Monday, May 28, 2007

Chemistry or Compatibility

Wait For You lyrics

I never felt nothing in the world like this before
Now I’m missing you and I’m wishing you would come back through my door
Why did you have to go?
You could have let me know; so now I’m all alone

Girl you could have stayed but you wouldn’t give me a chance
With you not around it’s a little bit more than I can stand
And all my tears they keep runnin’ down my face
Why did you turn away?

So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me?
But I know it’s a lie what you keep inside
This is not how you want it to be

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I find it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you

Been a long time since you called me
(How could you forget about me)
You gotta be feeling crazy
How can you walk away
(When) Everything stays the same
I just can’t do it baby

What will it take to make you come back
Girl I told you what it is and it just ain’t like that
Why can’t you look at me?
You’re still in love with me
Don’t leave me crying

Baby why can’t we just start all over again
Get it back to the way it was
If you give me a chance I can love you right
But you’re telling me it won’t be enough

So baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I find it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you

So why does your pride make you run and hide
Are you that afraid of me?
But I know it’s a lie what you’re keeping inside
That is not how you want it to be

Baby I will wait for you
Baby I will wait for you
If it’s the last thing I do

Baby I will wait for you
Cause I don’t know what else I can do
Don’t tell me I ran out of time
If it takes the rest of my life

Baby I will wait for you
If you think I find it just ain’t true
I really need you in my life
No matter what I have to do
I’ll wait for you
I’ll be waiting …

Top 3 at the AI 06 - Elliot Yamin...I so fell in love with this dude...and that song... the voice, the music arrangement..blends well with him..though I must re-consider that new hairdo.

Malam minggu yg lepas saya pergi makan-makan char koay teow with a friend. What intended to be a short lepaks became a till midnight session.

Macam-macam we talked about or I did.. I talk a lot beb..I know..shut me off if you need too ok.

In one of the girlie talks, we were discussing about what do we want in men? Besides money, alim, rajin semayang and all the qualities which seems only achievable in dreamland, we came down to 2 words.




She said perhaps it's finding a compatible partner is what we're lacking.
Then I suggested, chemistry. Chemistry is what's we're missing.

I only ever had 1 serious non-family related relationship throughout my entire life. Everyone else has tonnes of relationship to brag about....pathetic kan.. and then there's a fling or two that was just what it is..a fling. That one serious courting I had lasted 7 years!! I went through infidelity, twice infact, then had to deal with the temper and mood swings and not forgetting having to deal with his crack addict. Yet I was stuck with him for 7 years. It was not all bad 7, prolly good 3's and 4's ups and downs. One thing for sure I had chemistry with him. He knows what I need when I needed it, how to deal with me when he had to etc..etc... Despite being cheated twice I stupidly accepted him back in my life. Maybe because he makes me feel good. If it weren't for his crack, I honestly think he is the one. I planned but Allah has something else in store with me.

Maybe I discredit myself too much. Maybe because he made me feel good I accepted his nonsense crap. Maybe because he made me laugh, I stayed with him. And maybe because he sometimes insulted me emotionally that made me think I'm not worthy for anyone else but him.

Lots of maybes but there were no regrets...I thanked him for the time we had. Happy time for sweet remembrance and bad time as lesson learned.

It's Que Sera Sera for me now. The future's not for me to think.

And till that chemistry swings by again I'll just stick to the luxury singles can enjoy and do at anytime we feel like it.

As Elliot says...I'll wait for you....

Friday, May 25, 2007

Reality Shows

This might be a little too late. Congratulations to Mila for breaking the male domination in the AF. I dozed on and off during the show and even missed the FA Final match because all the femme in the family out vote the man. So my abang and bro-in-law had to watch it at mamak shop.

The final was on 19th May 2007. A significant date until 2 years ago my 1st abang passed away. And so happen malam tu Aswad new single title was


Macam tau-tau pulak laa.... SIL got married not a year after my brother's death. Walau dah bertahun-tahun courting plus marriage plus 5 beautiful kids, she still needed a man whom she claims is for the kids.

Ini bukan posting mengungkit, tapi posting "masih tak memahami" tindakan kakak ipar aku itu. Maybe it's sex, maybe not, can be anything..aper pun I hope she's happy.

So aku nak tujukan lagu ~BILA MATI CINTA TERHENTI~ nie kepada dia. Semoga berbahagia dunia dan akhirat.


