Thursday, June 29, 2006

Showing off aka perasan bagus..

As far as I'm concerned I'm just counting my days here. I've made my peace with the jerk and life goes on.

But I can't help myself..there's always something to write about him. I've refrain myself from doing so.. But today it's exceptional..i must write about him..not out of anger or anything related to it..simply because I will have a memory of this when the time comes....aaaa..victory awaits the patience..

Bit of chaotic today for the butlers department. They have 3 arrivals. I repeat 3 arrivals... Need I remind that we have 13 suites therefore 3 arrivals is like a big huge major chaos!!!

To add problem to this "busy" time, his staff promised a newly arrived guest that he can press 3 shirts on complimentary at 12pm. To make long story short, I said that this cannot be on comp because it has past the regular pick-time, so it has to be charge at express rate.

I gave the dickhead the number of our laundry company and he called. After awhile I call the laundry supervisor asking him whether or not his giving complimentary pressing for the 3 shirts. He said of course no...and the dickhead did not even mentioned anything about complimentary. Not that he cannot give complimentary depending on situation but you've to ask and not assume. I told him to clarify this matter with the dickhead and call me back.

I called him again since I did not get a return call. When I called he was pissed saying that the dickhead shouted and accused that he lied and he could not even understand half the words he was saying. Stupid, pathetic, looser..that was some of the words described. And not to argue over 3 shirts pressing he will do me a favor and just do it for free. Said thanks and goodbye.

I saw the dickhead later and told him that the laundry supv was not very happy on how he handled the situation..blaaaa..blaaa..blaaaa... Of course he gave a different version of it.

What make me puke was, at the end of the conversation.........

"Mxx, I belum lagie tunjuk I punyer level yg real on handling things...maser I kat Palace dulu..i make it simple..i called and ask for things..if i dun get what I want I'll change them..bukan susah sgt..sbb i baru kat sini jer..i tak nak tunjuk lagi power i"

Dan disebabkan, I'm counting days here, I just nodded, smile and left.

euwww...he's so full of himself..totally..nak muntah..tolonglaa..condencending tak tentu pasal..

On the last management meeting, he was telling the whole table dgn confidentnyer,

"Err..this weekend we have a group arrival. They will be staying in this suite etc etc..and so on so forth.

Interruption from the GM - Group arrivals? Only 2 suites??

"Err...only 2 person arriving...

Interruption from the GM - Since when we call 2 pax arrivals group??

"Err...this is like small group.

GM - OOO...small group and he smiled.

All of us at the table also and NMN gave each other a look that says "he made a fool out of himself"

The longer I stay with this jerk..I'll be cuckoo soon...hahh..hahhh..hahhh...

But my point of this post was to find out why certain people have to be so full of themselves, boast and cakap macam bagus just to gain recognition or respect. Respect has to be earn, there's no other way around it.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Money is everything??

I've received this e-mail today and thot that it wud be wise to share with my fellow bloggers.

Let's to do some calculations here. In Malaysia the average family income
is RM3000 (Father works, mother doesnt). I understand there are a lot of
families whose income don't reach RM3000, but, to make things simple, lets
take RM3000 as the figure. ok la right?
Okay, let's start rolling with a family which has Papa, Mama, 1 daughter
and 1 son. ngam ngam..

Calculation starts...

Electricity and water bil RM100 (no aircond, no home theatre, no water
heater k?)

Telekom and Handphone bil RM100 (cannot make a lot of calls one you know?
NO Streamyx also)

Meal for the whole happy family RM775 (3 meals on RM25/day, RM25 for 4

Papa makan/teh tarik during working hours RM155 (RM5/day, RM5 can eat

Car repayment RM400 (a proton saga aeroback, 7 years repayment)

Petrol RM300 (Living in City, Jam) Go to work, bring son to school, only
can afford one car running.

Insurance RM650, (kids, wife and myself).

House repayment RM750 (Low cost housing repayment for 30 years, retired
still have to work to pay house!)

Tuition RM80 (got that cheap meh?? No, I don't think so)

Older children pocket money @ school RM20 (RM1/day, eat bread??)

School fees RM30 (enough ah??)

School books and etc etc. RM100 (always got extra to pay in school)

Younger children milk powder RM50 (cannot have the DHA, BHA, PHA one,

Miscellaneous RM100 (shampoo, rice, sauce, toilet paper)

oh wait!!! I have to stop here, so... No Astro, no movie @ cinema, no DVD,
no CD, no online, cannot KFC, cannot Mc Donald, cannot go Park walk during
weekend(petrol expensive), no chit chat on phone with grandparents, and

Let's use a calculator to total up... WALAO EI.. Shit! RM3610 already.. EPF
belum potong, income tax lagi,........oledi --- RM610... How to survive
laa tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sekalian???

