Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday "Bright" Blues

As expected I was out sick today. I woke up again to heavy head and aching body. So I decided to skip the day. Then I thought, if this "layan sakit" mode goes round for another day, I'll be a dead duck by the end of the week. I need to some sweat..

So I called up the service centre to fix an appointment for my car, which is like 10000km overdue. I figured if I'm gonna doze off again, I might as well doze of while waiting for the car. Kill 2 birds with one stone ehh...

Then I checked my clinic book to see the nearest appointed clinic. Ouuh.. it's opened at 8.30am. So at about 8am, I got up and carried my sorry ass to the toilet for a quick shower. Got dress and gelled my hair. The thing about bob cut wavy hair, you've gotta have decent gel on it or I would look like "pompuan mati laki". So in my pathetic state, I still gel my hair.

Reached the clinic by 8.35am, registered and waited. Called the office. Saw the doctor at about 9.15, because by the time I got in earlier, there were like 4 people ahead of me.

I saw a poster about weight loss outside and so I asked the doctor about it. The doctor just said, the only way to loose weight is to eat less and exercise. All these weight loss programme are eventually bad for health.

I said, really??? Well he looks more like a sinseh than a doctor so that figures out the conventional thinking.

Then I asked him to check my bp. I've had nurses having problem find my veins in process to take my blood but for bp...hmmm..never. This doctor had to do twice. And when he wanted to do it the 2nd time he just said, I have to try again aaa..because you are so fat....ello!!!! he's lucky I'm too sick to reply anything.

Whatever la doc!!! Most importantly, I got my MC for the day.

Then I went to the service centre, It was almost 10am. I finished Dina Zaman's - I am a muslim and slept like 3 rounds while waiting for my car. The weather didn't help either, it was raining the whole morning till noon.

Then I decided, since I'm so near Subang, I might as well go and do my atm banking at hsbc and eon. So I drove towards Subang. As soon as I turned into SS15, I can't help to stop at the rojak and cendul stall. I haven't had that for ages!!!

I told myself, I have the antibiotics, paraceps and cap ibu dan anak. These should help, and off I went and queued for a plate of rojak sotong and telur and then a bowl of cendul. Bought a bottle of water and whack my antibiotics. Mind tricks ehh, eat that and no amount of rojak or cendul will do any damage. Am I sick or what??? Ouhh.I tapaued 3 rojaks for people at home.

Continued my banking then head home. OOpppss..I dropped by at the apartment to pay my maintenance fees. Now that's done, means I've almost done all the banking I need for August. Productive ehhh...And I'm feeling much better by late afternoon.

Got home and rest for awhile.

Did I mentioned that my handphone went kaput like a zillion times and lucky I have my back up 3310. But dangit!!! most of my numbers are in the phone memory and the "menu" keypad doesn't work.

Maybe it's time to say goodbye... It's gonna be 4 years in Sept.

About 5.30pm I went to the nearest IT Centre. It's not Low Yat but can do for me. And suddenly I have the urge to eat Char Koay Teow and Teh O Ais.

I went up to 3rd floor and scout for my new gadget. Call me freak, but I somehow cannot settle with 2nd hand when it comes to gadgets like this. My eyes was locked to only 1 model. I thought I'm gonna have a hard time to choose but it was a breeze. Well of course I would like the latest Dopod or a lil' sumthin' sumthin' high end phone but this one's ok for my budget at the moment.

Next step, which shop gives the better bargain. I went to about 8 shops and the last one caught me. Not just the model availability but also the friendly "Ah Beng" who worked there. Also he gave the best offer with additional stuffs. And he managed to transfer my phone numbers into the new SD card. Sad to say my old phone can only do one to one transfer. And guess what??? I have almost 400numbers stored. Imagine his fingers!! But he did it and without the slightest frown. For doing that I gave that phone for free. So good ehh..

It took him almost and hour and a half to do all that. And while he was doing that I had my crave fulfilled. of my best sick days..I'm definitely getting better.

I was contemplating between 2 models of the same kind. I finally settled for the updated version, because it had 1.3pix. I like taking photos, but borrowing in the family sometimes gives me "kecik hati" like, go buy your own laaa...pinjam tak tau pulang or pinjam kalau rosak sendiri mau hingat kinda thing. U get me??

So for about 100rm more than what I budgeted, I can strike off my intention to get a new camera, for this year at least.