Jordin clearly deserve the crown. That finale singing was superb compared to Blake. I thot the final contestant this year..takder ummph!! factor.

It would be real awesome if it was Jordan vs Melinda or Lakisha...or better Melinda vs Lakisha. Now that would be a blast!!!

It was good to see Glady Knights and Bette Midler and other famous superstars performing live.

All and all it was Jordin night. That 17yo lass sure deserve it. I just hope she wun end up another Spears or Lohan.

And I always said combination of Black and white genes...fantastic siot!!!! Have u seen black and malay combination??? Lagi fantastico....I've seen one..infact two.

For those who missed the show last night and maybe tonight too.. this is a uTube of both Blake vs Jordan.

Thisss!! is the American Idol..... Alaaa..ala...Ryan Seacrest tone.. Enjoy!!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

My History in Football

Ok...let me see..yeah...i remembered my first ever football fever was sumwhere early 90's. It was the German worldcup..dan pada maser itu Beckenbaur was like the football gladiator. Aku ingat yg aku akan duduk dihujung back bench of the tv hall which was full with my late brother's cranky, mat rock, mat breakdance, mat nerd friends. He was then at SMSS. He was still playing for the old boys till his last days...

Anyway, that was when I developed a minor interest n football. Aku amat kagum dgn cara football ini menarik perhatian aku terutamanyer player player dier yg henskem dan sasa belaka. There was no Beckham or Henry at that time. Dan aku tak sedar adernyer EPL, CL, Spanish League, Italian League dan yg seangkatan dgnnyer. I didn't have the luxury of cable TV then and during my high skool days I was sooo into softball. Dan off course giant-giant softballers maser itu adalah the Japs and Americans. I was in the school team, not one the best player and I played outfield. And my batting sucks..infact at one point, it was the last inning, 2 down and full base. What did I do??? I got striked out...betapa kecewanye team haku..maser tu...we lost to was our sworn enemy..kinda like man u and chelsea..laaa. Aku sanggup naik bas turun bas untuk pegie live match Japs tea nie. Weii...maser tu kalau naik bas turun bas adalah perkara besar utk aku..selain naik bas dr kelang sampai AJ dan naik cab pegiee picad..naik bas ketempat tempat lain memerlukan berbagai kajian logistic utk aku.

Then I finished high school. I went to college and maser tu adalah zaman hype team merah kuning...As soon as I started work and own a car, aku ader kaki yg selalu ajak aku pegie stadium SA for all the red yellow home match. Pastuh kawan aku kawin..dah takder kaki. Ex aku pulak..kaki bangku...well not really but he was not into it.

Then I flew to UK...where it all begin. English from toddlers to oldies are crazzzyyy over football. Seriousss..nyer...and they are hardcore fans...down or up they will still stick to their team. Kinda like till death do us part. Football, pub and a lager blends well together. Maner ader kedai mamak kat situ kan??? yg ader skrin besar tu..kalau ader pun mesti tak laku..tak pun sumer yg ader beku kesejukan.

Reading Madejski Stadium was about 40 minutes away from Newbury where I was back then. Maser tu aku layan football dgn siam-siam yg ader kat staff hall, selalulah bertekak dgn minah tagalog dan minah lain yg taksub dgn MTV channel..maklumla MTV kat saner...phegghh!!! bergetah!!!...Boss aku generous..staff TV besat gilers..u shud see where we stayed...staff quaters amatlah impressive. Sometimes there are few saturdays that my boss decided to bring the kids out and I have to follow. Most of the time pegie Reading laaaa...kalau lalu jer kat Madejski Stadium tu..meriah giler. Maser tu Reading was in Div 1...hati aku melonjak-lonjak..sabar jer laaa.

After sometime I decided to make it on my own and get some freedom, I moved to London. I got a job at West London. I stayed in East London. 26 stations to work via the green line. Lalu la west ham station dan bermacam macam lagie. Then I moved to Tower Hill, it was about 9 station away from work. Sebab life aku kat London adalah kerja, kerja dan kerja, I moved to Earl's Court and walking to work takes about 10minutes...waaahhh...gembiranyer..aku. Biler weekend aku kerja double job, I'll take the night bus and I'll be home in 20minutes. Sleep for about 2 hours and back to work for another 16 hours.