Our Deputy Prime Minister ask us to change lifestyle? How to change? Don't
eat? Don't work? Don't send children to school and study? Besides that, I
believe in Malaysia population, there are millions of Rakyat Malaysia which
still don't earn RM3000/month!!!

What is this? Ini lah Malaysia Boleh.. Sorry.. it should be Malaysians
Boleh, because we're still alive and kicking!!
Our politicians must be mad!!!!!!


And still there's people who says money is not everything......???

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Mind at ease

The past 2 weeks has been a turmoil for me,the first for 2006. Thank you to all who commented on my last entry. I truly appreciate it and I'm blessed to have so much support from the virtual friends.

Everything happened all at the same time. It has made me look behind and search the why's of all that's boiling in me now.

For the first time in my working life I actually understood the word "demoralized". All this while I've been hearing it from almost everyone and all I could say was..sabar,sabar, rezeki ada kat maner-maner. But after what happened to me, I can relate myself to this word so closely that I can feel my inner feelings crushed terribly and hit my ground zero to the maximum. I felt vulnerable, useless to the point of breaking down every now and then. I was so defensive towards everybody. I had pretencious smile all day long but yet it can't hide my frowning lines. It's worst than my first and only pathetic love ending relationship..i tell ya!! It crushed me so bad that I hated morning because it means I have to dragged my big ass to work. The domestic issues aren't helping much either. Why ohhh..why...didn't everything turn out the way I'd expected it to be??

My 2 friends came back from London at time when I needed them the most. They are my soul friends. With them I feel calm, serene and I have clearer mind now just by listening to their words of wisdom. Many times I tried to call them Kakak as how they wanted me too..but after calling 'cikgu' for 2 years my tongue just refused to budge. I'm taking all the opportunities to spend time with them for the next 5 weeks. They spend 10 months in the Kingdom and 2 months in KL, I'm glad that in my time of distress they're here to ease the pain. I spend the whole weekend including Monday with them. I felt energised and ready to bounce back from my distress limbo.

The 2 doa's that I've been reciting in facing my distress moments taught by them...

O Allah please make it simple, dun make it difficult. (Rabbiyassir, Wallatuasir)

There is no God but You, Glory to You, verily I was one of the wrongdoers.
(Laillahaillahanta, Subbhanakka Inni Kuntumminazzalimin)

Decision has been made. And I live with one principal in life - what's goes around, comes around, one day you're up and the next day you could be wheeled down there. I have 3 months to decide on my options and alhamdullilah I'm on the right track..I just hope I can make the right decisions.

My only concern now is how I need to go through the next 3 months. It's going to be an agony for me, I hope the offer coming is willing to wait for my notice or maybe I should abscond myself?? Hmmm...after the shit pace my GM put me through maybe I should.'s just not me. The industry it's too small for me to do such thing. Words get out fast and it would definately damage my reputation. So I guess I have to stick to my notice after all.


Last week I got a call from Bob. He called about one of my nephew. He's interested in his voice. I immediately remembered that couple of months ago I brought them to this voice over audition. He was really keen on Habib and wanted him to do the voice over for the lead character of this latest animation. Total of 26 episodes. I was excited...yayy!!! finally he called!!!

Called my SIL, emmm..she sounded ok on the phone. The weekend came, I was at the office and called SIL to check on Habib. I wanted to know where I should pick Habib up. And all she could say was - talk to soon as I opened my mouth, Habib cried and she just said, how?? he's crying.. i just said ok and hung up. Pissed!!! How can a mother let an offer so good just passed by...why can't she make an effort to talk it over with Habib. It's not free's good money and recording only done in weekend. I was just utterly dissapointed. I guess she didn't need the money... money has been easy for her fact it look much easier since my bro's death. hhmmm...that's bad thot...get it out..get it out...evil..evil...

My mom could not help it but to call Habib and asked why? He simply replied that he wanted to, but he wants mama to bring him, but mama just don't have the time. Good gosh!!!

I guess I can never understand my SIL as a mother...

Looking at the bright side, I got myself an audition this Sunday. Yay!! no high hopes, just to see some hidden talent somewhere maybe??


