Saturday, September 23, 2006

ONE in a million



The moment she was brought back after elimination, I was 90% sure she will be the winner. No doubt…

Sadly, Malaysians still votes based on “I like her/him” factor rather than on QUALITY AND ORIGINALITY.

Congratulations to SUKI…… not that she didn’t deserve the million nuggets but I STRONGLY believe that it should have been gone to FAIZAL!!!!

He’s Da’Man….

Western reality shows has proven to me that their audience has better judgement, I’ve seen winner who won because she/he was the darling of the crowds and winner who really really deserved to win. Unfortunately from all the reality TV shows produced locally, I’ve yet to see the latter winner.

Even the judges comments unable to increase votes or change the mind set.

SUKI might have won the million bucks but FAIZAL will get million offers and not forgetting ALIFF who will gain million extra fans from that butt act…

Monday, September 11, 2006

Goodbye Old Dame...

Sometimes I think there's a reason why this Sunday will be my last weekend off.

As just like other Sunday, on my off day I like to laze around to the max. Today as I jump downstairs happily at about Kak Long ask me this...

She - Have you asked yourself what is your contribution for the day?

Me - I wash the toilet.

She - Your own toilet...

Me - Since when that toilet is not part of the home??

And to save her lots of humiliation in front of her newly wed husband.. I ran back upstairs and locked myself in the room. Since I'm not contributing anything..I might as well stay in the room and bloghopped.

What about my daily contributions?? Don't that count.. Single pun susah.... Stay at home pun susah... It's so hard to please people...

Also I remembered that 2 nites ago she presented with an LV wallet for my birthday, not wanting to sound ungrateful and saying nasty things...I better stay away..... Dier yg kawin aku pun kena macam dah kawin least she gets legal humpin' in God ..let me stay sober...

Me not having Sunday off will do me good....


Dear XXX,

Noted, perhelp your phone not go to the voice mail.


Dear Mr C.B,

Warm Greetings from F & B Sales Office !
Kindly inform your staff in Front Office not to direct any inquiries or
reservations call to LL as most of the time she will be out of
the hotel unless the guests specifically ask for her. Kindly direct all
calls to me or Mr Boss. Thank you

Best Regards,
F & B Sales Coordinator

"perhelp you phone not go to the voice mail" ???? Can u report to anyone who writes like this??? All I can do now is laugh..God help him..honestly.....

On 26th Sept 2006 I bid goodbye to her. Having rested comfortably within her serene nest for 20months, of course leaving her makes me feels tinge of sadness.

Just look at the greenery surrounding above, is like you’re not in the city. But indeed it is right smack in the middle of our busy town. Too bad that I did not take the opportunity to use her track for this flabby fats…. What a waste. Well u know what they say, when u have them, u dun appreciate them..that’s my biggest problem.

I had lunch the day before by the invitation of the lady boss herself. She asked what will it be? You fancy the local or some western?? I doubt the western of course.. where else can I eat crème brulee for free and also lobster ala French and some other tongue twister menu.

So we had lunch, we talked about a lot, about why I’m leaving, to where, what was I doing before etc… great lady..very young and already the Hotel Manager. I had to absolutely of course mentioned my push factor for resigning which is because of the Mr Perasan Bagus!!! Apparently she’s having headache about him too. Break a leg… I said.

I’ve got a big bouquet of flowers during my last morning briefing. Then I got a nice Faber Castell pen from my staff. 2 branded lipsticks from my florist. On the 24th, my staff organized a farewell party for me and almost all the staff came so I said my goodbyes to almost all..I hope. It was at 3pm, perfect timing because it was change of shift time.

Then, the admin and finance peeps organized a nice lunch for me at tupai2. Yummeh… and this was also on the 24th…so imagine the amount of food I had stuffed in my belly that day. I have a problem with it. Moi? Problem with eating delicious food??? Errr….not in this life time.

