luxury of having cable tv...

Late or not...I'm gawd-damn thrill that Taylor won this season. It's about time..he's just a package for all. Everything just suits him even when he wore that gordy purple jacket...he pulled that one..oohhh..he did..

Taylor my make me proud hommie...

Taylor Hicks - Audition Stage

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Right that went wrong..

Everything that suppose to go right went wrong...

Habib got admitted today. His bad cough leading to difficulties in breathing. His chest was pounding like waves...

He puked twice at the office. At about 11nish I send him halfway to his mom. At 2pm I have the associations meeting, went well got to know better the vice pres who is and "otai" aka old timer in the industry. Pulled some strings I hope she can help me in gaining better access and oppourtunities in this industry. *Sigh* I'm getting damn bored!!! Stopped by at the hospital before heading home..

What else went wrong?? I reached home..the damn internet is so freaking slow and I cannot access my efx2 and some other stuffs...arghhh!!! Only Taylor Hicks made my moment for that last song..boy!! it was one hell of a performance. I hope he'll nail it..

It didn't last long coz I waited till fuc***g midnite for my cell phone which i've left at the hospital and guess what??? No handphone??? No handphone??? Shit!! Called up SIL earlier, emphasize that they should not forget my phone and just so they don't, she should give it to his brother like that instance. Did anyone even bother???

I'm hopeless without can make my brains go berserk and instability of emotion that Zahin got a piece of my mind...poor him...


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Sombre hearts..

How do you help a mother to overcome her child's death and a wife's sorrowfull on the loss of her otherhalf??

I called my mom yesterday to say hi and check on things. Things after the latest family crisis. Things that left her heart feeling sore and sombre. She expected it, but didn't expect it to be so soon. But Mommy, when is soon is too soon and late is late enough? I can feel her voice, the sadness, the tears she cried, all those late nights on the patio alone wondering why does it has to be her angel and not her. The pain was too much for her, but she's one strong woman. She's my pillar of strength. When all others gave up on me, she did not, she pulled me back on track and showed me the right path. She has her weaknesses but all are shared nothing are hidden so that we'll learn. Learned to accept the fact that humans are far from being perfect, that it's ok to have weaknesses and to overcome the shortcomings in life with pride and dignity.

Now she's scared. Scared of losing the only link to her angel.Her 5 grand-angels. She misses them so much. She miss them being around her house jumping, playing and eating her hand-cooked meals even just for one weekend. A weekend that never came. A weekend that went away with her angel being gone or so she thought. I must initiate and not expect her to come week in week out just to see her 5 angels. Now she comes, she comes only to be with her angel and recites prayers for her angel. To pray for his serenity in life after death. She talks to him though she knows there will never be any replies. I sometimes forget that she's already 64 years old. I still think of her as the superwoman who runs her family 24/7 despite all the challenges she faced with my daddy. Yes, my daddy, not an easy person to deal with. But she hold on to her marriage for the sake of her 5 angels. It was not the divorcee title she was afraid of, it was us being without a father to run home to that made her hold on to it.

It was her instincts that made her cook all those scrumptious dishes for her angel to feast one last time. The last that came too soon. She will not hesitate to take his place not for one second. She still feels the pain of giving birth to her precious angel. Will she ever overcome this? Only time can tell...only time can heal the heart of a sombre mother...


Half of her went with her otherhalf. Her otherhalf to whom she has promised to give her life, her loyalty and her love. He was her friend, her confidante, her soulmate, her husband and a dotting father to 5 beautiful angels. If she was given a choice to stay or leave with him, I'm very much sure she will choose the latter.

She's fragile, she's vulnerable and she's frail. That she'll crush if she's not supported by faith to Allah. Her desire to live died together with him. The life that they have build together crashes down at that spur of moment. She's afraid, afraid that she's not able to raise the kids to his expectations. But Sis, we don't know what life has in store for us and for the kids. You'll raise them to be as kind and soft as you are and strong and firm as Abah was. Yes you will, I know you can. You don't need another otherhalf to raise them. He will never be the father he was and no guarantee of the kids being happy with him as a father. Yes, they're happy now because he's a caring teacher but can a man who has a wife and 2 kids offer you and your 5 kids a certain amount of happiness?? With all due respect no woman would want to share her otherhalf. If there is, I am sure there is a spot of wound in their kind heart. A wound wounded by the same gender previously holding the same title.

I know in my heart the love for my brother is something not to be question...but I can't help it. I just can't understand how a love developed from just a friendship can mellow down after a lame proposal. A proposal which should not have come not this soon at least and for whatever reason it was. At least not at your fragile and vulnerable state of condition.

I know you will think deep and think can hear his angelic voice calling for you to be strong. I know you will because your parents have raised you well and your otherhalf have given you the hidden unknown strength waiting to come out.

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bihun vs Mee

My boring Monday morning became a hillarious one as soon as I read this....

P/S : sorry again to non-speaking malay reader..

Bihun sangat cemburukan mee. walau duduk di rak bersebelahan di supermarket, mereka tak pernah bertegur sapa. malah bihun sering mempersendakan mee di depan umum,

"dasar si kuning gemuk... ingat orang suka sangat kat dialah tu!"

hari2 berlalu... namun mee buat derk aje dengan segala kerenah dan hinaan bihun. sehingga satu hari pekerja supermarket mengalih rak mee ke tempat lain.
bihun gembira kerana tidak lagi melihat musuh tradisinya.

hari berikutnya rak baru diletakkan di sebelah bihun, rak spaghetti.
bihun rasa marah dah berteriak,

"hoi, si kuning gemuk! jangan fikir ko buat teknik rebonding camtu aku tak kenal ko!!!"

Sunday, May 21, 2006

Los dan Faun set trip

So on Saturday, i left the office at about 3ish and drive up to Tun Sambanthan to have a sneek peek of Afdlin Shauki's latest movie Los dan Faun. Bunch of us met up with his PRAP chic. She then briefed us on the do's and don's while on the set.

The set was at a shop house opposite a construction site. Just not far above us was the monorail rail. And with the chaotic hustle and bustle of Saturday afternoon, we got to watch Hans and Stephen's doing their act. We were introduced by PRAP to Cip Kodok-Mr AS himself..the 1st AD, 2nd AD and 3rd and some other crews. I was actually there apart from nak tengok the stars, I wanted to see a real life it's conduct and etc..etcc.. So we the kodoks got to play a role in the movie..role yg very minor laa..pretend we were walking along the you guys can see a small piece of me in that movie..ntah ntah..just the baju only kot?? hehh..hehhh

When everything completed Stephen walked right up to us and was introduced by PRAP. All of them took chance and snap inviduals photo with Stephen. the way this is Stephen Hughes who acted alongside Tiara in the theatre PGL. Everyone but me..reason bodo yg bagi kat PRAP sbb malu?? ntah aper aper ntah..but honestly i dun really like individual pictures..i dun mind the group photo though.

Hans as usual..seen him before so nothing much to say about him. Stephens..he adopt a scruffy look this bleh tahan hensem laaa..kalau skema cam dlm PGL tak larat laaa..

I was really looking forward for a set trip where is more quiet i.e maybe in an indoor area so I can have a close look on how things done and can actually hear the script. All I could hear at the set was the 1st AD shouting his lungs out trying to steer away the "extra" cast by the road the movie will nampak real laaa.. The next shoot was to be in Cheras in a restaurant but unfortunately I cud not make it because of work..damn!! that cud have been a better set.. I can really see that Cip and his team are like family..brotherhood giloss gitu..everybody are all so blissfully happy with what they're doing even mamat yg tukang angkat angkat barang..biler laa me akan dapat team yg like that and with a boss like that?? well the grass always looks greener on the other this case it does look very green indeed.

But all in all I appreciated the effort made by Cip and his PRAP for his fans out here..and lets hope he will do more of this...

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Friday hopes and frustrations

I took a day off today since I'll be working for the whole weekend. A friend of mine have booked our long overdue free appointment for facial treatment. So we met up and had breakfast at BB Mc'd and adjourned to the Beauty and Slimming Centre. Turned out she was the one who will have the free facial and I had to settle with the slimming treatment..damn!! Heck..just go for's free anyway. But NOOOO!!! after a bit of convincing from the ah moi I added another RM90 for the fat burner oil..i knew it..somehow mesti terjebak!!

