Monday, April 30, 2007

I do or Do I ?

H is just way too cool..sometimes it makes me gag... Grissom n Mac still the best.

Anyway, I came back from work today and joined my mom and sis at the patio. Mom, so when is it your turn?

Excuse me??

Turn to khawin... Mommy nak lepaskan tanggungjawab how old will you be this year?


Belum ada yg berkaliber...Kalau khawin lagi susah..I might as well susah sorang-sorang... puas hati...

Ohh..yeah..if that's the true..and my sis just gave me a tiny smile.

Dear sis I sure hope you'll make the right move and don't fall for men ancient tricks.

Talking about wedding, I attended my cousin's son wedding last week. So came all sepupu sepapat etc etc...from all over town.

My sis was sitting with one of the cucu of our golden citizen cousin when she heard this...

Cucu - Maner pengantin..maner pengantin tu?

Adult - Tu ader tu...

Cucu - Ohh..pengantin tu gemuk yaaa..

And somewhere near are the new kid on the block clan...

Option 1 - Harap-harap aku slim la sebelum aku kawin..kala tak sia-sia kena kutuk dgn budak 5 tahun.

Option 2 - Do the wedding sumwhere outside malaysia where the nation dun ridicule cute people like me and they especially stand to correct their kids language whenever it's not appropriate, so children will know what not to say.

Option 3 - Ban all kids from my wedding

Option 4 - Tak yah kawin laaa...

Option 5 - Elope...dramatic kann? Kalau mom aku tanyer, Apsal elope? sbb nanti ader budak 5 tahun cakap aku pengantin gemuk....hahhhahaaa..hahhhaaa..kelakar kan..intimidated by a 5 year old. despite all that I still love them like crazehhh....

Just to add on...subtitle on csi tonight..

You can sit there till your face turn blue but I did not kill my wife.


Kau boleh duduk situ sampai muka jadi biru tapi aku tak bunuh isteri aku.

Sabar jer laaa...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Wild Hogs with Weirdos

Scene 1

Wife is the Queen Control of the family who reminded the husband that his time is up. Dateline due and since his dream to become a writer did not materialised the wife had taken proactive step by asking his former employer at THE FIRM to gave him back his old job.

Then Chris Martin appear with his overalls printed

PLUMBING DIVISION (I think or sumthin' like that )

Me - Laughing my ass off.....then I realised it's only me.

For the love of god don't any of the peeps realised the joke behind it? Why the director had purporsedly focus the printed back of the overall displaying the word "THE FIRM" right after the modern, executive and screaming wife mentioned it???

Scene 2

The first night on their first road trip Chris Martin spend half the night puffing the air bed manually. To top that their tent caught fire and they ended up all sleeping on the air bed.

Woken up the next morning by a cop and Chris Martin was fired up because he suddenly realised he was pushed over while sleeping into the mud.

He was blabbing ...

Can anyone tell me why am i in the mud when it was me who had a sore jaw for blowing....

cut off when they saw the cop was watching all the 4 of them sleeping together and one of them was wearing only his undies...

The cop who was obviously to ME was a gay, said....

Yeah..say it man...say it..sore jaw for blowing....etc...

Again only me was laughing....


Is it me...or is it me????

Anyway, no doubt I was laughing alone half the time they were making deeper cracking jokes, I had fun. It was a good light comedy..just what I needed.

Go and watch...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Third Time Lucky??

The first time I bumped into him was when the contractor and I fininshed installing the hot water shower. Moi was in the house ransacking with my eyes on anything that I can find out about him...hehh..hehhh..hehhh...apek kat dlm bilik air berhempas pulas, aku bersuka ria kat hall..sian apek tu dah la tempang...ishh...ishhh..ishh..

And again from a far he waved at me as I still cannot recognize all this mat salleh..them all look the same to me..or is it rabun jauh?? denial..denial...

The next crucial 6 days..everytime the phone rings with unrecognized heart will jump. ehhh..kesiannye aku..only have numbers people I know???

Anyway he called on Friday to say that he needs the car sticker which I've forgotten to give him. Nie betul-betul overlook nieehh..but one carelessness that I've accepted coz now I have his number. Yaayy!!!

Then after few text messages, I agree to leave it under the door over the weekend. Nak jumper tak leh sbb mamat nie busy la weekend nie..stress mak!!!

Sunday night, just in the middle of CSI I text him to say that I might be running late but he will still get the sticker by tonight. Hell no..I'm gonna miss Grissom and friends for mat salleh nie..err..belum lagie laaaa..nyehh..nyehhh..

And he replied - It's worries..I'm in KL now btw.

Cisss...malaun mane la yg bawak dier cruising nehhh...

So right after CSI and CSI NY I drove to the apartment and drop it there right under the door. I was checking from under the door for any cool off confirm takder...:( so aku pun sambil jalan sambil la texting to tell him that I;ve drop off the sticker.

And...yes UP THERE is listening to me...i bumped into him again on the way to the lift...yuuu huuuu..bumped twice?? what a coincidence kan...

Interview skit-skit and found out that he went for a day trip to PD and was surprise that his trip to KL that night was only half and hour..he went to off course the famous chinatown and several other places.

And I told him that I'm working somewhere near HRC. Then he said...ohh..near the monorail...and I replied yes...:) And if he ever come by that side of the area just holla and perhaps get some discount if he's lucky.