Another good news, there'll be another wedding bells this August. Hmmm...the 2nd in 8 this is infectious. Congratulations to my big sis and may Allah bless her with a happy marriage.

Errr...that leaves me the only single in the family..oouuccchhh!!! that would not look good for this year Raya..dang!!!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Should I or Should I not??

Dear Mr Lxxxx,

I am bringing up this matter because this is really affecting my morale. I am really looking forward to receive the new PC which I've waited for over a year. I was shocked to find out that I'm not receiving a new one but instead will only get a handover PC from accts. dept and XXXX will get the new one instead!!

To compare my PC and ex-HRM PC's, my PC is just as bad. It has a lower ram, infected by virus badly that it hangs couple a times a day that they have to re-configure my hard-disk and my monitor have lines moving up and down and I've endured this since day 1. After checking with X-FCcumHR-X , I just could not understand and accept the reason that he needs it because he has to come up with a more 'sophisticated' report than I do.

I think I've been unfairly treated since day 1 he came aboard. The fact that I'm forced to report to a Chief Butler when it has been a year plus and known to everyone that I don't report to the previous chief butler has been very de-moralizing.

I feel like I have been demoted and that my contributions so far has been devalued.

I would like to request for the following :-

1. The new pc that was allocated is reinstated to me.
2. To revert line of reporting back to you.

I hope you will kindly look into this matter and consider my requests.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards


Not sure what the case is with the PCs and X-FCcumHR-X is not around to ask. This can wait until I return to KL.

Regarding the reporting, you will have to wait until the new GM starts; then this can be re-evaluated.

Best regards
GM Special Projects


I am indeed very dissapointed with the GM reply not only they were not concrete replies, the fact that he totally ignored my "demoralizing effect" at the moment, is very disturbing. As an employee, I think I have every right to express my concern and unhappiness and it is only right for a superior to revert on it. And I think I've done it in a best possible manner...excused my english though.

So this is what I've come up with.

1. He's doing it intentionally, so that I'll resign on my own accord.
2. He's a GM Special Projects, whereby he handles several hotels project from the management company so he dun care piss about it as it will be the new GM call. Note that we have been operating without a proper GM since September 05.

Maybe I didn't get his cue when he hired SXXXX earlier. He did mentioned to me on one of casual conversations that this SXXXX is coming and I'll be reporting to him. I asked him why should I because by right, if we want to go into SOP's/PnP's he should report to me. He just brushed me off and say that I'll have a wonderful time working with him.

I just cannot bring myself to report to this asshole...yes the dickhead who cannot even write a proper minutes and why the hell he needs a 'sophisticated' pc?? He can't even use the spell check for cryin out loud!!!

I love my working place...

1. I like my team at the moment. They're great..yes they need a shout once in a while..but that's only normal.
2. I like the flexibility..I'm not a a wife or a mom but I'm an Aunty with 5nephs and nieces. And I live with sometimes my work gives me flexibility especially when situation calls for my help.
3. I like that I can park my car for free here. park it's no shit's damn expensive in kl to get a spot!!
4. The distance is just nice that I can leave home at 8.30. It has many ins and outs that even on wet days I can get away with the heavy traffic..good heh?? or is it me with the good sense of direction...
5. I like the free meals..saving quite a lot here. On average a working individual spend RM10.00 for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Or is it only me??
6. I have nice crisp uniform that I wear safe me the endless monthly trips to the shopping malls for office attire.
7. I'm entitled to free unlimited laundry and dry cleaning.
8. I work well with other HOD's and rank and file apart from this dick head..but I keep my professionalism attitude with him.

I hate this place....

Because I have to unofficially report to this dick head who stammers in morning briefings, can speak or write decent english and once I caught his staff bringing chicks into the room while on his overnight duty manager..he does showcause shit!!! and then I found that he did the same he's hold to his balls by his own staff. Nevertheless I did not see him doing this with my own eyes so I'm not going to accused freely. But it's getting to my nerves...that someone who's not even confirm dare to break the rules.

Ok..not that I'm a goody goody but I have my limits. I believe that one should be professional in work and never ever let the subordinates step on the head.. And if someone is daring enough to do hanky panky thing, one must be able to hide it well too.

And I seriously think I'm underpaid..maybe I should make a move.

I hate that my GM treats me like this but twice when doing appraisal all I get was good comments and constructive I'm confused shit!!

I'm furious I'm full of anger and frustrations at the moment...but I'm keeping it cool and I'm not gonna make a drastic decision..though my mind is pleading for me to just go and leave this shit hole. My pride and dignity are deeply affected by this..aargghhhh..i dunno??

