Friday, July 25, 2008

Time to move...

After a looongggg silent...I've decided to move. Just feel like it...

Scoot to my new home please...

Isn't it easier to remember??? But I'm still UBA :)

Transferring all the link is loads of hassle..but I'm doing it slowly..

Catch up with you soon...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

November happenings...

So I've been very busy. Year end really make me busy up to my neck. I have lots of things to blog about and regular blogs to visit not forgetting the facebook...unfortunately time is of the essence and I hardly have enough of it nowadays.

Alternative solutions, combine various entries in one entry.

Here goes...

16th november we celebrated Hanzallah's birthday. It was a small family gathering and whacking of cakes...delicious!!! And yes Moi sang for the birthday boy as always...

Enjoy the pics and the not so "merdu" singing...heheheheee...

And this was what made me 45minutes late to work on a sunday morning..Damnit!! At least I made it, some others had to walk pass the barrier and risk of being accused of joining. And then we, my colleague and I had to ease this guest who was supposed to have a full dress rehearsal for a wedding due that night...ouhhh...what a nightmare. He almost wanted to cancel the whole thing. But my sweet talking GM manage to sweet talk him and the rest was history. But the work we had to do??? Me in my jacket under the hot was almost unbearable..

In the office we are asked to write our employee number and type of sickness everytime we produce the medical chit. So here's what my staff wrote on her chit.

I had a fit reading this....the whole office cracked with laughter... sabo jer laaa

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bandung - November 2007

Wowww..I've left the blogging world for quite sometime ehh... It happens at least twice a year, for me. I will have this "malas blogging" syndrome.

But I'm back...:)

What's up with me after that "incident"?

Raya was great as usual. The usual makan-makan and visiting relatives here and there.

And the highlight of my silence, was the long awaited Bandung trip. Shop till you drop, phrase that seems to apply to all shoppers in Bandung.

I was reading this AA in-flight magazine, there this column on celebrity being interviewed. Guess who is it this time? Who else but Siti Nurhaliza. One of the question was, where is her favourite shopping place to which she replied Milan, Dubai and SURIA KLCC.

Well I'll settle for Bandung for now...

I remembered buying a GBP20 jacket at a GAP boutique in High Street Ken once only to realised that it has "Made in Indonesia" tag. GBP20 is considerably cheap for a jacket if you're earning in GBP. Now convert that into RM, it's expensive by my standard since I'm now earning in RM. Amazing Bandung allows me to get a pair of GAP jeans and a gorgeous white jacket for RM50!!! Now that's extremely cheap!!! So heck if I get it in Bandung in a factory outlet, what's the difference?? The tag still says "Made in Indonesia"

Enjoy some of the pics taken in Bandung.... dad ate accidently ate deep fried "chicken head" thinking it was was covered with the bumbu n all....eeiiwwwwww....yucky.really turned off our appetite... I can actually see the beak and "balung".....yucky!!!

Apparently the Indonesians fry their whole chicken literally as a whole including the head...

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Akibat tahan......

Apakah akibatnya tahan kencing dari pagi hingga pukul 3pm dengan pakaian "skirt"??

Angkat skirt, pulled down my stockings and a tight short pant.

Why the short pants?? Only people my size will understand...heheheeeee... and that's why I hate skirts!!!


Sit on the bowl and wee wee.....

Apsal tak dengar bunyi yg kuat kadar decibelnyer??

Moi forgot to pull down the knickers!!!!!! Dangit!!!!

Don't even asked me how I manage to clear the mess, but I did. Thanks to always having a spare of knickers in my toiletries bag.

Ya....malu nak cerita...tapi ini blog saya...saya akan baca lagi 10tahun akan datang dan gelak sendiri...insya Allah...

Dan kalau kalau saya ader penyakit batu karang...mintak serves me right..

More post Raya stories soon...

Sekarang amatlah busy...amatlah busy....busy menembak, berperang air, memeluk, membaking...dan macam-macam lagi....argghhhh...Facebook adalah sungguh addictive!!!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Syawal 2007

Last Syawal, it was my sister's cooking as my mom was feeling rather ill.

This Syawal, I came back last night and saw the rendang was already cooking it's way on the stove. Took a bite and knew it was from "air tangan" mummy. Sedaaappp....

Mom it's feeling a lil'bit stronger this year and of course the help from the maid is highly appreciated. She could not possibly do the heavy "kacau-kacau" and preparations.

My youngest sister will be travelling back up north with her husband and Qistina today after Friday prayer. Hence the reason why the rendang is up earlier than usual.

I'm sure most of you will only read this entry after the long festive break. I've noticed some of you bloggers have posted the last entry prior to Eid since last Friday. Nevertheless, I would like to wish all fellow bloggers..........

Salam Aidilfitri. Mohon maaf, zahir dan batin kalau-kalau ada tersalah kata, bahasa dan perasaan.

Have a safe trip and back to those who have kampungs to go back to.

I'll be here in Shah Alam when all of you come back to invite me for that makan-makan open house..teee..heeeee...

Not forgetting the less fortunate, lets all celebrate the arrival of Syawal with feling of full blessings and humble hearts.

Listing fellow bloggers in random orders just like last year, if I did missed anyone, my humble apologies.

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And to all the random bloggers that have dropped by...