After taken my body measurement yg aduss!! cannot be view here, the expected question asked..surprise?? NO. Here it goes agaiinnn...

Ah Moi - Miss Mas aaa..u dun want to try our slimming treatment aa??

Me - Ah Moi aa..slimming treatment manyak pakai saya takdek duit..saya cakap honest..sbb saya tak mau u cakap dr a sampai z..lepas tu saya tak ambik u punyer course..buang masa kann???

Ah Moi - OOO..ok laa..


After couple of minutes..I went to the room and a lady told me that they didn't have any trousers of my size so I have to keep my jeans on. Helloo??? what kind of slimming centre niee? size aku pun takder..dgn selambanyer I asked, miss you dun have my size then your customer all smaller than me aa?? She replied - Ya loorr.. like that's not slimming centre laaa.. she just smile..mesti berasap dlm hati dier..dah la free..nak komplen plak..

2nd stage of the treatment she gave a a disposable panty..aiyooo miss, blum buka sudah tau tak boley pakai laa..takpa..takpaa...saya angkat saya punyer ploblem.

After the whole treatment completed all i felt was my body feeling sticky and i needed to get the hell outta there...

While waiting for my friend to finish her facial..a lady slightly smaller than me walked in. Another Ah Soh. Somehow or rather..people like to initiate conversation with me...

Ah Soh - U dtg bikin aper?? bikin slimming kaa?

Me - Ya laa..

Ah Soh - Aper tleatment u angkat?

Me - Saya punyer aa..itu voucher saya dpt.. u??

Ah Soh - Wa angkat itu slimming tleatment aa..ini follow up laa.

Me - Sudah berapa kali buat?

Ah Soh - 5 kali..manyak mahai oo..Dkat 4 libu aaaa..lagi dier kasi suluh saya bli itu cream. Itu cream aa..dia cakap ader effektif pakai sama itu tleatment.

Me - OOOO...ader efecktiff kaa?? berapa sudah hilang berat?

Ah Soh - Biase sajer..selupa..saya kasi timbang dilumah..talak kulang pun??

Me - Talak kaa?? (dlm hati..ehh.pasal aku pun cakap cam cina niee) So aper pasal u talak cakap samer itu orang??

Ah Soh - She just shook her head..and smile..

Conversation died when my friend appeared..Ok la..miss saya pegie dulu..good luck aaa..

Phewww...twice in 2 weeks on slimming session talk?? Tak kurus-kurus jugak..malas nak layan...

While doing the rubbish treatment..i got sms from my SIL that Masyitah warded due to brochitis. Oooo...there goes my Da Vinci Code plan for the night..takper laaa..sacrifice..sacrifice

Had my late lunch at about 3.30pm then when shopping for some dvd's since I'm already there at Sg Wang. Both of us bought 10 cd's so that we can get 1 free.'s dvd's weekend. I bought Ice Aged 2 for the kids to watch if they behave..muuahhhaa..muaahhhhaaa...can't wait to see them behave for the dvd...*wink*

Went to PUSRAWI saw Masyitah..awww sedih betul kalau tgk kids with wires here and there. Went back about 6++ to fetch the rest of the kids at home. Did Maghrib, went to Mc'd for dinner..twice in a day?? camno nak kurus?? Then speed off to hospital. The day before I was at Tawakal to see a friend who just gave birth and today PUSRAWI for Masyitah..esok tak saper la plak?? Watch AI at the hospital..damn!! frust jugak Elliot would be good to see both of them in finals.

Went back at about 12ish..and found out that Tok and Tokki is spending the night there. OOhhh..frust nyer.. why??

1. The streamyx access is in the room where Toki slept there goes 1 night of blog hoppin.

2. Tok slept in front of the tv because she can't stand the ac in the room. OOhh..hancuss harapan nak tengok dvd...keciwaaa...

So I slept with my jeans and t-shirt...:( Frust giler.. i better highlight to my SIL about this tommorow..stress la..if they gonna sleep for another night.

All in all the day started with full of hope.but ended in a frustration mode..Hope Saturday will be a better day.

Berkorbann..aper sajerr...dvd dan lap top kuu...

Cards for Mama

This post is a week overdue..but nevertheless it's better late than never..

Zahin's card to Mama. He signed off as Zack. Wowww..dah besar dah dier..we told him that if he's Zack he need to have Azura...tersipu-sipu malu..

Muhd's card to mama was attached with RM10....auwww..sweet..

Habib bought the wrong card...he bought birthday terpaksala menggunakan creativiti to create another one...hehh..hehhh

Summaiyah's card to mama..beria-ia buat from the night before continuing again in the morning.

Errr....bit too neat for a 4yo. Masyitah stayed in Wan's house the night before and got Mak Long to help a lot...hahh..hahhh

May all the nephs and nies of mine turn out to be a brilliant individuals in their own ways..

Friday, May 19, 2006

In rememberance of Abang....

Today 19th May 2006 was to be my Abang's 37th birthday. That's how I used to call him, just plain Abang, Amir to his friends, Ayi to mummy and Eri to my big sista and the rest of the clans. I used to sms him everyear on this day. And as always call his children to remind them to wish Abah, happy birthday. Our family always make an effort to celebrate birthdays of our love ones. Be it in advance or a belated one...

So on this day I would like to share all the happy thots of my late-brother from his friends, neighbours and even strangers.

May Allah place his soul in Jannah and may we be his neighbours...Amin...

Assalamualaikum wbt,> > Warga Al-Amin yang dihormati,> > Dukacita dimaklumkan bahawa En. Amir Zuhairi bin Zubir telahkembali > ke rahmatullah pada awa! l pagi tadi (Selasa 20/9/05) sekitarjam 1> hingga 2 pagi.> > Allahyarham adalah suami kepada Pn. Noraini Mansor dan bapakepada 3> orang anak di Al-Amin, seorang anak lagi akan masuk pada 2006. > > 1. Muhammad Amir Zahirulhaq 5 Amru> 2. Muhammad Amir Naqiuddin 5 Amru> 3. Muhammad Amir Habibullah 2 Ammar> 4. Anis Sumaiyyah 6 Tahun.> > Setakat yang dimaklumkan, sembahyang jenazah akan dilaksanakan> selepas zuhur nanti.> > Alamat rumah ; 42, Lorong AUX/XXC, TXXXX SXX XXXXXXt XXXXXh,54200> KL.> > Kepada Pn. Noraini sekeluarga pihak sekolah mendoakan agar> allahyarham dicucuri rahmat dari Allah serta ditempatkan bersama dengan golongan yang beriman dan beramal soleh, Amin. Semoga Puan tabah menghadapi ujian Allah dan bertambah keyakinan serta iman> bahawa kehendak Allah adalah segalanya, redhakanlah dan sama-sama> kita mengharapkan keampunanNya. > > Insya Allah para guru dan ustaz akan meneruskan amanah danharapan> dalam usaha mendidik anak-anak Puan dan Allahyarham sertaseluruh> warga Al-Amin.> >


Berita kematian - Al-Fatihah> > > ! Semoga Allah mencucuri rahmat ke atas roh Allayarham dan diampunkan segala dosa dan dimasukkan ke dalam kalangan orang-orang yang soleh. Kepada ahli keluarga, diucapkan takziah di atas pemergianAllahyarham dan semoga tabah dan sabar menghadapi kehendak/ketentuan Allah. > > Pada PIBG dan pihak sekolah mungkin boleh melihat apakah yangboleh disumbangkan kepada ahli keluarga dlm jangka masa terdekat danjangka masa panjang.> > Wallahu'alam.