That was the hype point. Where I work, all was into it the boobs or the dicks. Maser itu la aku raser kehangatan football and that was when I knew Man U was the one. Not that I didn't know Man U before, I was not paying much interest in them. I stayed very near to Chelsea home stadium, so everytime Chelsea played at home dan menang...ohhh..tidak..tak sanggup aku tgk warna biru merata-rata...sampai biru mata aku.

And sometimes aku slalu gie Holloway ngan god sis aku...tempat Arsenal... lagielah.. ..stress...why la my team stadium is far up north??? Kalau aku tak layan football at this time..terasa betapa aku dioutkast at my work place.

So towards the end of my time there, like couple of months before I'm due home, sales team aku secure a deal with few football teams from the EPL. So everytime these team ader away match ngan Chelsea they will stay at my workplace.

I remembered the first team arrived was Everton, Rooney was with them at that time. Maser tu tak lah seglamor maner mamat nieh. It was before Euro 04.

The thing about English team, they're very discipline. No hanky panky....usually they will need 2 rooms whereby we have to removed the furnitures to make into a massage room. Minibar items will be removed. Means not alcohol. They eat in a banquet room, under strict meal supervision from in-house chef. And dah tentu get enough sleep. And they are not at all pig headed..all were cool...or is it aku tak pernah kena yg palat. Maser tu la aku byk jumper player like defoe, rooney to name a few. Dan memang lah takder rezeki aku...biler time aku dah nak berambus, baru la sales team tu secure deal dgn Man U to stay there for their match against Chelsea. Hampeh tak hampeh!!!

Sekarang aku raser cam rugi plak biler kawan aku offer ticket free Chelsea vs Aston Villa aku tak amik. Kawan aku nie transit from Miami, bought a ticket online dan berkobar-kobar pakai jersey biru. Last-last sampai kat stadium mamat kena tukar baju or will not be allowed in becoz his tickets was for seatings at Aston Villa supporters. Kena getah!!! Since dah berbayar, dan kire conversion pound to RM..terpaksa lah mamat gadaikan maruah biru itu...

Then came Euro 2004. Aku ingat sgt maser tu aku refer England as "team aku" macam lah aku nie Brits totok. Kawan aku sgtlah berbulu kalau aku refer England by that. By then aku dengar Piala Malaysia diconquer oleh NON-STATE team...aku was like?? DBKL?? TNB Melaka?? biar betull??

I remembered Euro 04 semi - England vs Portugal...sungguh mengecewakan..memang penalty ending always a jinx to England. And out of the blue, the Greeks won the Euro 2004...biar betul niee???

Then came Athens 2004.....of course the south american team proved that they're still the best.

Since then I'm hooked....balik malaysia..pun hooked jugak....

2006 Euro cup aku tgk kat modesto with bunch of office mates and the next day half of us was on leave...ngantukss..siol...i was into France maser tu...kalah jugak...frust giler babas!!!

So early this morning 2 of the biggest Europe team will fight for a trophy that will define their credibility as the best European soccer club, Liverpool in desperate need to retain their title and AC Milan haunting turks tragedy.

May the best team win..............

Psst...boleh kah aku mengaku yang sampai sekarang aku masih gagal nak detect off side just like how I can't figure out tennis score counts. Funny I can immediately cal a ball or strike in baseball but not this offside shit...


Updated at 23.46

It's 2-1 for AC Milan...well u win some and lose some....

Monday, May 21, 2007

Twinkle Twinkle Little Starz...

Hanzalah the Clown....

I was singing and he was dancing along...hehh..hehhh...this was his funny act with his sisters...


Drogba destroyed the double dream wish...

Sad day for the reds...

At this newly built stadium...

What a frustrating ending and I soooo totally can't stand that Mourinho face.

What do you get by playing safe????

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Multiple ways..

3 ladies conversation during lunch break...

Lady 1 - Che...aku nak selamba rumah kau esok? kau off ker keja?

Lady 2 - Hmmm...cuti..boleh laaa..lepas keja trus selamba laaa..

Lady 2 - Dun forget aaa..bring yur clothes...suar dalam..ker ..sumer yg dalam laaa..

Lady 2 - Suar dalam 1 pun cukup laaa..

Aku - hahhh..1??? Min..

Lady 2 - Ye laaa...side a..side b maaaa...

Aku - (Looking at Lady 1) Min yee keee??? serious...

Lady 1 - Che...celaka kau cha...she believe u sehhh..damage my reputation only..maner
ader laa...UBA..kau percaya la dier...aku nie org paling pembersih tau!!!