Tonight, the management organized another farewell party for me at Saujana. I had a wonderful time. This time it was the at Senja Restaurant. Fabulous Italian cuisine. And then we headed straight to RP. The hotel club. Ohh….did I mentioned that I had to give a speech and also sang a song?? Yes I did, I sang “Honesty” When the resident band pestered me for a song, I was like..“Honestly, I’m not sure” and she heard “Honesty”. She signaled the pianist and find a chord for my voice… real jer.. and there I went. I can almost piss in my pants… whoa..gabra sehhhh…kalau karaoke cabuk jer boleh laaa.. anyway I sailed thru. Pheww…

The night ended at RP. I was happy, sad at the same time and nervous on the prospect of coping with my new job. Huge..huge responsibility… lesser capacity than current post but very compact job description. I’m a trouble shooter so called..I fix things i.e attitude. Muaaahaahaaa…I hope I can fix mine before I start.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

This is a long overdue post..i think i wrote this for the already over Merdeka day...well better late than never. I can't even remember which Sunday that I saw FFM19. It's definately not the past 2 weeks though because life has been hectic. I have like 5 entries in my draft, which is not fully complete... coz I get too tired easily really need a booster.. whatever that come across my mind and I dun have the pc in front of me, i will scribble it, so i can input it later..

so wht did i miss? a merdeka wishes to all and thanks also for all the birthday wishes...u know who u are..and i luv y'all

well, read thru and wait for more to come.... and to those that kept coming...tks so much...and i will make my way thru your blog soon... insyaAllah


I managed to watch the rerun of FFM19 on Sunday. I came across the show half- way through and decided to switch channels in between just so I can catch the much said"I feel stupid speaking malay" controversy.

Bahasa jiwa bangsa, I don't consider myself cakap speaking berabuk kaa..or whatsoever but depending on situations yes i can speak like a londoner not cockney yaaa..though i can swear in cockney fluently or speak like americanish gitu. I tend to adjust myself automatically to suit each individual. Not because I want to please them or nak tunjuk perasan bagus kaa but simply because I'm comfortable with it. When I speak to my gardeners at work, automatically my bahasa melayu jadi bahasa indon. Does that make me a less berjiwa bangsa? What do u think?

I think this young actress is full of dynamic, full of spirit, full of everything for that matter that she forget by being bold with words in the Malaysian public has it's stake. She's just so bold that she forget that, that night was FFM19 not the Emmy Awards. She wants to be outspoken without preparing her self with the right words and the crowd expectation. I'm pretty sure what she meant that night was, "i'm comfortable in delivering my speech in english". It would be less controversial but it will still spark some uneasiness among people. Biasa la tekak rakyat malaysia nie sentiasa ada benda yg nak dipertikaikan. As I mentioned couple of times, we're one creative nation. Macam-macam ada!!! So Nani girl don't be sad, last year you were shivering on stage but this year you're a totally different, very gutsy..errr.. i didn't watch last year FFM's but that was what mentioned. So that is a good transformation, it shows that you have matured and will keep on doing just that and along the way you will face all sorts of obstacles and that's life.. so keep up the good work.

I don't write as good as I was in the school..mind you that is about 13years ago. Paper 1 english I will snore after merely and hour or so then I'll start to annoy others by banging the table with the pencil, Paper 2, I will be so engrossed in writing my composition fiction-please begin your composition with this sentence...oohh..those were my favorites. Kencing...kencing...and kencing...tks to virginia andrews and sidney sheldon..hehh..hehhh