Apabila membaca email mnegenai berita ini. Serta merta air mata mengalir deras, sedih dalam perasaan kebersamaan ukhuwwah, simpati becampuir baur (disamping itu menagisi nasib sendiri yang akan dipanggil Ilahi bila bila masa sahaja dalam keadaan yang tidak bersedia lagi), sedangkan almarhum sdra Amir Zuhairi amatlah muda berbanding diri saya).Walaupun sebenarnya saya hanya megenali Sdri Noraini dari mailing list ini sahaja dan mendengar namanya disebut2 sebagai aktivis unit ibu yang sangat gigih, namun ikhwah ikatan ukhuwwah di alam siber memberikan kesan dan impak yang tidak sedikit. Lantas saya bergeas ke rumahnya> pada pukulk 11.00am. Bacaan Fatihah dan Doa untuk Almarhum..."ALLAHUMMAHGFIRLAHU WA AFIHU WA' FU 'ANHU'. Apabila saya sampai dirumah beliau semalam , MasyaAllah ramainya sahabat2 (lelaki & wanita) yang datang menziarahi dan mensolat jenazahbuat Alhamrahum (entah berapa kali shift). > Semoga dengan ramainya tamu dan bnayaknya doa yang diiringkan untuknya, ALlah akan merahmati perjalananya ke alam baqa' dengan penuhkeredaan NYa, Apabila memeluk Puan Noraini buat pertama kali, hati bagai dirobek-robek, sayu, sedih, terutama apabila melihat anak kecilnya yang nampak tabah sekali tidak mennagis un ....Semoga Allah bekalkan kekuatan jiwa dan kesabaran dalam mengahdapi masa depan yang serba tidak ketentuan.Fal yatawakkal ala ALlah. InsyaALlah. Semoga ALlah memudahkan segala urusan keluarga ini. Anak anak yang telah menjadi yatim ini perlukan kasih sayang dan simpati dari kita yang masih tinggal. Alangkah besarnya pahala orang ynag mengasihi anak anak yartim.


Dgn lafaz bismilah, semuga Allah memberi kekuatan utk terus menulis. Assalamualaikum wbt,Terima kasih atas semua ucapan takziah dan prihatin antum semua. Membaca email takziah seolah membaca mengenai org lain bukan diri sayasendiri. Sukar, terlalu sukar utk pasakkan dalam fikiran realiti yangterjadi. Fikiran masih terawang-awang, hanya Allah yang mengerti. Tidak pernah dlm hidup ini mengalami kehilangan insan terdekat, rupanya pengalaman pertama ketentuan Illahi bersama insan terapat dlm hidup ini.Walaupun usia perkahwinan kami 13 tahun tetapi mengenali arwah sejak disekolah menengah lagi. Sekejap benar rasanya Allah meminjamkan beliaukepada kami.Izinkan saya menceritakan peribadi suami yang disayangi. Beliau anakyang soleh, suami dan ayah yang terlalu baik. Ibu beliau adalah prioriti dlm hidupnya. Pernah beliau berkata, bagaimana nanti utk dia menghadapi kehilangan ibunya, rupanya Allah merencanakan beliau dahulu yang dijemput, tanpa sakit, tanpa tanda, tanpa sebab. Tidak pernah sekalipun beliau menyakiti hati ibunya. Setelah selesai urusan haji, beliau pernah berkata, kini beliau bersedia jika dijemput Allah. MasyaAllah hidup beliau hanya untuk Allah. Janji Allah itu benar,mati itu juga benar.AllahuAkbar,AllahuAkbar,AllahuAkbar. Kesedihan ini terlalu berat utk ditanggung. Saya isteri yang serba kekurangan. Hanya kekuatan dari Allah dipohon semuga khidmat terakhir untuk beliau adalah yang terbaik yang pernah saya lakukan. Alhamdulillah,Allah memberi kekuatan kepada putera-putera beliau memangku jenazah untuk dimandikan. Tidak pernah terjangkau difikiranmereka yang terlalu muda mampu melakukan dgn baik. Dengan kekuatan kasih sayang kpd beliau saya gagahkan juga memandi dan kapankan jenazah Almarhum. Pengalaman pertama dan tak pernah saya bayangkan. Dulu, kami terlalu kagum dengan Ustaz Harun Din dan adik beradik yangmenguruskan sendiri jenazah ibu mereka. Namun dengan didikan beliau rupanya terbukti putera-putera beliau juga mampu lakukan, malah dlm usia11 dan 8 tahun, Subhanallah....Kini harapan saya, putera dan puteri kami terus dididik oleh Ustaz,Ustazah, guru dan semua warga Al-Amin menjadi insan soleh wa musleh.Selesai saja urusan pengkebumian suami dan ayah tersayang, azan zohor terus berkumandang. Dengan kemudahan yang Engkau beri ini Ya Allahsemuga ini petanda di mana rohnya berada.Terngiang-ngiang ditelinga pesanan beliau Jumaat lepas, 'Jaga maruah,jaga nama baik beliau'
Ya Allah Ya Rahman Ya Rahim, hanya Engkau yang kami sembah dan hanya pada Engkau kami mohon pertolongan...Ya Tuhan kami,janganlah Engkau pikulkan kami apa yang kami tidak sanggupmemikulnya. Berilah maaf kami,ampunilah kami dan rahmatilah kami.
-AlBaqarah ayat 286. wassalam.


Saya adalah jiran almarhum dan mengenali keluarga almarhum hampir 10tahun.Almarhum merupakan seorang yg amat kuat beramal. Mengajar anak-anakmenbaca al quran Merupakan amalan almarhum setiap hari selepas subuh. Solat dhuha akandilakukan oleh beliau sebelum Pergi kerja. Kalau tidak silap saya, beliau melakukan kedua-dua amalan ini lebih 5 tahun. Masyallah hebatnya insan ini yg allah berikan kepada kami sebagaiseorang jiran. Kami sekeluarga mendapat rahmat dari lanunan suara beliaudan anak anak beliau membaca al quran setiap pagi.Kehebatan beliau dan anak anak membaca al quran, menjadi contoh kepada kami sekeluarga. Sudah4 hari Kami sekeluarga kerinduan mendengar suara almarhum membacaal-quran. Sebagai jiran sukar bagi kami menerima kehilangan beliau.Beliau Selalu bergurau dgn anak anak kami dan hampir setiap hari menyapa isterisaya tanda hormat sebagai seorang kakak sebelum Almarhum pergi kerja.Saya agak terkilan kerana gagal memberi pertolongan yg sebaik mungkin kepada beliau disaat saat beliau memerlukan pertolongan.Walaupun saya dan jiran lain sedaya upaya membuat CPR tetapi allah amat meyayangi beliau. Memang benar kata isteri beliau pn noraini,yg almarhum amat menghormati keempat empat ibu bapa beliau. Saya melihat sendiri semasa keempat empat ibu bapa beliau menziarahi beliau semasa beliau hidup. Masyallah kehebatan almahrum beramal dan menyayangi ibu bapa, terbukti semasa saya menolong mengangkat, memandi dan memasukanjenazah beliau keliang lahat. Jenazah beliau cantik, bersih dan harum,seperti mayat seorang syuhada. Subhanallah......hebatnya almarhum haji amir zuhairi.Semoga Allah Tempatkan beliau bersama-sama para syuhada-Amin Semoga Pn noraini tabah menghadapi kehilangan suami yg tersayang.Insyallah sebagai jiran dan warga al amin saya isteri dan anak anak akan cuba membantu beliau sekeluarga sebaik yg mungkin.Akhir kata marilah kita sama-sama membantu pn Noraini meneruskan cita-cita almahrum Untuk menjadikan semua anak anak beliau yang tahfis al quran dan berjaya dunia dan akhirat - Amin. Al-Fatihah.Wasalam
XXXXXXD NXX MXXX XXXXXN Bapa - Noorain 6 Abu Bakar 2004 Nooraime 6 Abu Bakar 2005 Nooraffiqah 4 zaid
P.s Insyallah anak saya Muhammad Aqif akan bersama-sama anak almarhum Anis Sumaiyyah belajar di al amin tahun depan.


Diambang Ramadhan....