Aku - Ehhh...Min..instead of side a side B...might as well kau pakai pusing2...ader 2
side..leh pusing ke bawah!!! kinda like revolving knickers...hahhhhaaahahhh...
boleh pakai 3 kali.

Lady 1 - Cha..nie kau la nie..damage la rep aku niehh...celaka betull!!! takper besok
aku tunjuk suar dlm aku..maner ader kuning2 woiii...

Note - Ini adalah perbualan antara 2 cina murtad dan melayu...
Che - sister in chinese
Selamba - Overnight stay

Question - Kalau thong?? camne nak pusing??? ouchh...


I ditched a huge feast planned whereby the guest list were 4 couples and me alone...and also white lied to my mom right before mom's day and left Along's bersanding much earlier all because I needed to have singles day out to watch


And is was all worth it.

I was skeptical at first because I slept right through for his last movie. But this time was hell full of laughters...


Seriusss.go and see it..u won't regret it.

I really needed the singles day out....She needed a new spine and he just needed to woogie boogie...good combo ehh...

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mommy's Day


KUALA LUMPUR: What do you tell a parent whose child has gone missing? Can anything you say heal the wound?

Ching Poon was kidnapped on April 25, 2006 and her skeletal remains were found 11 days later
Ching Poon was kidnapped on April 25, 2006 and her skeletal remains were found 11 days later
Tengku Puteri Nur Aqilah Tengku Kamarudin was reported missing after she failed to meet her mother outside her school. She returned to her family last month
Tengku Puteri Nur Aqilah Tengku Kamarudin was reported missing after she failed to meet her mother outside her school. She returned to her family last month
The hearts of more than 1,900 parents continue to bleed for their children who are missing.

Since 2004, a total of 5,996 children aged below 18 went missing from their homes. However, except for 1,904, the rest subsequently returned home or were found.

The majority of those who went missing are girls. Of the four-year total, 3,398 were girls. In fact, girls from the 14 to 17 age group made up the majority of missing children in all four years.

According to Deputy Internal Security Minister Datuk Johari Baharum, 303 children and teenagers below 18 went missing from Jan 1 to April 13.
The good news is that 176 of them have been found and reunited with their families. The rest continue to anguish over the fate of their children.

Johari said there were five main reasons why children and teenagers went missing.

"Most ran away from home because they were influenced by their friends or were persuaded to do so by their boyfriends or girlfriends," he said in the Dewan Negara yesterday.

"Some children left home because of misunderstandings with family members, a lack of attention from their families or the wish to be free from their families.

"These are the top five reasons why children run away from home. There are many more reasons."

He said this in reply to Senator Datin Nik Azizah Nik Yahya who had wanted to know the reasons why children went missing.

"If parents notice any change in their children’s behaviour, they should take immediate action to find out what is wrong," he said.

It is still very fresh in my mind. I was 10 when I ran away from home. All because I flunk my mid-term math paper. I was scared too death. Math was not my favourite subject and therefore not my cuppa tea. Passing marks just at the border was considerably good for me. I was scared like hell. The fact that I have to get home and show the report card to mommy and abah was terrifying. I can already imagine my dad long lectures and mom's cubit and spanking.

So I decided to scoot. Pack the essentials in my knapsack and off I went with my trustworthy BMX. At that time I remember telling myself that I'm gonna cycle all the way down to Kg. Bharu and live there with my Kak Teh's family together with arwah Wan. I have always have a good sense of direction. I was confident that I'll make my way through.

Siap tulis surat lagi and left it on the dining table. I remembered cycling all the way and upon reaching the Federal Highway at Bulatan Istana-Shah Alam I decided to take a 360degree turn to Kompleks PKNS and hang out at my then favourite place - BBC - Berita Book Centre. I was sitting down reading couple of books when arwah Pak Long found me.

He brought me home and I fondly remember how my dad hug me and told me never ever do that again and how he was afraid of losing me. I didn't remember how mommy reacted but throughout my life after that I knew she observed and understood and till now she has been an understanding mom minus the losing weight issue.....

She sat with me prior to my Penilaian Exam in Std 5. Surprisingly I scored 4A's 1B and that B was for Science. Not bad for one who was always failing math.