I used to read a lot since young. Apart from the much forced piano lesson I have to attend, the much loved ballet lesson and the whishhh and whuuussshhh of swimming lesson I always find time to read. I'll read all sort of things, from fiction, encyclopedia, dictionary, story of the prophets and magazines. What's my favourite?? Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Noddy, Tin tan, Sweet Dreams collections, M&B and I read my first Virginia Andrews - The Dollaganger Family when I was 9. I read in the car, I read while accompanying my mom kat Kompleks PKNS SA tu jual carpet, I read kat party tupperware dan di segala party MLM business..arcopal, arcoroc, cosway, tokway..pyrex...pheww!!! I read before sleeping infact I read everything except my text books. Ohh..those were the boring ones. I remembered when I was 10 or 11, I got really bad results in my exam that I packed my back and ran away from home with my BMX. The first place my mom look was at the then "Berita Book Centre-BBC" at PKNS and guess who she found?? Yours truly... Well at least for that particular exam I did not get a whip on my palm....oucchh sakit wooo.. Than at one point after form 5 I completely stop reading..goshh I dunno why?? I regretted that. Me being introduced to this blog land have made me realised that I've missed a whole lot of things in life..simple thing such as reading a book, taking time off for myself and appreciating people around me i.e family and friends.

The only subject that I scored constant disinction since std 1 was English. I wonder why I did not take up TESL or sumthin similar..or kept on reading, I would have been able to write beautifully like my goddess friend. Ohh..I so envy her..magnificent style she has..and her song....beautifully written. But she is in everyway and every inch is Malaysian and she swears on that.. kann..kannn?? Melayu kapak gilersss.. just like me..

Sometime ago when I was a teenager I asked my mom,

Me - Mie, why the chinese student of yours can score straight for BM and I can't?

Mom - Because, the malay think, just because we speak malay and we're born with it, we can ace the subject. The chinese on the other hand think, to compete with the malay in getting a spot in the uni they have to ace this subject and because it's not their mother tongue they learn it the straight way - via the text book.

Me - I think I can write a good karangan..

Mom - Ok..go and write and then you compare it with my student's paper.

*Mom was teaching in a chinese school.

What a BM for spm was only C5..cukup2 makan..malu sehhh..dgn non-malay yg lain..almost all distinction. Should I be proud that I aced English??

Orang selalu tanyer..ehh..camner yer u pandai cakap english?? eehh..pandai ker?? i imitate jer pandai..pastuh byk tengok tv..maser kecik2 dulu tengok mcgyver, the a team, star wars, V, dan sumer sitcom i.e happy days, punky brewster, family ties, eight is enough, growing pains and macam2 lagie la..damn!!! what's that sitcom malcolm jamal was in...oohh..that famous actor..arrgghh...and also that sitcom with the shorty black it's killing me..tolong..i will not sleep soundly for this....

Okehh that should be my first instance nyer answer.

Then I will say, READ. Read as much as you can and keep a pocket dictionary next to you always. Read also the daily newspaper. I was lucky that my parents thot that having daily newspaper send to the house is important when we were kids. Now?? none of my married siblings house ader subscribe from the mamak paper. Kesian mamak tu?? Can't blame them..the papers nowadays are full of craps..time has changed. But like someone has said before, paparazzi only write what people want to read, so if there's demand on crap issues so crap issues is what we'll get.

Now with the topsy turvy grammars, silly spelling errors, wrong way of writing sentence i.e verb, adjective, verb to be etc..I'm starting to write anyway. I've spend considerable amount of money at MPH that will last me till the end of the year I hope. I make a point to read a page or two before I go into my lala land, I read during heavy traffic and I'll keep on reading. And I will keep on writing my blog in english or campur and not in full BM. Not because I feel stupid, simply because I'm comfortable with it and I look up at people who writes in BM...they have my utmost respect..simply because, I'm not as good as them in doing so.

For the coming National Day, here wishing all of you out there..Selamat Hari Merdeka ke 49!!! May we have more merdeka to come... merdeka to write how we want, to speak how we like and to sing when we want without being judge.

I'm every inch Malaysian and I'm proud of it. But I would like to stay in London because I can put on my nice charity shop trench coat in winter, wear my not a 2nd hand trainers during summer and clickety clack my sexy black boots during spring and breathe the nice smell breeze of autumm leaves.

Yes..people...c'mon, hit me mate..hit me!!!