Ya Allah,Berat sungguh rasa dugaan ini.Kau angkatlah kesedihan ini dan gantikanlah dengan ketenangan dan kekuatan Kami yakin sesungguhnya Engkau Maha Pengasih lagi Maha Penyayang Tidak mungkin Engkau menganiaya kami Kami mohon rahmat dan kasih sayang Mu Ya AllahKau berilah kekuatan kepada kami yang ditinggalkan.Dan berilah kekuatan kepada kami untuk meneruskan amalan yang telah ditinggalkan.Dan sudahilah juga hidup kami dengan kesudahan yang baik.Amin Ya Robbal Alamin ~Noraini Mansor


Dear Ani

After awhile this is the first time I am writing to you. You have been close to my mind and in my prayers since that day. I could not even meet with you that day. A few times I wanted to visit you but tak ada rezeki lagi. I am forwarding my thoughts of your late husband, yang tak pernah kak fatahiyah kenali secara dekat. It is only for you, malulah kalau orang lain tahu. Masa tulis tu spontan je. Mungkin kak fatahiyah jarang dapat peluang visit funeral yang tenang2 begitu of course apart from the weeping. The first time I experienced that was at my father's funeral 37 years ago. But then he was 52 and an Ustad . Ada juga rakan rakan lain tapi dah kenal mereka jadi tak spontan sangat reaksi.Didoakan Ani banyak bersabar . Maaf tak pandai dengan kata2. Dah tentu berat mata hati yang menyaksi berat lagi hati yang menanggung. Semuga terhibur dengan ayat yang kak fatahiyah highlight tu.Selamat berpuasa.K.Fatahiyah---


Assalamuaalaikum wm wb kawan-kawan,
This morning I attended a funeral for a friend's husband. At 36 years old he died immediately after 'sesak nafas' in the early morning hour.I was telling my husband how friendly and kind hearted the couple are. That is how I always feel around her, & once or twice meeting him.I expected a good number of wellwishers I was right but my! This person's life is more than right.When the prayer was conducted the single story house seemed to swell to accomodate the number of men gathered to offer their last respect for him, although there were doubly (any such word prof?) more outside.It deeply touched me and seemed like it did everyone else.Then came the revealation:Dalam hati berkata , Betapa ramainya yang mengasihinya, sudah tentu Allah lebih mengasihinya dan Allah menunjukkannya pada orang2 yang masih hidup. 36 tahun apa yang dia dah buat sehingga begini baiknya akhir hayat.. (taklah nak dibandingkan dengan ustad2 maupun menteri2).Tiba satu trooper anak2 remaja sopan santun terus menyertai solah jenazah.Tiba satu van middle aged men terus menyertai solah jenazah.Terdengar bisikan "anak2 muda itu dari tahfiz yang dibiayainya".Orang2 itu dari mana? tak tau ada la tu.Terdengar lagi bisikan, "mana tak ramai orang ,dia ni amal jariahnya banyak".Terdengar bisikan lagi " sapa tak kenal, dia ni memang macam tu suka buat amal kebajikan" Dalam hatiku, 'aku tak kenai pun'. Terdengar lagi bisikan, " Bagusnya hidup dia, awal tahun pergi haji, hujung tahun mati"Terdengar pula bisikan " Dia dah dapat visa nak pegi umrah bulan Ramadhan ni, kesian tak sampai hajat dia." Dalam hati merengek, eh dah sampai ajal, niat baik tu pun dah dapat pahala, ish ish ish apa pula kesian!!!!!Baiknya ungkapan2 yang terbit dari rakan taulan kenalan dan jua jiran kepada naqib (ketua) usrah ini, a leader lah rupanya.Alhamdulillah kenai isterinya dapatlah tumpang & kongsi mendapat pengajaran ini.Being 50, I feel so small comparatively, amal ibadah kurang, amal jariah pun kurang.Saya akhiri dengan "Innalallah ha la yukhliful mii'aad" dan Selamat memuliakan Ramadhan Kareem.Wassalam.


Assalamualaikum wbt,Sudah lebih seminggu arwah meninggalkan kita. Saya mengambil kesempatan di sini mengucapkan jazakallahukhairan dan terima kasih atas kunjungan ziarah serta sokongan semua rakan-rakan SMSS.Saya juga mengambil kesempatan, jika ada kesalahan arwah harap dapat dimaafkan dan jika ada hutang yang belum sempat diselesaikan harap dapat hubungi saya atau xxs zxxxx.Disertakan juga email mengenai arwah sebagai panduan dan pendoman kepada kita yang masih hidup. Juga dengan niat ia mendatangkan kebaikan kepada almarhum.wassalam.


RE: do read till the end...Alhamdulillah , syukur atas nikmat ini walaupun pahit, semuga ada kemanisan di hujung nanti, amin.

Sorry Anie, kak rafiah tak berniat nak mengingatkan anie pada arwah. Just want to share apa yang kak Rafiah terima dari my friend, Farina, dia pun tak kenal arwah. But i think this email has beed circulated to many people and has touch many peoples heart.....alhamdulillah ramai org yang mengenali arwah dan memuji kebaikan arwah. Last week pun ada contractor datang nak baiki air-cond kat tkt 15 ni, ntah macam mana dia boleh cerita pasal arwah, apa yang dia kata dia tak pernah jumpa org sebaik, sejujur arwah.....semuga arwah ditempatkan bersama para syuhada...amin.


Assalamualaikum ,I don't understand why my A-level junior fwrd this mail to me. I hv hundreds of mail that is still unread - busy , busy housewife ! Nevertheless , out of curiosity, Allah made me read it right to the end. Allahuakbar, i tremble and tears kept streaming the as i read the last half of the mail - for it is also my pesanan to my boys & hubby to mandi me for the last time and that one of my son insyaallah to imamkan my solat jenazah. May Allah make it easy for them when the time comes.Yesterday I met an American who lived in Qatar , I learned this doa from her : " O Allah , please lead me to the righteous ones and please lead the righteous ones to me " . Insyaallah we can include this in our daily doa for whom we are with will affect our thinking , and our action - anything & everything we say, do, we surely want Allah's blessings .May Allah place Amir Zuhairi in Jannahtul Firdaus and may we be his neighbours, ameen.


He was born in my grandma's home,Kg. Bharu during the bloody clash of 13th May but he left the world in peace in his sleep in his bed.

Alhamdullilah, Allah took his soul when he is at the peak of his faith in his life. at the age of 36..and that's my 'Abang'

Verily, to Allah we belong and to Him is our return.......amin ya rabbal alamin

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Movies & Feelings

Yup it's's the movie freak month for me. lemme recall the list...

Ultra Violet - lonely pathetic bastard
She's the man - two's a company, three's a crowd
Mission Impossible III - energetic soul!!! lurveee the massage

and last night..

Poseidon - new friend in making....nope..nope..not a man but a fellow she blogger..yayy to jlop..tks i had fun tonite. though i didn't get the chillis fajitas but ayamas fajitas pun can do lah!!

Next on list...

Failure to Launch - Damn!! been trying to watch this from last week..
The Da-Vinci Code
Too Fast Too Furious - Tokyo Drift
Pirates of the Cariebean II
Superman .............and list will go on..:)

Verdict for Poseidon - Worth watching though the ending bit like Armageddon..not so melodramatic sgt laa but ader similarity... and that blue eyes bloke..can't recall which movie he acted's killing me..will google it tomorrow.

On the way home with all the family crisis going on at the moment( the kids) which I will blog about it soon..this song kept ringing in my ears..

Can't explain the feeling..but if only I can genie blink a man at that moment just to sing it live to me..i think i'll melt like butter. It's been too long since the last one..he was the one and only anyway. Ya Allah..please let me have the power to gather all my strength to face the world. I'm not asking much..just a companion to grow old with, if i live long enough. Your humble slave here is feeling bit lonely already..

Here without you

A hundred days had made me older since the last time that I saw your pretty face
A thousand lights had made me colder and I don’t think I can look at this the same
But all the miles had separate
They disappeared now when I’m dreaming of your face

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight it’s only you and me

The miles just keep rolling as the people leave their way to say hello
I've heard this life is overrated but I hope that it gets better as we go

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl it’s only you and me

Everything I know, and anywhere I go
it gets hard but it won’t take away my love
And when the last one falls, when it’s all said and done
it gets hard but it won’t take away my love

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
And tonight girl it’s only you and me

I’m here without you baby but your still on my lonely mind
I think about you baby and I dream about you all the time
I’m here without you baby but your still with me in my dreams
but tonight girl it’s only you and me

Is this me sounding desperate??? uhhh..i hope not

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What's not yours..will never be yours..