Then came SRP. She again found me a good tuition teacher and also sat with me as much as she could. And I did quite ok and got C3 for my math. But I did badly in Geography or was it commerce and it streached my grades. Dad was furious and he wanted to moved me to the school nearer to the house. I went berserk. After 8 years in the same school and I had to moved?? No way..I was adamant. I guess it is only now I realised why mommy was not so pushy on this. She prolly dun want me to freaked out again.

Then came the biggest theory exam in my life. One that I cannot afford to fail. One that at that point of life was crucial in determining my future or so I thot. Mommy could not do much with me during this time because it's mostly subjectives paper. The reading subject was not easy but it was not that difficult either. I just needed to do more revision and less TV. But hell who's gonna help me with Math?? No one...I was so dead.

And true to it, I got P7 for my math, the only one time ever that I passed since form 4. I can't believe it. I so thot I'm gonna flunk it. The rest of other subjects was acceptable and again English save my ass and brought my grade a step higher.

As soon as the result came out, mom and me sat down together and planned my future. She was so determined not to let this one litte devil of hers goes away without at least a minimum scroll in her hand.

She said..ok UBA would you like to try this? Since numbers is not your strength and reading is your life, so you have to get a course that needs more reading and less calculation. So off I went to a college in Langkawi.

I was messed up a little during my college years. I played hard but I never strayed from my intention to get that paper. I promised myself that I would at least do this for mommy if not for myself. Somewhere along the way I was caught up with this web of mess and I had to fight back for my rights to be in class. Again I told myself if I have to beg, I will. And begging I did and I was re-instate. Phewww..that was so close. While waiting to be re-instate I stayed at home for 2 weeks. Mommy was cool about it. Though it was a typical youngsters issue, she did not nag about it.

After I graduated and after lazing around for a month, mommy chased me out from the house. She urged me to look for suitable vacancy day after day. My first job interview, she drove me and even took that couple of steps up accompanying me in filling up the form. was my first job interview. Couple of days later, I got the job... She always said I was born on a silver spoon...Mom I think I'm more on the wooden spoon kind..

Mom has played a big part in my life. Even when she was skeptical of me leaving abroad, she let me. And miles away when I needed a shoulder to cry on, she heard me. Her instincts was so strong that as soon as she heard my voice she knew something was wrong. But I told, I'm not coming back yet mom, not yet..I'll stay and fight. All I need was a word of encouragement, her doa and redha that was what she gave me.

It's gonna be an endless list of the so good things about my mom. But being the super mom plus cranky at times she has her flaws too. And these flaws to me was what made her perfect. I would not want to trade her flaws for any other thing. By saying that means, she did not want us to do what we don't want to do but instead to do what we feel is right. Mistakes happen she says, when it does, we fall, then we rise with dignity, we learn from it and re-set our priorities.

I guess I've always kept her in the middle of my on and off feud with my Kak Long. Sometimes I wish my younger sis is me and I am her. Whenever Kak Long put on her silent killer mode like now, anything I have to say I'll tell it to my mom.

Sometimes mom do hurt my feelings but that's just a little dot in my heart unaffected by all those years of sacrificed she did for me and the love she has for me.

She knows me too well that when I quietly left home couple of days 2 years ago in needing a space to myself after a great mental torture by Kak Long she understood when none of the siblings understood.

This was supposed to be a post about why children are running away from home. Because I myself have run away from home too.

However, unexpectedly it turn out to be about my mom and since mom's day is just around the corner, I want to wish my mom a very Happy Mother's Day and I know you've been through a lot, with Abang's death and the pain of not able to see his children grow up. I wish you all the happiness in the world and hereafter.

Mommy please don't stop praying for me to be a better person for no other doa are more precious that a doa from a mother to her children.

I love you and will always have you in my doa.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Spiderman 3 & Lakisha's tears...

I must say Spidey 3 has more drama and less action. It's better than Spidey 1 but Spidey 2 unmistakebly the best of the trilogy.

Open fact on each other altar egos makes it less suspense. Mr Sandman character, the way it grows from small to big then disappears with the wind, I thought that was really creative. But that venom thingy...hmmm..the fact that it strike down like a meteor was a bit questionable.

When Peter Parker don that black spidey suit underneath his daily clothes, he somewhat look retroish gay. That black under eyeliner sure make him look more gothic. And his dancing was terrible, credit for trying though...His eyes was very convincing when his carrying this character.

And that last past on best friend thingy...kira memang syahdu laaa..utk aku yg drama queen niehh...sob..sob...