Again killed 2 birds with one stone... I offered the "Ah Beng" my 3310. He said 20linggit... forget it I said. I might as well keep this for rainy days like today.

I said goodbye to "Ah Beng" and said, see you in 4 years...and he said aiiyooo!!!

I laughed and he laughed too...

I got home happy and feeling much better.

Went to see my mom in her room, and she said "tak makan bubur pulut hitam tu" and I said, "I'm gonna eat now".

See, mom knows I like this. Infect I remembered few years ago before I left for UK for the first time to work, she asked me what I wanted to eat. I said "bubur pulut hitam". She just said, "tak yah la, dah sihat, tak makan pun tak rugi" I just kept quiet.

A day before my flight, she cooked a whole pot for me. She has instinct she does..

Also I remembered one fine weekend, my SIL called up.

"UBA, on the way now, no need to cook, we'll buy somethings. Tell mommy.

So I told my mom, she just went, son and cucu wants to come and you said no need to cook, terrible malas. Tell them no need to buy, just come straight, I'll cook lunch. yang kena marah,it was not me who said no need to cook??? Kena!!

She cooked for us a fabulous feast that day. Everyone licked their fingers and my brother refilled twice which he rarely does. Even the cucu's are enjoying themselves.

11 days later, my brother died. Till today she remembered the last time she cooked for her beloved son.

You see??? How can I "merajuk" with my mom? I can...but not for long..and I don't want to do it's tiring.

So I went to the kitchen, ate my bubur. I was asking the maid something when I saw her standing behind the dining room counter which have view to the TV at the hall. I asked what was she doing? And she said sheepishly - tgk tv Ibu.

I did not say anything nor I showed a dissatisfied face. You see we have one spare tv upstairs, my old tv. When we wanted to get a maid, I offered this TV to be put in the kitchen. My Kak Long went berserk straight. And of course what she says goes and mom has no objection.

I mean 2 years contract and no TV?? How mean can someone be? I don't know...I think this is too much. I've worked in a private household before and I clearly understand the feeling. If my ex-employee did not supplied us with the cable tv and gave us a day off in a week, I would go cuckoo. So imagine my maid with no TV for another a year and a half to come?? Don't even mention about off day or having mobile phone.

I understand the action are based on the many reports by relatives, friends and media. But humans has sense of judgement and heart. Just got to use it wisely.

Well that's just my view. And because my share for the maid's fee is just peanut, I'd rather keep my mouth shut. My energy's drained out especially when it comes to my Kak Long.

Wooww...ain't this a loooong post for a sick person?

Have good week you all....

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Blogathon 2007 - Over and out...

Well folks the Blogathon 2007 is over.

A total of 61 entries were posted from 9pm on Saturday night till 9pm Sunday night by 10 ladies bloggers. Hmmmm... maybe next year we can have volunteers from the planet romeo ehh.

I got up Saturday morning with fever, chesty cough and banging headache. I thought of letting go of my slot.

Then I thought I have another 20hours to recover. I took paraceps and of course ubat batuk cap ibu dan anak. Felt little bit better.

So below are my entries, short and sweet, I hope.

I'm still feeling a lil' bit under the weather... I hope it will be better by tomorrow.

Till next year...Au revoir...

Bubbye and keep making a difference!!

When there's a beginning there will be an end.

My time is up and what a breeze... maybe next year insya Allah I can take 8 slots ehh...who knows :)

I'm passing the baton to [URL=""]Dew[/URL]

Go go Dew..go go Dew!!!

I would like to bow out with a youtube of Ali G in a comic relief show done couple of years ago. Comic relief is also a British Charity organization set up in response to the famine in Euthopia.

As you all know, Ali G will never penetrate Malaysia Board of of TV whatsoever.



We are blogging for 24hours to garner support for Raudhatus Sakinah, a continuous project by WanitaJIM that exists to help the society tackle the social problems, specifically amongst teenage girls. They need funds to continue the good job they're doing.

So if you like what you're reading, click here to make your pledge and directly donate to the charity Raudhatus Sakinah.

Bagan Datoh - Homestay

Still in Bagan Datoh, as I was driving along the "kampung" road, I saw a lot of the "Homestay" signage.

Ignorantly I told my mom, is Bagan Datoh where they put all the old folks? So many homestays....