Nowadays, after being introduced to the world of blogging by my far away down south friend every free time I have I'll blog hop. I was reading one of the blog that I've link to mine and realised how actually I've divert from my role as a 'makcik'.

What it's not yours, it will never be yours. Allah has fated that at the age of 30 i'm still single and searching..well not literally searching..but more of waiting buah yang tak jatuh. But my love for children develop eversince forever I think..that's why when I was offered the job as nanny I did not hesitate not for a moment. While everyone in the family especially mom was against it, I pursued with the job. I know everbody meant well...what the heck is she doing, from one career lady one day and the next day i'm changing diapers. Mom was more concerned of how she has to answer to the clan of my new posting abroad.

Kita hanya merancang, hanya tuhan yang menentukan. In less that a year of my returning to home sweet home, my brother passed away. So without being asked and to everyone's expectation I packed my bag and my social life and went to live with my SIL and her 5 kids plus the maid. Those kids..i love that like crazy!!!

Not even reaching a year since my brother's death I think I've turned from a loving aunt to a most despise aunt. I tried so hard to make their life as how Abang was around. I'm the tough one..i nagged...i threw tantrum and poor muhammad always getting the rotan from me since he's the notorious one. Notorious in a good way, he's very expressive, very vocal and very loving to his mama. But at the same time he's attitude has taken a step too far, he treats my SIL very badly and giving bad examples to the younger ones and all she could say was..tak boleh..kita tak boleh berkeras sangat..kesian, he dun have a father. He's 12 and next year will be a new life for him. If he's lucky he'll get into boarding school, and how he'll survive there I seriosly don't know how. This is the year if we want to make things right, i kept telling my SIL. She needs to be stronger, show who's the boss and start reprimanding him for his mistakes. Reprimanding in a way taking his play time or tv time if he doesn't finish his homework or cut his allowance if he keep slacking in his studies. And whip if necessary. She has to enforce this because she's their mama. At the end I'm doing it, I'm doing all the dirty job, not that I mind but i'm becoming 'cruella de ville' here. Everytime I'm trying to set the rules straight like not to eat in the room then comes their uncles who will completely ignores it and I don't blame them either coz that's how they were brought up. My SIL has to wake up and jumpstart her engine. It's still not too late. At the end of the day, the kids will just think...hey..who the hell she think she is?? my mama?? and that's exactly how i'm feeling right now after the row with Muhammad last night. I keep telling or asking myself?? what the hell i'm doing fighting like cats and dogs with a 12yo kid???

The kids are so dependant on mama. They can't even study on their own....yg 2 org umur 12 tahun tu pun the same...and I can't blame them..mama has to be around...the only time they don't need mama is when they're playing or watching tv. When I want them to shower first before taking dinner on school days, my SIL will sometime change's ok they can have dinner consistency in raising them. I believe instructions from parents must work concurrently, one should only act as a pacifier and not to incite or show disagreement openly.

There's so much I want to do with the kids. I want to bring them to movies and trust me they don't even know what is MPH let alone Kinokuniya. Bring them to movies is a taboo for my SIL. Her perspective is not to expose them to these things. I would rather do these thing with them than knowing later that they've sneak out because they want to be cool like other kids..u know watch movies..lepaks at McDonalds..etc..etc... I'd rather introduce them to the world of karaoke and not by some other punks in school. I want them to have balance in life. But at the end of the road the conclusion is they're not my birth children and I'm not their mama and never will be.

They's done miraculously in hafazan and quran reading but somebody gotta teach them about the real world. And that person should be their parents and in my case-my SIL. If only I can reach out to her.. but as usual and always my views don't count. I'm the bad apple of the family....

Happy Teacher's Day

I have no specific teacher in mind that I would like to thank on this great day. The teachers that I've had all thoroughout my 11years of schooling in the same school they're the contributors factor of my success today. Be it the one that make me stand at the class corridor for not memorizing the damn poetry, the one that make me wrote 20 times of the same word using the fountain pen in cursive writing...hey i was just 10yo, what do they expect?? or make me stand on the chair for talking or sleeping or for my form 5 teacher who appointed me as the class monitor to tame me down. did it work?? it worked actually!!

So on this day, I would like to wish all of them a very happy teacher's day.

I've got this joke via sms this morning, prolly because of teacher's day. Now, I have no intention at all to upset any teachers..but I must share this with my fellow bloggers. I hope this can make all teachers laugh and de-stress even if it's just for a moment.

Here goes...

Teacher ask - Why do Cows look depressed when being milked??

Student reply - Madam, if someones rubs your nipple for 1 hour and don't fxxx you, how would you feel...??

ok..ok...don't sue if it's not funny!!


Monday, May 15, 2006

Re-energised weekend

Of all the long weekends we had in Malaysia for the year 2006 so far, the last was so fullfilling for me. I felt re-energised bagai nak where and how i got this fabs feelings.

On Friday, I spend half the day sitting down at Secret Recipt reading "The Undomestic Goddess" very light reading but exciting..i kept on pages after pages and didn't even mind when the waitress apologised for taking my orders late. My SIL was roaming around the shopping complex for some stuffs she needs to get for the kids and also for both mothers i.e my mommie and her mok. She called me like after 2 hours pestering me over to Lovely Lace. So i paid my bills and headed for LL. I love that shop really I do..but sometimes the smell is to intoxicating for me..dizziness.. She bought some stuff priced over RM40 and was offered this nice souvenir at RM19.90. So I decided to get it for my mom. So with the gift, card and wrapping papers it all came out to approx. RM30, very nice indeed..We went back home..relaxed and i was eagerly waiting for AI on 8TV that night. I know..i know..everyone knows the result..bla..bla...tapi memandangkan I dun have the cable tv at SIL's i've to settle with the current tv channels. Damn!!! my rawk bebeh was voted out..i was hoping on KaT to be voted out..somehow or rather she's annoying me week after week..i used to route for her..

On Saturday...the day I've been waiting for the whole monthly massage thingy. So i drove up to Sunway, parked my car and jovially hopped to 4th floor for Bibik. After 2 hours I was re-energised..and it cost flippin' RM50..that make me more re-energised..i mean 2 hours-rm50..what a deal!! After the massage, I cross the bridge and walk over to Sunway Pyramid. My mind was set, i must watch "Failure to Launch" today. 1, it's because of that woman.i'd love her from that 80's dancing movie,,can't remember the title..and 2, semestinyer Matthew Mc something..always hv difficulties to spell it..nevermind I'm sure everyone knows who. I mean i practically watched all his movies..lurvvvv.......his voice... Unfortunately they didn't have it at that time so I settled it with watching MI3. Not bad..i must say the lead lady looks like Katie Holmes. and unlike the week before though I was AGAIN watching it alone..i didn't feel like a pathetic lonely soul...woww..massage can do wonderss!! went back home happy and got myself ready for the usual Saturday tazkirah. hhmm...i must find a day to watch FTL..I must...

On Sunday, I was blog hopping half the morning as the kids were all at their tuition classes. At approx 1pm, all of us left for Kajang for the family gathering sempena Mother's day. This year we celebrated kat rumah Kak Teh aka Mak to my nephew and nieces coz she took care of the 3 boys when they were kids, so ended up all of the n&n's call her mak. As usual she feasted us with the scrumptious lunch cum tea and not forgetting the satay kajang. eat my heart out...yumm..yummm marvellous..i took some photos of it and photos of all the cards made by my n&n's for their mum. Will post it soon.

My 2nd SIL was telling me the conversation she had with her eldest daughter, Aishah. You see Aishah started school this year and since my SIL is a housewive, so she always cook heavy breakfast for her and packed her lunch too. Her tummy is actually bloating and Ibu was concerned. So Ibu told her that she needs to cut down on her food. She cried for not able to eat nasi lemak or nasi goreng for breakfast.

Ibu - Aishah tak mo lah makan byk sgt nanti gemuk susah tau...
Aishah - Takpe..
Ibu - Nak gemuk?? betul?? nanti gemuk cam achik kat kampung ker cam cik IXXXn ker..
Aishah - Takpe..kalau gemuk cam achik tak nak..kalau cik Ixxxn nak..
Ibu - apsal??
Aishah - Gemuk cam Cin Ixxxn takpe..sbb dier cantik.