So anyone out there with some sober/constructive advise and maybe have any suitable openings for me..hahh..hahh..just kidding.

But the advise thing..I need that..2 heads are better than 1...

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

This has turn into a joke....

Okehh this is a continuation on my Feeling Mental entry..this is just plain cruel..I know..I's not nice to do this..but I just got to post this for my future PMS mood...:laugh:

From : XXXXX
To : Me & NMN
Subject : Room Defects


Room xyz
- blaa..blaa...
- blaaa...bla....
- Muslim Pipe water mark

errr..muslim pipe??? wth is this???

Me - NMN...u know what's this muslim pipe??
NMN - I dunno?? i was about to ask you... let's call and ask him..
Me - Ok..

NMN - Morning XXXX, u know the defect list you've given..what's a muslim pipe?
XXXX - u know the metal pipe next to the toilet malaysia we call it "muslim pipe" because only muslim use it...
NMN - Errr..but I've been here 11years already..never heard of this...anyway that's a bidet hose..."silent" bideeettt hose..that's what we call it..but's ok.. *hang up*

NMN - Man...if he would have told me this when i first came to malaysia..i would have fall for it...

Later while doing my morning briefing, I distributed this for staff to act on it.

Staff 1 - Muslim pipe?? Aper ni kak?? (What's this?)
Me - I dunno...what do u think??
Staff 2 - Aaaaa..tu laaa..mangkuk yg sebelah toilet bowl tu (aaa...that thing next to the toilet bowl)
Staff 2 - EEhh...dier tulis hose laaa..bukan hose paip ke?? (Ehhh...he wrote in there "hose" isn't this the pipe??)
Me - Let's call and ask

Me - Morning XXXX.... I'm doing this briefing with the staff..and I'm just wondering what is muslim pipe??
XXXX - Tu yg paip tepi toilet bowl buat cuci2 tu..(The pipe next to the toilet bowl where we use for washing purpose)
Me - OOO..u mean bidet hose??
XXXX - Tak...kat malaysia kiter panggil muslim pipe..sbb org melayu jer yg pakai, all the hoteliers knows this term..NMN tadie pun ader call tanyer (NMN called earlier to asked about it too...)(sounding so proud)
Me - Ohh..i see, all the hoteliers know??..anyway I call it bidet hose..Thank you..

Me - Ok boys..from now onwards we call it muslim pipe...just kidding..please use the right word. It is call a bidet hose or paip cebok ok??

Aiyoooo...why la..why laaa......this is just purely menambah dosa only!!!How much more of this to come???


Bidet - A fixture similar in design to a toilet that is straddled for bathing the genitals and the posterior parts.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Real world vs Blog land

~Real World~

Stayed off the connection over the weekend..infact the whole week apart from some nice happenings my pms still gets the best of me..:(

Met one of the bloggers early last week..this is the 2nd bloggers that I've met in person since I've started blog landing. Bubbly cheerful was nice of her to give me a "hometown" souvenir since this appointment pun was not confirmed at first.. The rest of the day was busy..had to go with the GM's driver to Semua House to look for buttons to replace those missings. I was feeling hyper sensitive the whole week over a small tiny issues...dang!!! why do we ladies have to endure this pms thingy..aarghh!!!

I was feeling hyper sensitive over :-

~ that my car had to be parked outside and for that every month I had to send it for polishing. The house have 3 cars plus my the big mpv sudah semestinyer be perfectly park under the roof, the 2nd tiny car next to it @ a 45degree angle and my car parked outside where it suffers the rain, the sun, the tiny scratches from kids playing badminton, bicycles..not that I can blame them..and also some moron who gave minor visible scratches to my bumper and side mirrors.I seriously need to give them morons driving lesson..if only I know who... this is what happen when you're brought up in a house where the garage can fit 8 cars as how my father managed to squeeze in everytime Raya comes....

~ i was watching desper@te housewives on tuesday night, yes i'm an ardent fan of our main stream provider because cable tv is strictly not allowed at the SIL house. anyway, while i was watching it with Zahin, the eldest nephs, I could hear my SIL shouting from the bedroom..'zahin..tak payah lah tgk criter org tua tu..takder faedahnyer' I was like, is it that bad..he can't watch practically nothing accept cartoons..a 12yo kid needs some fresh air....nowadays to watch other than cartoon dvd's it's a's them a break..they're only taking UPSR!!! What about all other virtues that we should input to them in facing exams be it in school or life?? Perhaps all this while I'm looking at the wrong's not the's we as adult in treating them..kalau semuanyer tak berfaedah..then remove the freakin' tv from the house. The 24hour channel in the house is IKIM FM...well that's good but at some point I can really see them needing more because when they're in my car they'll switch channels to listen to the "in" song at the moment.