My cousin's daughter who was in Uni, quickly then explain to me that "Homestay" is a place where foreigners usually exchanged students or profesors and even tourists come and stay to learn our culture. The government also place the researchers there to learn about our economy and drainage system. Talking about drainage, I hope they won't summarize our drainage system based on Bagan Datoh's only. That would be so behind time. At some areas they're bad smell because water just don't flow properly.

They usually come in groups which is why they are so many of them in Bagan Datoh.

These Homestays are certified by the government. The house must have certain standards and requirements such as proper bedrooms, dining area and most importantly the toilet and bathing area. Next priority is of course the cleanliness. The Homestays houses must be clean and neat and located among the paddy field and many others such as banana field and mangoes field.

These people usually come from various parts of Asia such as Japan, China, Vietnam and also middle east. They learn how to work in paddy field, pluck mangoes etc... Hmmm...very interesting..

The only thing that is depriving these Homestays from the Americans and Europeans market are their squatting toilet. Majority of the Homestays are still using this instead of the sitting pan.

As per my sister's info, this in one of the main economy sources for Bagan Datoh, Perak. And for that I strongly feel that the government should subsidize or educate the people of Bagan Datoh on the benefit of having sitting pan.

Oh..for anyone of you who likes to eat "sukun goreng", have you seen a sukun tree? I did snap a photo of a sukun tree or it's also called breadfruit tree.

Put a fried sukun and "keladi" together, I would not know the difference.

We are blogging for 24hours to garner support for Raudhatus Sakinah, a continuous project by WanitaJIM that exists to help the society tackle the social problems, specifically amongst teenage girls. They need funds to continue the good job they're doing.

So if you like what you're reading, click here to make your pledge and directly donate to the charity Raudhatus Sakinah.

Bagan Datoh

Couple of months ago when I travelled to Bagan Datoh for my niece's wedding, I took some beeeyootiful pictures. Being a city girl my whole life so seeing things in the "kampung" or village excites me. Both side of my late grandparents home was in the city too.

And thank god, the pictures is coming in handy for now.

Apparently Bagan Datoh, which is in the state of Perak is the biggest rice producer for the country. I always thought it was Kedah. But please, this is not a confirmed statement.

Unlike in Kedah where we can see the paddy field from the road side, here we had to divert into the "kampungs" road to do so. You would not imagine that behind the houses by the road side was stretch and stretch of paddy field.

And funny I thought like in all paddy field they uses scarecrow to chase away the mice. But not in Bagan Datoh. You see the picture above labelled as the Bat House?

That's what they use to chase away the mice. They sleep during the day and fly out at dusk and throughout the night for food.

There, I hope this is just a good information to all as it was to me...:)

See you in the next entry.



We are blogging for 24hours to garner support for Raudhatus Sakinah, a continuous project by WanitaJIM that exists to help the society tackle the social problems, specifically amongst teenage girls. They need funds to continue the good job they're doing.

So if you like what you're reading, Click here to make your pledge and directly donate to the charity Raudhatus Sakinah.

Greetings to all - Salam and Salute

Hello...hello...hello people

Thank you Elisa for the wonderful 4 hours and passing over the baton to me, I will be entertaining all for the next 2 hours.

It's 5am Malaysia time and soon it will be Subuh.

I was the pom pom girl a year ago, and now I'm one of the entries contributors..... one step ahead this year.

Kudos to me :)

Well see you all in the next entry...



We are blogging for 24hours to garner support for Raudhatus Sakinah, a continuous project by WanitaJIM that exists to help the society tackle the social problems, specifically amongst teenage girls. They need funds to continue the good job they're doing.

So if you like what you're reading, [U]Click here to make your pledge and directly donate[/U] to the charity Raudhatus Sakinah.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crazy deed

I seriously don't know what got over me.

Picking up strangers for a lift??

I drove to work today because I had a whole day of training session. Parked at a public carpark opposite "smell good" Dang station. It was a wet evening today. After the training ended at about 5.30pm I stopped by at the office and hanged out while waiting for the rain to subside.

At about 7pm I walked over to my car and as soon as I entered the car...terkial kial with my umbrella and bag..came this man to me. I was a bit scared. His hand was behind his back and I was imagining the worst. He asked me for RM2 and when he was about to tell me his story, I just shrugged him off and shut the car door. Immediately I locked it.