Woww...I was what??? here i am takder self confidence langsung about my looks and a 7 yo can actually noticed me..hehh..hehh..make me so proud and perasan la skejab..makcik vogue la nie..

p/s : Achik is my SIL's sister in her kampung. And we decided to not tell her about this..and bribed Aishah not to tell too.

We went back home at about 6pm. SIL brought the boys for a haircut. The rest got down and get ready for maghrib. I showered then solat and read 2 pages of At-Taubah. Dgn niat nak take a nap while waiting for Isya, i woke up at 6am the next morning.

1. I missed Isya...guilty..guilty...I did it though before doing Subuh.
2. Missed my Superman series...awwww...shit..

Wonders of massage
- it can make you go deep sleep for 11hours without aromatheraphy or scented candles nonsense...aaahh..marvellous..
- bole re-energised giler babey nyerr...i feel goooooooodddd........
- make my face glow..i think laaa..

well till my next massage..i hope this can last me till june.

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Dearest Mommie....

Dearest Mommie,

With long words overdue, I'm lucky to have you and thank you for loving me even on my bad days....


She used to be my only enemy and never let me free,
Catching me in places that I know I shouldn't be,
Every other day I crossed the line,
I didn't mean to be so bad,
I never thought you would become the friend I never had.

Back then I didn't know why,
why you were misunderstood,
So now I see through your eyes,
all that you did was love,
Mama I love you,
Mama I care,
Mama I love you,
Mama my friend,
My friend

I didn't want to hear it then but I'm not ashamed to say it now,
Every little thing you said and did was right for me,
I had a lot of time to think about,about the way I used to be,
Never had a sense of my responsibility.

Back then I didn't know why,
why you were misunderstood,
So now I see through your eyes,
all that you did was love,
Mama I love you,
Mama I care,
Mama I love you,
Mama my friend,
My friend

But now I'm sure I know why,
why you were misunderstood,
So now I see through your eyes,
all I can give you is love,
Mama I love you,
Mama I care,
Mama I love you,
Mama my friend,
My friend
Mama I love you,
Mama I care,
Mama I love you,
Mama my friend,
You're my friend

~Your apple of the eye and the bad apple of the family~

To all the other moms outside there especially my fellow bloggers have a wonderful mom's day!!

Senyum Pagi Ahad...

Sometimes the local jokes can really make me laugh... enjoy..

(Sincere apologies to non-speaking malay reader..I honestly can't translate this)

Cucur udang

Ali bengang gile bile dia dapati cucur udg yg dibeli X de sekor udgpun kat dlmnye.. lalu dia pun pi balik kat gerai makcik jual kuih tuhhngan panas hati tanye kat makcik yg jual tu..."makcik pasal cucur udg ni sekor udang pun takdak??"

makcik yg jual tu pun dgn selambe ayun nye menjawab "abih tu yg hangpi beli cuchoq badak ada tak badak kat dalamnya?? Cam ne plak nganChucoq Kodok, Ada tak kodok yg melompat ataiihh Hang??

Ali rase macam nak bunuh diri dengan jawapan yg diberi makcik tadi.......

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Clash(Crash) slimming info...

Today selepas melepas geram kat staff aku yg sesuka hati dtg keja lambat, I decided that I should go for my shopping theraphy after work. So I left office after maghrib and head to one of the small shopping complex outside kl skit. Intention aku nak gi Watson or Guardian, then get a SD Sim Card for the camera plus eat my dinner yg dari siang tadi dah imagine..creamy carbonara pasta.... oohh..i fast today and i've got 277days left utk diganti!! that's the price to pay when you played hanky panky posa during my younger days..adusss..patience..patience..mas..

While I was walking towards this shop I sort of heard a voice that goes on and on saying..excuse-me..excuse-me..agaknyer dah 5 kali baru aku perasan. heck..if it's were outside I would have scrammed like hell.. so I turned around then this one chinese lady dgn polite selambanyer tanyer,

Lady - Miss, are you in any kind of slimming tleatment?? (English-Chinese slang)

Me - Nope. (Dlm hati nak cakap la..yg i have 277days to go for fasting,that's my slimming tleatment) but i kept my cynical remarks to myself..because she's quite an elderly lady.

Lady - Ooo...why aa???

Me - You need a load of money for professional slimming treatment..and i mean a lot..

Lady - actually aa..i wud like offer dis ploduct..very good..very leasonable's very nutlitional. u know why you're fat??

Me - I shook my head (In my heart..nak kena penampar ke cine nie??)

Lady - u see aa..we are fat actually because we lack of by eating this ploduct of mine.. you add nutlition and at the same time can leduce weight looo..

( In my lack of nutlition??? she gotta be kiddin' me)

Lady - u know how much u spend for lunch everyday?? maybe 5-10linggit rite?? so if you take my ploduct aaa..and if you cut your meal and replace will come up to the same amount infact aaa..cheaper u know..

Me - (Dammit!!! replace meal diet..hey I'm the pioneer in all ways of loosing weight..if you got ain't no won't needs consistency) ooo..i see

Lady - Ok la i give you my card..if you are interested..u call me ok..infact aa..i have many customers happy with this back gualantee 30days, if it dun work.

Me - Ok..tq

I walked off with a glance on the card..oohh..herbalife rupernyer.. Nasib baik pompuan nie is an elderly lady and I have respect for people who have this courage to go and do selling like she did..u know..tebalkan muker..dusshh people here and there..with all my experience in customer service and little bit of sales..i dun think i can do it..

Well nevertheless....after my shoppingholic done..i got my well deserve creamy mushroom pasta carbonara and ice lemon that's what i call nutlition!!!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

7 thingy...

Boo, here seven thingy tagged...

7 things to do before I die...

1. Pay all the debts be it to companies or individuals...
2. Repent my endless list of sins and complete my Hajj..
3. Find a soulmate, one that I can have instant chemistry with...and get marvellous babies..
4. I wanna be rich so I can make good use of my wealth..i.e help my family then others..
5. After the rich thingy, I would like to travel the world visit places and friends and visit Madinah and Mekah twice a year.
6. Buy a house at Hyde Park and enjoy the beautiful summer just love london...
7. Last but not least, make my mommie and abah happy.

p/s: If I can achieve no 2 & 7, I think i'd die a happy soul..

7 things I cannot do....

1. Live without internet access...what?? can't read and update way!!!
2. Mobile Phone
3. My Hand Bag - I have evertything I need in, mobile phone, make-up kit, precious lip balm, hair comb etc..
4. Bedak sooth my face at night before going to bed..Boo..this is my SK II hehh..hehh
5. Panty Liners...thanks to person who invented that tiny must need thingy for me..
6. My Car...though technically it's own by the bank still..damn!!
7. Monthly massage..aahhh..heaven..

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex...

1. The Shoes
2. The natural masculine body odor...
3. The fingers..
4. The money...
5. The brain
6. The eyes
7. The skin texture...

7 things I say more often..

1. Seriouss!!!
2. Mas Speaking...
3. Doa Makan..hehh..hehh (Eating Doa)
4. Wassup...
5. Malas nak layan.. (Dun give pissed about it)
6. Ape cer.. ( What's the story)
7. So??

7 celebrity crushes..

1. Ethan Hawke...fell in love with him on Reality Bites..
2. Ethan Hawke
3. Ethan Hawke
4. Ethan Hawke
5. Ethan Hawke
6. Ethan Hawke
7. Freddie

Next 7 peeps that I want to do this...

Lollies..Id...Nutty...Pb....Elisa...Ms Lopeh...Nzn and others too by all means...:)

p/s: all above are written in random orders...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Lonely, Sick Weekend

I took a day off nose blocked, my throat feels like it's gonna tear up soon..well no thank you to the that heavy rain on Friday evening..damn!!! I need to get more was just few drops that hit me..mann..i'm a getting that old..swell!! So I've used up the day to hang out at Sentraal Station and read all those great blogs..i'm at D now..yay..just 22letters to go!!! If I have the patience I would have link each blog to me..but I hate going into templates..soooo complicated for someone not so IT savvy like me..