~Zahin, being the eldest seems to "termenung" a lot lately and sometimes I can see it in his eyes his frustration. I think he's doing remarkably well...especially after the talk I had with him. I can see that he's making an effort in his studies and hafazan. But with all the turmoil going on in the house though we adult try to keep it as low as possible, he's not dumb...he sensed it but he prolly can't express it and so sometimes he "termenung". And I get edgy when everytime he does that the mama will go " zahin, termenung jer..takder faedahnyer termenung baik amik Quran bacer" If only for once I wish the mama could go over to him and ask what's in his head and also to lead with example-she should stop termenung too!!!

it's all tak berfaedah...tak berfaedah..tak berfaedah!!! so what is berfaedah??? watching af4 tak berfaedah..watching wc opening tak berfaedah,..sometimes even when the show it's not a quality show to certain people but we should look in the bright brings the family together...

~the way some malays look into things and say it's hukum-hakam really gets on my nerve. Bab kawin especially sumer tengok hukum-hakam..tang lain ikut adat-istiadat??? wth is this??? of course yg tak bertudung nie tak boleh comment sbb tak layak... bab berserah dan terima aper yg Allah beri...kalau tak usaha?? redha laa??

There's so much in my head at the moment...and with this instability of hormones at the moment it's sure not helping..focus mas..focus!!!! well anyway this is a temporary situation..i dun usually get hyper sensitive over this matter...this week I hope will be much better..Insya Allah..


On Friday I got the first bitter taste experience of the blog land. I was accused of saying nasty things about someone I barely knew and she got it from someone she barely knew and the chain goes on. Alhamdullilah I have my good old friend to back me up, who happens to be in this chain sh** too!!!

Things got blown out of porpotioned and I'm the scapegoat. Be reminded that I'm ugly but I'm not ugly at heart.The air is cleared I hope so...I was affected quite badly that I've decided to lay off for 3 days and as Id say it's only proper to drop a "was here" comment rather than not at all when I'm blog hopping.

As for me this was a lesson learned very well.

a) Keep any comments received directly or indirectly to myself and only to mentioned it to your trustable friends and make them promised to keep it a secret too..but heck..mulut org tak boleh ditutup...but at least they should tell the story right??
b) Be courteous but be bold too..
c) To know less is sometimes better especially in this blog land.

Cheeriosss..have a great week all..

Friday, June 09, 2006

Feeling Mental!!!

Yesterday I became a really biarchy lady... anger and frustrations rushed into my head after seeing the minutes of meeting from last meeting we had among the departments. This was not attended by the GM so it was not the secretary who took the minutes.

I this the other HOD that my GM was proudly bragging about..that he had to interview him at Starbucks unlike the rest of us???

NMN, JS and LT had a big ho ho over this minutes....I mean this gawd-damn mom is cc'd to everybody including the GM....and half of the HOD's are expatriate!! NMN even replied him via e-mail cc'd to all with a gentle reminder to do a spell check before sending official docs out..hell this not just spelling error!!!

1. Attendant??? as in staff ATTENDANCE or is he referring to my attendant??

2. Hair for male must be short and for female hair must be bunch. wtf?? bunch??

3. Encourage to use proper perfume while on duty.????? pleasant odour in a nicer way...

4. Florist must ware proper entire when change the flowers at the lobby area.??? was she naked all this while..that she has to "ware entire"....

5. xxxx in charge for all broachers. sounds like he's putting xxxx in-charged of pest control..broachers..roachers...

6. Buggy will full in charge by xxxx? so is xxxx in-charged of the buggy or the other way round???

7. All form to be useful for operation purpose. err..not useful before??

8. To set up standard par stork in the pantry. stork?? the leggy bird or...??

9. If the phone line breakdown or black out need to be record into log book. aiyooo....pleaseeeee....wht kind of sentence is this???

10. Save the best for last - for those who could not attend the meeting last week they were put in a column typed as "absent with reason" helllooo!!!!!! there is a basic basic standard term used for this!!! arrghh!!!!'s so evil for me to post it here..but heck!!!! I dun care why should I care if he doesn't care?? He approved the mom.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Goddess wannabe!!