After about 10minutes...we said goodnight.

Could there be a third time luck, like they say?

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Lessons in duck shooting

Note : The above video has absolutely no connection with the post below. Just kinda like this song.. enjoy it..

An old friend of mine gave me this book on my 31st birthday. I started to read it slowly only earlier this year and completed it a week ago. It's so her, doing things in a way I least expect it. I remember her fondly as the first school mate I met when I started Standard 1. Because of different upbringing we parted ways as we 've both found a different set of friends, nevertheless I still kept in touch and I'm glad that I did.

So what was the book about? It's about a single mom of two who's life is in dire need of a makeover. I'm just the same but without the kids. To make long story short, it's about doing shrewd self-marketing, get some duck-decoys until you're on a sure fire road to Mr.Right.

I never thought I had the courage to do so. I have low self esteem especially in engaging any possible what might have or give hope in my future social life.'s my weight... but the funny thing's only in my country that I feel this way. I guess it's because people I care and love i.e family takes obesity issues not only for health reason but also the reason as to why I'm pathetically single as to quote my mom "UBA..u have to slim down kalau tak camner mummy nak introduce kat anyone"

Anyway, back to this book, I was told by my sister that she finally found a tenant for the apartment - A German expatriate. He's arriving on the 15th April. But for some reason the company overlooked that this German was supposed to start work on the 16th and arrived on the 13th. I was like damn!!! So right after work on Thursday I rushed home fetch the help of mom's maid and got some cleaning done at the apartment. When I got back home, sister said I've to handover the keys the next day at 2pm. Gladly I said ok...after all she did her part already for finding a tenant who's paying quite at the high side.

For the love of whatever it is...I saw this gorgeous white guy appears in front of me at about 2.30pm...fell in love...woii..mak...hensem nyer mamat yg nak duk kat apartment aku nieh... immediately remembering some tips from the book I flashed my biggest smile err...only because I've yet to master that cheeky smile.

Accompanied by the company rep, I escorted them to the apartment and showed him around. As if fate is not enough, he's going to work in an industry I left 5 years ago. So there's something to talk about after all...

Today I saw him again because I promised to get the hot water shower installed for him. He was not around when I came by with the contractor. I had a spare keys so I went ahead to install the thingy. Boy..was I feeling dissapointed. Left a note and not forgetting my contact number, as soon as I lock the door I saw him walking and as if a blur vision I saw this caucasian guy walking towards me and waved at me. I was like is that him because by hell he's getting more and more attractive..ok so my taste is blond blue sue me... I apologised for not recognizing him and told him that the hot shower has beed installed and he might want to have a look. From where that nerve came from I don't know..I turned around followed him and waited while he checked the heater. He said ok and I said I left my number just in case he needs anything..he smiled and he said he wanted my number too from the company rep earlier...whoaaa...flattering :)))

Said goodbye and into the lift. As if something has taken over my low self esteem mind, I intercom him from the reception and asked if I could use his toilet since it's raining and unable to get to my car....Old skool trick ehhh... He said yes and asked too if I can find him a lighter of some sort for the gas cooking stove. Never in a hundred years I ever dreamt I could do this. I myself cannot believe it...even if I did not succeed and he's not the Mr least I'm content with the fact that I tried...

Went up...knocked on the door, flashed again my biggest smile ever and gave the lighter to him. I excused myself to the loo..alamak..just remembered that I ate sambal petai last night..better make it quick, flush and push down the cover.

Came out and assisted him with the gas stove as this will be the first time he's gonna cook using live fire. Betapa bangganyer aku dapat menyalakan stove itu..walaupun kehadiran aku di kitchen sendiri boleh dikira dengan jari..and I also explained to him how to on and off the gas tank. Not bad UBA...not bad at all..high 5....low 5...u go girl!!!

We spoke around 10 minutes on how to get the cable tv, the internet access and that I can assist him with it provided that he pays for it monthly. Hey...I'm maybe strucked by cupid now..but not an IDIOT....lesson number one...better be clear than in the dark, better be safe than sorry...where money is fall was enough for me to remember a life time.

I said goodbye, he said thank you and will definately call me...

OOhh....what a Saturday!!! Best Saturday so far for this year... Am not expecting anything from this, but the fact I'm making an effort to come out from my's a positive sign :) And all thanks to my dear friend and the book... Courage just needs a little push..and she pushed the right button.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Mashitah

Mashitah turned 5 today. Called her later part of the evening, she sounded happy and I'm glad. She wanted a barbie doll cake and I'm still wondering how I can I get it to her. Things complicated and trying making the best out of situations.

Happy Birthday Mashitah...
May you grow up to be a good girl...
Remember I love you...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

The 9th bunch sister gave birth and out came the 9th kiddies in the family.

Congratulations to Ayu & Megat. Proud parents both of you I'm sure and Ayu I'm sure you'll treat mommy better now that you have one of your own...hahahaaaa..just kidding sis...

Puteri Qistina Qaisara - unofficially announced by her parents was born at 10.57pm on 5th April 2007.

Will update more later with juicy moments in the labor room experienced by none other than my mom who last gave birth to Qistina's mommy 28years ago... meanwhile enjoy the pics..