On Friday, I took my niece to the office, coz at 11am I'm bringing her to Pusrawi for that skin allergi she has been suffering since Monday. The beauty of having your own office is you can do anything you like and shove anyone you like in it... so she stays at the office, I gave a clipboard, a paper and some pens and pencils. She took my prepaid no. cell phone and off she goes to her dreamland of being a teacher..i think.. Come 11am I drove her to the hospital and met up with her mama who has arranged for an appointment with the family doctor. The doctor gave a stronger medicine and a streroid cream as calamine lotion will have no effectiveness at that stage.

So after that, both of us mama and me chatted with the doctor. My SIL gave this 'I' magazine which has a front cover of a Pilot that wrote 24 religious books. And while talking to the Doctor my SIL accidently called the Dr, Ustaz..and he kept replying insya Allah.. as per the mags these category of peeps are called "Protaz" - Professional Ustaz and Ustazah. The front cover which features the pilot, he has wrote 24 religious books and recently renovated his house to fit all his collection of books..wooo..I'm just so impressed..for me this just say that money isn't everything but money is part of everything if you know how to chanell it. in this case ..the pilot just know how to use his wealth. Before we left for the hospital, my niece whispered to me that she wants to come back with me to the office. So since it's Friday after the appointment I brought her back to the office. Left her to do her things while I did mine.. We went back home at slightly past 5 and she went home a happy girl..satisfied and even requested to follow me daily to the office.

On Saturday I had the replacement tuition for the 2 boys from 9-11. I noticed I was already sneezing by then... Got back home then left the house again about quater past 12 for a wedding at Kg.Pandan. After the wedding, and much thots I decided to go to KLCC for the Isetan sale.. bought couple of things at the lingerie department and 1 bohemian ala ala skirt and a white top at Total Women. At that spur of moment I just walk up the escalator and head to the TGV counter queue and bought a ticket for myself.. what a pathetic lonely bastard I am.... I watched Ultraviolet ALONE as that was the only available at about 5pm. Ohh..I did managed to persuade my friends via phone to watch midnight with me on the same I bought another 3 tickets for 0055 for 'She's the man'. 2 movies in 1 that a record or me leading a boriiinnggg personal life??? Went back just after maghrib and get myself ready for the weekly religious talk after isya... good topic for that night but as usual towards the end i'll snore... After the ustaz left it rained heavily and the wind was so strong that I was skeptical about going to the midnight show. But again after much thots and the fact that I'll lose RM22 just like that..I went and it was not that bad after all. Had some good laughs.... Got home at about 3.15am..cud not sleep so I log on to Sentraal Station again... I pratically forced myself to sleep at about 4.45am coz I'm on the 7-3 MOD shift that Sunday!!! yaikkk..

During the day I called my mom only to find out that she was not feeling very well because she fell into the drain earlier in the morning while watering the plant. I was like..miee...camner leh jatuhh??? mummy sakit kat ne..mummy pening ke?? mummy gie clinic tak?? all those concern questions popped out all at once. All she said was..mummy nak rest skejab..nanti gie doctor. Then I said bye. Soon after, I received a text from Kak Long on mommy's morning incident. Told her that I've called earlier.

On Sunday, I reached the office at about quater to 8..tardiness..tardiness... Took my checklist and did my round. Met my GM who was having breakfast at the Drawing Room, chatted and updated him on few things and got to my own table for my yummyy..yummyy..english breakfast.. the beauty of doing MOD on Sunday morning..Then I moved on..checked some rooms..etc..etc.. then I had my lunch. I specially requested from Zaki to cook for me his super duper delicious marvellous creamy mushroom this time I was already feeling sneezy..mild mental...flushed eyes..but heck nothing can deprived me from good food!! I called home once to check on the kids, and through the clip service Maya answered the phone "Maya speaking".. I was so observant she is. She heard me answering my cell phone at home that way.

I was supposed to go for a massage in Sunway, but I cancelled. I was too tired to drive I re-schedule for next i miss that massage... I got home at about 8pm changed and went straight to bed..Knackered like hell!!! Ohh..and mom is still feeling groggy from yesterday's incident..aaawww..kesian mummy...

I woke up and my mind was boggling whether should I go to work or just stay at home.. I chosed the latter..of course the "firestone" from my SIL helps a lot too..hehh..hhehh... After subuh and while waiting for SIL and 2 nephews to leave the house, muhd bluntly told me this,

Muhd - Cik Ixxxn, zahin dah ader bulu kat anu dier..
Me - aper..
Muhd - He rolled his eyes and again said..zahin nyer anu dah ader bulu..
Maya interuppted - Zahin nyer bird laa...
Me - OOO....zahin... camtu zahin kena start shaving laa..
Muhd - He was giggling and told Zahin, Zahin kalau cukur tetiba luke..fuuuyooo..mesti sakit gilerr...

I was so not ready for this conversation..especially in the early morning... so shaving was what came to my mind at first...'smack me'.. aper nyer advise la ni??

After sending them off i continued my beauty aka mc sleep till noon.... woke up to a hot chicken soup and a cup of hot milo by makcik...ahhhh..heavenn.. I continued reading and updating my blogs and stop just before maghrib. Left the house at about 10 to 8 for the tuition class..I ended the class early, 9.30pm coz I was feeling dizzy and was sneezing all the way thru.

I'm taking 2 paracep with hope that I can sleep peacefully tonite and be fresh for tantalizing tuesday...

Friday, May 05, 2006

Jolly...Jazzy..Lazyy day...'s official..i'm on a freakin lazy thursday mood. didn't lift a finger to do anywork..well I did for just about 30mins out of the should be 8 hours of official duties. Now I'm guilty as charged.'s just one of those days...


1. I got a call from a potential future employer..yayy..dah berangan dah ni...Ya..Allah if this is for me, please let it be..
2. I'm hoooked... to all the great great bloggers via Sentral Station..Thank you Kak teh that list is marvellous...
3. Completed my monthly report...finally
4. Just found out that me boss flyin' abroad this weekend for the next 3 weeks..notty..nottyy...
5. As per Idham's blog and comments..size does matter..fantabulous!!! big boobs..big ass..hehh..hehhh everything's big..cheeky..cheeky...
6. It's pay day..way too late..well better late than never....

When back a half past 5 and despite the heavy traffic..i'm driving home blissfully happy..

oo..she's a jollygood fellow...ohh..she's a jollygood fellow.... ohhhh..she's a jollygood fellow...laaa..laaa..alaaaa..

Thursday, May 04, 2006

~Bukan Cinta Biasa~~No Ordinary Love~

I'm not a goo goo gaa gaa fan of CT. But I must give credit to her superb voice. Of all her songs that I've heard over Era or TV this one captures my emotion..chewaahh..konon laaa.. No explanation whatsoever, just like the music and lyric. Hmmm...prolly indirectly it has something to do with my life...

Bukan Cinta Biasa

Begitu banyak cerita
Ada suka ada duka
Cinta yang ingin ku tulis
Bukanlah cinta biasa

Dua keyakinan beza
Masaalah pun tak sama
Ku tak ingin dia ragu
Mengapa mereka selalu bertanya
Cintaku bukan di atas kertas
Cintaku getaran yang sama
Tak perlu di paksa
Tak perlu di cari
Kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya...ohhh

Andai ku bisa merubah semua
Hingga tiada orang terluka
Tapi tak mungkin,
Ku tak berdaya
Hanya yakin menunggu

Janji terikat setia
Masa mengubah segala
Mungkin dia kan berlalu
Ku tak mahu mereka tertawa
Diriku hanya insan biasa
Miliki naluri yang sama
Tak ingin berpaling
Tak ingin berganti
Jiwa ku sering saja berkata..ohh

Andai ku mampu ulang semula
Ku pasti tiada yang curiga
Kasih kan hadir
Tiada terduga
Hanya yakin menunggu

Cintaku bukan di atas kertas
Cintaku getaran yang sama
Tak perlu di paksa
Tak perlu di cari
Kerna ku yakin ada jawabnya...ohhh

Andai ku bisa merubah semua
Hingga tiada orang terluka
Tapi tak mungkin
Ku tak berdaya
Hanya yakin menunggu
Jawabnya ohhh

Diriku hanya insan biasa
Miliki naluri yang sama
Tak ingin berpaling
Tak ingin bergantiJiwa ku sering saja berkata....