I felt guilty to the max. I don't know why. I kept glancing to my right to see this man who went back under the shade, I guess waiting for other resources to come by. But something in his face is telling me that I should have given the 2 bucks he wanted. After all it's only 2 bucks....even if he's not telling the truth, so what??

Ignite the car and drove out. I stopped almost at the exit area and was still feeling guilty. Kept looking over this man...But by this time he was gone. I felt guilty to the max.....

Then I saw a white male hailing a cab under the drizzling rain. 3 cabs stopped but none willing to take him to wherever it is he wants to go. The road I'm exiting was free from traffic but opposite road traffic was moving like a bunch of snails.

I still feel I must do something to cover my guilty conscious state. So after few text messages and a phone call and this guy is still trying in vain for a cab, I rolled down the screen and shouted...

Me -

Hi there...

You know...I don't think there will be any cab going to anywhere it is that u wanna go...

He -

Ya...I don't know why, where I'm going there is no traffic...

Me -

I'm sorry, I don't usually do this, but I was on the phone and saw you trying to hail a cab for quite sometime already, I can't help it but to ask.

Where are you heading?

He -

I'm going to bla...bla...cangkat ceylon...blaa...blaa...

Me -

Ok, c'mon I'll give u a ride... Hop In..

He -

Ohhh...thank you so much...

Inside the car...

I was babbling to him about my feeling guilty over the 2 bucks that I needed to do something good to make me feel better. So is his lucky day today...

Sempat la aku interview mamat at Wisma Denmark with Alcatel, his name is Thomas and from France and he lives with few other french mate and one spanish guy and aaaalllll of them works at Alcatel...dan sumer nyer berumur 25 tahun....has been here for 10months and they have a 2 years contract...uiii....nasib la pangkat adik adik utk akak..kalo takk...mak dah mintak nombor tepon!!!

After I dropped him off...I just realised that I could have gotten my self killed..ok maybe that's overrated..but heck it can happen!!!

Aper nak jadie ngan aku nie... Always do things wayyyy ahead before my right brain have the time to think..

Btw...I'm going for an interview tomorrow..tolongla doa doa utk's my dream post and I'll be the youngest to ever hold the post in the association..if I get it.

Please Allah...if this is for me...please grant it. If not, please open more opportunities...Amin...


And don't forget the Blogathon 2007.

Stay up and make a difference!!!

Or better yet...sleep early and wake up for my slot..hehhh..hehhhh

My slot it's changed to 5am - 7am...

Bagus lepas tu terus pie jogging :)

Sunday, July 22, 2007


Yup...ladies and gentlemen, Blogathon is back and this time for another worthy charity - Raudhatus Sakinah

Blogathon 2006 was a success. And this year we hope to get more by spreading it here at Blogspot communities.

To learn more about it, please read here

They are my EFX2's buddies.

C'mon people stay up late next weekend!! Do support us virtually or by pledging. Better still if you want to contribute, I think there's some slots still vacant.

Btw I will be in the 1 - 3am slot....

stay up...stay up....

Blood and sex talk

Last week the office organized the blood donation campaign. The response was overwhelm. And because I want to show good example to my staff, I went for it too. real only aaa...leadership by example la konon...

Anyway I wanted to do it because I have hesitation to do so for the past years..all the myth about having bigger appetite after donating etc...etc..kinda like pushed me away.

With high hope and great moral support I went and registered. I drank their chocolate drinks and had few crackers before I went in.

Then the doctor told me that I'm not eligible because I did acupunture about 4 months ago. I was puzzled. I did asked why, and he said because the of the usage of needles, it needs a minimum 6 months window for blood donation.

Damn...I should have just declared "no". I was being honest because I thought it had to do something with my health.

Takpe time.

Couple of hours later at the office..

A - Cik UBA, kiter kalau nak derma darah tu kan, mesti yg tak melakukan hubungan sejenis atau pun homosexual kan?

Me - Ye la kot...It's written on the poster cam tu..

A - Tu la Cik UBA, I teringin sangat nak menderma tapi tu la sbb hubungan sejenis tu and homo homo tu kan..tak boleh la I...

Me - "Tersenyap"

A - Ehh...Cik UBA takper...I nie ikhlas cakap worries...

Interfered by B - Tu la kan...aper beza lubang belakang ngan depan? Kalau basuh bersih gak..kan Nok, kan Cik UBA??

Me - Terkedu dan tersengih cam kerang busuk... sbb tak tau nak response aper..