This is my first attempt to be the goddess wannabe... I got this great recipe from the great goddess herself last weekinfact I was YM'ing her past midnight yesterday just to make sure I got all the ingredients and methods right.

I went back home slightly early and dropped by at Carrefour to get all the ingredients. I was so tempted to get the Prego's sauce just in case I fumbled the whole thingy or burnt the kitchen like our friend.. :laugh: jgn maraaa.. I was reading through my notes and saw coriander...dang!! what is called in malay?? I can't call the goddess so I called our friend. Just went she answered my question a lady who heard me pointed at this green thingy called "daun ketumbar" which was next to my trolly.... I smiled sheepishly and thanked her. How dumb is that?? Tak tau where to put my face....

Completed my shopping, went home and started marinating the mince meat and chopped whatever that is need to be chopped so I will not be late to work the next day. I honestly can't remember when was the last time I was actually in the kitchen cooking real food....It really shows I guess because I need to hang the recipe next to the stove while cooking...:( malu..*head down*

I'm posting some pictures for the goddess to see...and you guys too...

~Again Blogspot have problem...unable to download it just yet..but meanwhile you can view it here~

Ok so I need to work out on the presentation...didn't have any presentable plate at that was a potluck at the office..

Not too bad ehhh??...considering I left the kitchen since 12yrs ago...

p/s: Goddess, I've added sausage atas permintaan ramai..was skeptical at first..turned out boleh tahan. I fried it with olive oil then i campak into the bolognaise..

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Help me - q/a session

Yesterday and today I was asked several questions on religious matters, not that I'm any pious than them but it's more of an opinion shared.

1. To do or not to do - Solat to the best we can which not necessarily complete 5 times a day and or not to do it all?

My answer was - Solat is part of the pillars therefore there should not be any excused at all for not doing it. Now this should be the answer right? However there's many people out there who thinks that doing 1 or 2 solat a day is better than nothing. Ader jugak how do we respond to that??

2. Why muslims are not permitted to do body tatoo but we can color our hair?

My answer was - Yes we muslim are not permitted to do body tatoo. I know and I saw a q/a on this before. As for coloring of hair, to my best shallow knowledge at the moment we're only allowed to use henna and for muslim women this is only for the eyes of their husbands and their mahram. I promised this friend of mine an answer for this tatoo i.e he wants a hadith or fatwa's. I've tried googled using all words for this to a couple islamic webs but can't seem to find the answer.

If there's anybody out there that can's much appreciated.

3. Someone told me this and I know she's so determined to believe it but just not strong enough to stand by it.

- A widow, if she has intention to re-marry, she does not need her parents consent (this is a case if her parents does not agree) because she's no longer obliged to it as how she was when she was single.
- A widow, does not necessarily need her father to be her wali for the nikah should he refused to do so for a certain reason.

I've tried to google on this too, but to no avail. I know for a fact that parents have responsibilities for their daughters until the day comes where she gets married and the responsibilities falls on the husband regardless of age.

How about a widow? What's her responsibilities and her parents responsibilities should she still have one? Is she still obliged to listen to her parents as how she has too when she was single or...??

Habib the handful..Habib the Tabib(healer)

It's not easy to get upset with Habib for a long time...Unlike his brothers..he's sometimes quite handful...but also a good healer for a broken heart.. Above it's some pictures taken before and after the surgery.

Last week he had a minor surgery for the gland he had on his elbow. It became painful so the Doctor decided to remove it while he was admitted due to asthamatic.

Since the operation he just eat....infact he whack the whole plate of rice after the surgery, prolly the medication has some side effect and he also became a little bit more than that..

After the dinner last Friday at Big Plate..on the way home we saw a lot of wedding tents. This is expected because of the Agung's Birthday PH weekend. Opposite the house too had a wedding on Sunday afternoon.

While driving home..I gave the comments that there will be lotsa wedding over the weekend..and dgn selambanyer he said...semua org dah nak khawin..cik intan yg tak kawin..kawin...(everyone's getting married except you)...

nak lempang??? tak nak?? nak lempang??? tak nak?? :@ very the laser mouth for a 9yo...

i just said shaddap you!!! mind you own biznezz!!!

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Plate

Called my SIL yesterday and told her that I would like to treat the whole clan for dinner tonite... thot of ordering Domino's since I have few vouchers. Pause...not a good idea..since it's a school holiday and tak pergi maner my SIL said why not we dine out?? Good idea..but where?? Then both of us teringat "Big Plate"...the last time we went there was??? tak ingat dahh..