Andai ku mampu ulang semula
Ku pasti tiada yang curiga
Kasih kan hadir
Tiada terduga
Hanya yakin menunggu....

I know I'm bias..but it's just because it's CT, if the singer of the song was Kris Dayanti, Ning, Dayang Norfaezah or even Adibah..I would not hesitate to get the cd. I know.."head down" I'm bad..:(

Have a great day folks....I know I will

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Flirtatious divorcee aka Janda Gatal

Even in the madness chaotic of last week the above issue did caught my attention and today I've decided to put it up for discussion or me merely giving my 2cents worth of opinion.

First and foremost I would like to express my dissapointment on how someone from a respectable opposition Islamic party can come out with that disgrace accusations on women. Does he knows what future has in store for him or his wife? Will his wife be label as one should his marriage fail to sustained the ongoing outside pressure. What if he decide to practise polygamy and his wife refused considering that she cannot accept the fact she's gonna have to share his dick with some other woman, and so she file for a divorce, will she be call "janda gatal" too?

But one can't help to wonder.... could there be any element of truth attached to it???

This female colleague of mine was in a horrible mood today that I thought she prolly had a bad weekend. But what can go wrong on labor day which happened to be her birthday. So after a courtesy probe I found out she was upset with another male colleague of ours. So she was involve with this guy for quite sometime and she knows she's playing with fire coz this guy is happily married with 2 kids. At least that's what he told me. And she's a divorcee with 3 kids but my ohh my does she have a body of an 18yo!!! It's no wonder why every guy will drool over her... it was a torture tuesday for her i bet. They had a small arguement on why he's phone call was not pick up the day before and he suspected that she was out clubbing the whole night through. Personally I don't think is any of his freakin' business on her whereabouts because she's not his wife. This is just typical of men... you get so hype about things you're not supposed to be hype about. Nevertheless at the end of the day it takes 2 to tango. If she's in a right state of mind she would have stayed away from the very beginning and if he has any justification of love at all for his wife and kids he would have ignored any signs given.

Anyway after seeing her in her moody mood I stayed away... I can see that it affected her work because she had bluntly turned down an event only because the hall chosen will be close for renovation and she did not offer any other options which is so unlike her at all. And so I returned to my office which happen to be the same office as her 'boyfriend" and he was so engrossed on doing his monthly report that he even asked for one of our office mate to pack his lunch from the cafetaria. At about quater to 5 he walked happily into my office announcing that he has finished his report. We sat and chatted about his children, my nephews and nieces and how we're worried that the first term exam is just around the corner. Just after 5, he politely excused himself saying that he has to get home early to do some math revision with her daughter. Not a sign of moodyness or frustration at all!!! Unless he's just pulling her legs or he's plain professional or he's a damn good actor.

There's a saying in malay "disebabkan nila setitik rosak susu sebelanga" literally means because of one person or incident, others too will get the heat in a bad way. There is a proper english idiom for it..but just can't think of it now.. The above saying blends well with this scenario...

I honestly do not understand why women or men do this things i.e

a) go for other's wife or husband
b) get themselved tangled in the same situation while they were married eg. i'm leaving you because you have someone else bla..blaa...or thinking they have found another perfect soulmate.Mind you..the grass always looks greener on the other side.

Has infedelity become a norm?? because when all becomes norm then nothing becomes wrong.. so is the 'janda' is gatal? or the "jantan" is gatal or both are gatal??

As for me I always feel the women has to set the boundary when dealing with men especially if they're already own by someone because men being men and till eternity they will and always carry the flirtatious character. Emotionally women are much stronger in controlling their desires and needs. I remember a quote from my mom - men will only stop looking at women the moment his soul leaves his body. Till then even at their death bed they will still think about us goddess!!

Some will blame it on fate and destiny. Yes as muslim I believe that fate has been written on us from our mom's womb... but Allah gave us human mind and energy to manoeuvre life physically and emotionally wisely. Allah knows best...

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Zany week...

Woww...the week's finally over..what a relief!! Zany week it was..

~ I was preparing the list of things to do for the weekend arrivals and functions..just so I don't miss the teeny weeny bits which usually are the most needed items. I honestly think that I've the best team, a colorful mixture of good and bad. I have the wise one, the hillarious one, the sensitive one, the 'sengal' one, the serious one and the most important one..the GM's fav. I worked over the weekend and thank god I did because the big boss came in on Sunday for the site inspections. My hands are practically giving me spasm, the effect from hoovering big huge humongous suites..damn those suites!!! and what did my boys get from all of this..3 bag of thank yous..i mean sometimes i don't understand..can't they leave a decent tips especially after leaving the room in big huge mess.. all 5 of us completed the chores at about 7pm... i don't have the heart to leave early and leave the boys. So I stayed and helped. I was so knackered mentally and physically... The Saturday night wedding function was a messed not on our side but on the organizer's side... it was delayed like for more than 2 hours....and there weren't enough seats for the 'I do' ceremony because the couple are the most "pain in the ass" couple and they decided to let some of their guests waiting and standing for the whole of the stale ceremony. They refused to pay the extra charges on the tent but insisted that they want a garden party on the month where is called the "April Shower". So it rained just an hour before the ceremony and all of us frantically in vain remove the whatever left of the not wet chairs to the lobby. So this is the plan B, getting married on the grand staircase where bunch of guests toasting the champagne with a pain in a neck. Stingy but yet they're flaunting their 7series beamers at the porch flashing the sign "just married". I for one would be so ashamed by this..if i can afford the beamers, getting a tent for the comfort of my guest will be my priority.
The so called new boss of mine are not much of help either...he believed he'd been voodoed by the evil in the house and half of his right or whatever side are cramp....well who am I to argue this..

~ My SIL is in the state of panic..nerveousness..for the soon to come mid year exam for the kids. 2 are in Std 6 and 1 in std 3 and 1. This year will be the first year she'll be struggling alone without her otherhalf. She's strong yet soft in everyway..I hope I can be of help indirectly. Habib got a tummy ached on Sunday morning and puked on my mattress..eeeyeewww..well i'll live.. SIL and her 2 eldest sons left for KT very early Sunday morning via flt to see tok nyang who suddenly fell ill. So while at work I was also making few calls at home checking on the three that were left behind. My mom came to the rescue at least for me by bringing them to a 'kenduri khawin' and that solves their lunch. Habib was looking at me seeking symphaty and begging me to bring him to the office because he hates kenduri and especially when mama is not around. I had to console him..and he ended up not going anyway because of the tummy ache. haaa..a blessing in disguise indeed... that sunday night i brought all of them to kl sentral to fetch mama and their 2 brothers..what a happy scene.. I had slight arguements with my mom over the phone, as usual she will get upset and hangs up the phone...but then I had to call her back for my income-tax number and pretended that nothing happen. She sounded ok and everything is ok I suppose..

~ I finally submitted my income-tax all the way in SA. Then met up with 3 old friends. Hanged out with 2 of them over lunch which was stretched to tea time. Catch up on old days and discussed about the future. One is now the Operation Manager for one of fast food chain of restaurants and one has his own chick farm. Alhamdullilah..all are successful in their own ways. We departed and promised to meet up again after the next chick cycle ended or on my wedding day...whichever comes first..hehh..hehhh. On Saturday even in my busiest time I managed to look at the vacancies in the Star and submitted few onlines applications. My heart still bleed over the issue with my GM eventhough he think it's a minor thingy. Then I got this sms from my sista in Algeria about her girlfriend's brother who's kinda interested in me.....i've asked for her to give my e-mail add and mobile no. so he can get in touch with i ready with a long distance love relationship?? well, we shall see... I gave a lead to my big sis on a vacancy in Laos, just in case she's interested. I've also started my tuition class for these 2 boys who is the sons of an Imam in the neighbourhood. A very basic english class..i think i can manage that. And on a more cheeky note, i dreamt i was having this wild s** with one of my staff...whoaaa!!! yup i must say that i have quite handsomely looking staff under my wing but unfortunately they're all married and way too small at least numerically..*wink*

well as zany it is last week I hope this week it will tone down so i'll have more time and energy to blog.