These are the noks and nyahs in my department, they're hillarious yo..

I've never had a non-muslim announcing to me that they're practising these "reverse sex" so I was kinda like lost of words.

Usually it's just a hint hint kinda conversation that will keep us wondering like

..ehh..u think so??? nahhh...but maybe laaa...I dunno..

and ends like that..

I always tell myself that I will be-friend all kind if people with good hearts despite their abnormality or differences.

But I will make sure that they know my pov on that issue,whatever it may be and it will stay as my opinion. I'm not supporting it nor I want to discontinue the frienship. My intention is purely to clear the air.

Better hear it from me that someone else. Words get twisted around so badly that it takes couple of turns to make things straight.

Trust me..I got it point blank!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


~It is good that we do not all think alike. It is the difference of opinions that makes life interesting~ By Bridget Menezes

I read this article today and would like to share it with the rest of you.

Everyone's special

In a family, there is no need to suppress or manipulate others. Neither is there the need to question each other's ideas, motives and actions.

For instance, instead of answering an intimidating question, allow some time and space for family members to cool down and for you to communicate kind and loving thoughts.

Then interact again with good humour.

Bad feelings are not allowed in the process as we will revert back to old patterns of thinking and make things worse.

If someone throws a "poor me" trap on you, let them know that you are not interested.

It is very boring to hear the same old tape again and again. Understanding that each one plays a different role in the family makes for harmony.

There will be opportunities for new experiences and learning and understanding and love.

Most of us focus on our flaws. We deal with this by believing that we are better than others.

In reality, we are all valuable. Reject your doubts and insecurities. Keep affirming to yourself that you are unique, and treasure your "specialness".

I'm glad I ran across this article. It made me feel that I'm not at all not special. That I've look into my flaws without giving the better part of me a chance to grow. I let people tell me that I'm low and insecure. And these are the people whom I'm supposed to love unconditionally and even strangers. inner insecurities's a new dawn for me tomorrow and more to come....


RIP to all the 6 Nuri's crew found killed in the deep jungle steep ravine somewhere in Genting Sempah, Pahang today.

I'm pertubed by the comment of the our Deputy PM who's also the defence minister earlier today. It went something like this...

~Kita takder option as Nuri is the main transport for the ATM dalam menjalankan operasi keseluruhan jadi kita tak boleh tamatkan ini dengan serta merta.~


We always have choice..that's why we are call humans and not animals...

May Allah put them among the pious and may we be their neighbours.


I flip through the "THE STRAIT TIMES" today and was laughing when I saw the last page at the sports section....

I hope to see some lights in our football scene..if bunch of foreigners running around can attract me, I'm sure MALAYSIA BOLEH too....the question is when?? and how??

RIP FAM and may the new FAM can bring our football to greater heights...

Friday, July 13, 2007

Week of rambling entries...

Last week when I went for a slept over at my friend's place kat Flora Damansara, we went for a midnight show kat cineleisure. I told her aku tak suker pie kat situ because it's bloody high up and everyone move like a turtle kat escalator.

And she said takper..takper..she would show me a secret route. And secret route she did showed me. By the time we reached home dr tingkap dier nampak berduyun-duyun org baru nak kuar dr situ....kaaaahhhh....kahhhhh.... sumernyer budus budus belaka..errr..walaupun aku dalam kategori itu sebelumnyer.

Anyway ladies n gentlemen, not one soul followed us to the lift..not one single soul. We were like chipmunks, she hold my hand and whispered to me..ok ready?? ready to make a turn and just follow me. satu makhluk pun tak ikut.... and while waiting for the lift tu, I'd expected ader la sorang dua yg pandai kan??? takder satu pung???

Sungguh terrer kawan aku nie...aku suker..aku suker...


It's been couple of days I was not online. Felt so exhausted, penat to the max..Every time I reached home, I switch on my wi-fi but never made it to the lap top. After cold shower, I'll ended up on my tilam. Sedar-sedar dah pukul 2-3 pagi. It's a girl thing nie kot..PMS takder tapi penat gilers.

In my tiredness I made it to the cinema for like 3 times this month. Thanks to Transformers to Die Hard 4.0 and also Harry Potter..pheww....and this not including Surf's Up and few others. Plus ader beberapa dvd pirate kat rumah yg still waiting to be watch. Kopak woii.... and everytime I go to them movies, for sure mesti singgah kopitiam. Many kopitiams now... goodbye starbuck for now...i'm hooked to local coffee.. plus is cheaper. I find it ridiculous to drink coffee yg berharga 15++ and it's finished like within 10minutes?? OOhhh....mak terpaksa be very prudent nowadays... nak pie holiday nie..