We left after Isya, so that balik nanti tak la chaotic nak suruh solat. It was in Melawati so it took us only about 10minutes drive. On the way was a bad comedy evening for me and SIL. Zahin n Muhd..tak abis abis bagi lawak mental..a short dumb one..but ader yg funny..we had to endure the jokes and even answered for it..layan kan je laaa..

I guess the reason I wanted to bring them out for dinner it's because for the past few days..some of the daily must-read blogs are putting up pictures of's sooooo not fair...i can't cook that good yet..:( So to settle my cravings I had to go and outsource it...and the theme was western..everyone agreed..and so does my tummy. Eating alone sucks, since pay day has arrived..why not I treat the clans? Boleh re-bonding ngan kids skalikan? It cost a whoopi over RM200..but that's nothing compared to the satisfaction I saw on the kids faces and my tummy.

Soups were mushroom soup and oxtail soup served in a homemade bread-mangkuk style. Mushroom soup finished within 5 minutes...I got to take a spoonful.. And the Oxtail-soup, this time I make it a point to snap it before it's gone..

Now that's from the Kiddies menu. It's Baby Steak. It dun look like no portions for kiddies... We ordered 5 of those..deliciousss!!

As soon as the Baby Steak arrived, we gave to Habib..because after the minor opt and with medications he's taking..he's forever hungry.. He quickly removed the greens on his plate. Dengan selambanyer...

Ma, amik petai nie, Habib tak makan.

Ader ker french beans cakap petai???

Menu - Chicken Shah Alam

Menu - Seafood Fettucine..

Menu - Kebab Chicken with Saffron Rice

Menu - Chicken Picatta ( Took home the left-over and had it for lunch today..slurpp..)

While waiting for me and SIL to finish our dish and whatever are left...Zahin made his light-sabre...that shows to prove there's a child in every man..

We went home dgn perut yg kenyang-sekenyangnyer...and in my head..woww..I'm gonna have Chic Picatta left over for lunch tommorow...yayy!!!

We thot the bad comedy night was over but Habib in his jovial mood popped out a question..

Habib - Binatang aper yg ader nombor??

Me - Entah??

Malas nak layan mood..sbb dah jadie ular sawa..he then gave the answer..

Habib - 1300-85-'tupai-tupai (2525)'...tupai laaa..

Mama and me bust out laughing..kelakar jugak lawak bodoh Habib that point at least..

Aaahhhhh..what a night..I think the kids needed the break..

p/s: me & SIL teringat arwah's favourite dish - kambing banting...:(

Friday, June 02, 2006

Making an effort..

Last Friday my SIL when over to the school to get the report cards for the mid term exams on the religious studies subjects. My nephews are in Al-Amin and apart from 5 normal curricular subjects they have 10 religious subjects to get through. And the UPSR for these subjects will be in July if I'm not mistaken. Immediately after the school holidays they have another exams for these 10 imagine my SIL in her panic state..

So Zahin has 6a's and Muhd I think 5a's. And being in the 1st class this is just not good enough. My SIL called me up on the phone on that Friday itself to convey her frustrations. At the very beginning I too was very dissapointed with the kids and they have actually been quite playful after Abang's death. Everything is in a concept of redha for Zahin and Muhd falls asleep after 5 minutes of reading!! Muhd throws tantrum every night during the exam week and SIL cried buckets for this.

Their face shows no regrets sorry ma look..i'll study harder now..etc..etc.. I thot of giving them a "booster" in the weekend until I read one of my favourites daily dose must read blog and remembered something from my past.

I've forgotten what is like to be kids. I was not a very bright kid in term of studies..when all others dreamt to be doctors, engineers, accountants etc..I was still thinking whether or not I can survive SPM. What I love to do then was and read...give me a book I shall find a corner and read till my mom come over and give me a pinch to the real world. Plus I watch TV...remember The 'A'team, McGyver, V, Little House on the Prarie, 21 Jump Street and all the old skool sitcoms like cosby, happy days and lots more.