Well I'm not much of an experience movie reviewer..Go and see.. It's worth the while..

Next on line POTC 3 and SHREK 3...yeeeehaaaa!!!!


Lakisha kissed American Idol goodbye. I was not surprised. Blake obviously scored with the girls, Dolittle has been consistent since the beginning and as quoted "her worst is still best" and Jordin sparkling 17yo who amazingly came back after being in the rock bottom last week.

I hope is Sparks and Dolittle in the final..unless Blake can do another original beatbox like when he did during the rock theme, he should stay away from that next week to claim his top 2 spot.

Brianna...mommy comin' home darlin'....

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Can you work it? Is it worth it?

They say work hard and play even harder. But what if we were to work so hard and never get to the play harder part?

Eventually all of of us will die, it's a fact of life. Is just a matter of when, where and how.

The link below reminded me that there's more to life than just working, working and working. That money is not everything but just part of everything. We have options to choose and therefore we must choose wisely. Wealth or health? My condolences to the family and especially her mother.

Balance in life that's what we need... somehow is seems so hard to get balance let alone the balance in the annual figures.

Read this story, a story on how one human overworked herself that had cost her her life.

This is a tribute to the girl written by her friend.

Doctor confirmed she's suffering from this.

This is also a checklist for all employers out there who have overworked their people but still think they're underwork.

P/S : Thank you Jade for letting me share this with others too.

Monday, May 07, 2007

Kecewanya seorang Nenek...

Memang takder rezeki mummy nak jumper cucu dier, anak arwah's difficult to talk to them now...what more seeing them. So since there is an occasion which was a good reason to see them, mom ecstatic and looking forward to it. Princess cake was ordered as per Mashitah's request here.

But a call received from Toki on friday night destroyed her appetite and there was a moment of silent. So the cake was ordered but Mashitah cannot make it. Reason?? All the kids were not feeling well. Called and asked, they're having slight coughing...therefore mama said not to go.'s ok...grandma is just a little tak's only kecewa seorang nenek dan seorang ibu yang kehilangan anak...

Mummy...sabar lah..insya Allah we'll meet them again some other time. Anyway Toki came to Along's nikah and took the cake home for her sick cucu.

I hope she'll like it...


Thank you Chelsea.... Thank you for handing over the title to us...

Manchester United stand tall!!!

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Along's Nikah

Along Fara..that's what we call her. The eldest of anak ibu and abah. My cousin's daughter. Kak Teh's daughter. She finally tied a knot today Saturday 5th 2007.

Along..I considered her as my first niece eventhough her mom and myself are only cousins. Kak Teh is only about 15++ years younger than my mom. Arwah Wan brought them up together. So we were very close. So close that all my brother's children call her Mak. She took care of Zahin, Muhammad and Habib for almost 4 years I think.. She especially has special bond with Muhammad. He was as big as the palm when he was born. If you's ask his mama how did she bathe him? She would answer, I don't know, it was all done by Kak Teh. They were like the son she never had. So Along and siblings were very close with the boys too..She was like their big sister. Despite the feud going on currently, Along always makes it a point to visit the kids when she can. She's such a sweet girl. But don't underestimate that small heart..she has a mind of her own.

Along, I know Ibu was not keen with your choice, but I'm sure he has something in him that you see and appreciate. And dun worry about Ibu ok...she has her flaws but don't we all have that kan? Hati Ibu macam kerak nasi...I'm sure she just wants to make sure that her eldest angel is well taken care her promised to your Abah once upon a time. Achik UBA wishes you all the happiness and great blessings!!!

Congratulations Along...

May you newlyweds will have a great life ahead and bless with wonderful kids.

It was scorching hot that afternoon. And of all day the road leading to Kajang from Cheras was giving bigger problem than usual...Like the normal traffic was not enough. And to add on, Along's future father-in-law car broke down..they were like really late. The nikah suppose to be at 2pm started only at about 3.45pm. Imam was already edgy since Asar is just around the corner.

It was a moment of stress if you asked me. With all the aunties and cousins commenting here and there..I would have lost it. But Along you just sat through it cooly...memanglah you anak abah yg penyabar...none like Ibu's genes yaaa..

Alhamdullilah, despite the dugaan everything eventually went was good..

All not to well that ends well....

Now next week for the kenduri and the week after at the groom's house...phewww...what a way to spend 3 of May weekend's...and I'm pretty's gonna be scorching hot like it is always in a wedding...