Today I went and watched Harry Potter. 12.30pm nyer show. Dgn confidentnyer aku raser it can finish by 2.30pm because I promised my mom to fetch abah kat masjid lepas friday prayer. I was confused by an hour which should be 60mins and not 80mins as I'd calculated ..mental jam skejab.. anyway at 2.30 I rushed out to fetch my abah. He was waiting at the bus stand outside the masjid. Tetiber raser guilty plak for keeping him waiting. I guess I have to go for another round of Harry Potter. I didn't feel anything wasted or complained that I had to go and fetch Abah..infact I felt good that I did one good deed today. RM10 duit ticket wayang boleh dicari, driving my abah around, maybe I would not have that chance anymore, it could be me or him, either way I feel fabs....

Speaking about good deed, this week could be a my "my name is earl" week for me. yesterday on the way home in the tube, at KL Sentral station I managed to get a seat..phewww..what a I said I was very tired lately. As soon as I sat down, I closed my eyes. On my right were 2 ladies busy talking one another. After few stations, I opened my eyes and I saw this pregnant Indian lady carrying a which I think looked like a lap top carrier bag and she looked like about to faint and sweating. I looked at her, waited for her eyes to hit me and dengan gentlemennya I said, Mem, Would you like to sit down? I figured she was pissed with the 2 ladies yg kohok tu, when she sat down, loudly she said, thank you very much. Berbunga perasaan aku..hehhh..hehhh...


I like this song. I heard it during the Diana concert and googled for it. DL the video on youtube and been watching it over and over again. Dengan tetibernyer aku raser mamat Heroes - Peter Petrelli tu adalah amat memberangsangkan..hehhh..heehhh... look when he's standing at the door with die for tuuu!!! Earth to to UBA....reality check please...hehhh..hehhh... plus aku raser knickers fergie itu sunggulah sexy cute gitu...

Big girls dun cry yer...?? takder maknernyer..big girls cries the most..


Today also I finally had a real conversation with my mom. I told her to ask my sister for the rental charges for my apartment as I need to send my car to service. I just needed my share. She said why don't I sms her and then she'll get it from my sis.

I told her, please don't ask me to talk to her. I'm not ready. Her last words to me striked through my heart so deep. It still hurt so bad.

I told my mom, my sister said "I NEVER contributed anything to the family". I told my mom, memangla monetary wise I contributed the least but I did contribute and still do. NEVER is an understatement. Mom senyap jer. But I knew she understood..she knows my kak long has a loud mouth. Infect she knows each of her childrens character. Tapi hati ini raser amatlah lega selepas melepaskan aper yg terpendam selama ini...

Ok..enough rambling for the week. Great weekend u olls sumer okay....

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Last Night..

I'm officially in love with this song for the time being. P.Diddy walaupun muker dier adalah amat mengirritatingkan but he sure damn produce some enjoyable songs. I wonder what JLo saw in him apart from his bling..bling..

I spend the night at my friend place. Suppose to have like pyjamas party la kononnyer sempena berpindah ke rumah baru...but all her friends ditched her except me...hahahaaahahh... sian dier..frustrated gilerss...

At 3am we're both still with our laptops dl songs dan mengrewind lagu nie buat kali yg keseribu while remembering my time at zaman tea dance di atria familiar to some of you or not??? Don't tipu aaa...sesapa yg ader tuition dulu on saturday, jgn kelentong...mesti terjebak gak sekali dua kan?? ya..ya..saya mengaku...bahawasanyer saya adalah agak notty semasa dulu..:( friend nie moved to Flora Damansara. Memang flora gilers tempat dier nie...balcony memanndang hutan and at night since she's at the corner lot you can basically view the whole taman tun n pj...beeeyooootifulll..

And she just told me the good news that her boyfren for 11years promised that after this sailing trip, he will jumper her parents to get their blessings. Auuwwwww.... I'm so happy for her. By the time they will get married it will be their 12th year...phewwww...semoga sampailah ke jinjang pelamin

Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Last week I watched Fantastic Four ALONE....