But my mom, she knows my strength and weaknesses. She knows I'm not like my bro's and sista's..i'm more of the playful type. But I catch up fast and have good sense in doing things. She sat with me during my major exams and tells me that what important is the effort...result is secondary. Whatever the result is after the best effort given, leave it to her to handle it. And effort is what I gave.. being a last minute person, I burned the midnight oil few weeks before exams, she photocopies all the past years papers and mark it for me. Through her connection as a teacher she got me a splendid teacher for certain subjects that she's not good at. It was my effort and her effort. And so I completed my SPM. Got Grade 2, not too bad for a baddie like dad was so sure that I'll get S.A.P... I got into a private college on my daddy's expense(he made sure he kept some for rainy days i.e to subsidized a pain in neck daughter like this, the rest of the clan when on to the normal U's) and studied Hotel Management where I dealt with lesser calculations.. ohh..and I hate maths!! Mommie build my confidence, my character and attitude towards life, that I can be what I want to be if I put in my best effort. And this too was my late bro's advice to me when I was facing the first difficulties in my working life.

When my 2nd bro failed badly in his SRP because he could not cope up with the religious subjects in this Agama boarding school, my mom quickly took him out from the school and put him in a normal school a walking distance from home. My dad went berserk!! it's more of his reputation with the neighbors. In his first exam for the subject principal of accounts he scored 7/100... my mom first step was to find a good tuition teacher for this and she did. My bro promised her that he will score in his SPM and score with flying colors he did... that too was my mom and my bro's effort.

When my big sista discontinued her studies in ITM banking studies..again my dad when crazy!!! at the time a bank officer is like so the dream of maks and abahs of the 80's. She supported my sista decision when she wanted to study Hotel Management in a private college...she contributed her money and energy for this.(at that point my dad was really pissed with mum and sista) I remembered we woke early dawn to make some kuih's and frying stuff to be send to this shop in PKNS/SA and school canteens. 'We' means us the whole siblings.... and she flew to the States after her Dip to gain her degree with mom and us effort.

This is what I want to instill in my nephews and nieces. Make an effort for everything they need to do in life. It dun matter whether it's 6a's or 10a's or no a's at all, the most important thing is they've done their part and struggle to achieve it. It takes more than academic success to be great in life. When you put effort in doing things it also defines your attitude towards appreciate materials and life more.

I seriously need to sit down and have coffee with Zahin and Muhd...I hope I can survive the "malas nak layan" faces on them..

Thursday, June 01, 2006

A hoax!!!

From the desk of Robin G,

LPR Marketing Sdn Bhd (282141-M).

Thank you for your application.

We are pleased to announce that your application is in fact a “match” to the “profile” of the types of positions which are available. I wish to interview you personally, which is why you are not being contacted by my secretary but by me in person.

As we are expanding our business here in Asia, we need Part Time & Full Time Dynamic & Resourceful Leaders to work in our - “WELLNESS - HUMAN RESOURCES DIVISION” - for the following departments:

• Customer Care Services

• Customer Care

• Recruitment

• Team Building & Management

• Training & Coaching

(Approximately 1 out of 50 resumes are selected to meet us personally).

Our interview schedules (last approximately 1 hour) are as following:

- Wednesday 31st 8.30pm,

- Thursday 1st June at 12.30pm OR

- Friday 2nd June at 11.00am.

Above interviews will take place at Central KL areas and addresses will be disclosed to you when you SMS us back on our Office Mobile number confirming your interview slot with your FULL NAME. After the confirmation, do come in your smart business attire, 5-10 minutes prior to the meeting. You do not need to bring your resume as we already have your profile. Just bring a pen and paper, as you may have questions and you might also need to take some notes.

Office Mobile Number (for SMS Only) : 016 2149118

As you are specially short-listed from our list of candidates, we are definitely looking forward to meeting you personally so we can have a formal introduction of yourself and our company and knowing who we are working with in future.

We will be looking forward to meeting you.

Yours sincerely,

Robin G.

LPR Marketing Sdn Bhd.


In my effort to make extra bucks to accomodate the ever increasing cost of living I've submitted my application form to the above company through jobstreet. When I got the e-mail I was contemplating whether should I or should I not go considering they've contacted me via e-mail and interview appointment were confirmed via sms.. At the very last minute while applying my lipstic somehow I have an urge that says I should google for this. And so I did...I stumbled upon a blog. She actually went for this interview..boy ohh boy!! was she flippin' upset!!

And I found that they're fucxxx' MLM company and the interview appointment was actually an introduction to their products...Damn!!! If I have not googled this I would look like a fool in my 100% wool+Egyptian cotton Edmund Ser's uniform walking into MO where I'm bound to meet my association members and again look like bozo the clown if they find out that I even considered to go for this freakin' interview!!!

I will never ever do MLM!!! it's so not me..selling in MLM is not even in my last survival kit (OUT OF JOB) contingency plan.

Jobstreet should not let this bugger advertised in their web...this is a con!!