Few days later my hormons urging me to grab that cheesey dip-licious pizza and I went, ALONE

Today I watched the awesome beyond words Transformers ALONE too..Aku tengah membayangkan kekalau ader producer memana nak buat film on my another fav 80's cartoon - JEM and the HOLOGRAMS...ingat tak? ingat? Jem is my one else is the same..JEM is my name...our songs are better....hahhahaaa..tgk I still remember..

Nasib I cancelled my intention to grab kopi at the Kopitiam after the movie or it will again be an ALONE rendezvous...can we rendezvous alone? Why not ehh... killer coffee and one fantastic book..I can be in my own world.

Keyword here is ALONE.

When people wayang? pie ngan saper?

Sorang laaa..

Ler ajak ler kawan...

"Sengeh cam kerang busuk" takper dah biaser..

How do I explain to people that it's ok to do things alone. I thot my circle of friends are vast, but everytime I want to do something, simple thing like watching movies or when I need to satisfy my craving for food...I go through my phone list and all I see....




boyfriend in town for 6 months

on confinement

busy with kids

and many many other reasons...

So I gave up waiting and I understood.

For the past 5 or 6 years or so I've been doing it alone. Macam sedih jer bunyikan?

Sedih is when I think kalau umur aku panjang I'll grow old without a companion dan dah tentu menyusahkan abang aku,kaka aku ker adik aku ker or if I die young I will loose the privilege of having a child praying for my wellbeing in the world hereafter.

When I broke up 7 years ago with my only, I repeat the only boyfriend, I didn't shed a tears. For some reason, dah takder air mata nak mengalir. Some people said break-ups can naturally make you slim down. Unfortunately not for me. But jinx la that guy, sampai skrg tak leh carik replacement. Some friends were telling me go and get some shaman to check on me, perhaps my ex cast a spell on if I dun get you, no one can. And I said, pleeaassseee aku nie some big shot supermodel kerr...Queen Latifah pun lagie seksi dari aku wooo...

Lepas tu I ran ALONE abroad. When I came back, still people ask me, takder ker yg melekat? If only finding our otherhalf is like buying an apple off the rack, it's more like finding a needle in haystack. Selak saner selak sini..tak jumper jumper gak....sigh...

Mom aku pernah tanyer, why la I stuck with that ex of mine for 7 years? I said, mom I'm an uglyduckling and in order for my kids to be a beautiful swan lake, so my other half must me taller, slimmer, fairer and plus he has dreamy brown eyes and a real kissable lips.. With that killer looks and heart like mine...that genes combination would be a bomb!!! Haaahahhahahaaaa.... Mom gave up...suker hati laahhh..

What is it I'm trying to tell actually??...Lost track... Ohh...ingat.

I brought my Abah to his hospital appointment today, it's my turn or more like atas arahan - Yang Maha Mulia KakLong....but I was more than happy to do it a reason to take a day off.

Alhamdullilah. he's ok. BP was a slightly higher than his last visit. Imagine if Abah didn't have kids to bring him for his check-up. Imagine me kalau panjang umur macam tu tapi takder anak. Hmmm....scary

I watched my Abah getting down from the car, going from one counter to another at the hospital, I'm glad HE knock some senses in me on accepting my Abah the way he is. When I was younger well not that young, every single things that he does I will scrutinized him to bit. Never on a same wavelength...kalau ingat ingat balik..Ya Allah..ampunkan lah dosa aku nie...menimbun-nimbun!!

The point is, Insya Allah he'll not be ALONE.

As for me? Only time can tell...

BTW, tks for all the comments for my previous post and happy to tell that I've spoken about 8-10 words to her today and she responded...yeyyy....It was not an apology or weeper drama queen nangis nangis but it's a start for me... :)

Monday, July 02, 2007

Of hoping and PMS post..

The deafening silence situation with my mom is almost becoming unbearable. Vice versa, not getting it from my kak long is giving me a peace of mind. Tranquility beyond imagination.

I'm a terrible person so kak long said. And she knows just how to push the button a lil' bit deeper. Weeks ago after the incident with my mom, she called me up while I was having lunch at work and nag..nag...nag...

Surprise..surprise..I was totally calm..hell I'd surprise myself. It wasn't because I had people around me but because I had enough.

I had enough of my siblings telling me that I'm a gone case...

I had enough of my siblings telling me that I NEVER contribute anything to the family..

I had enough of my siblings telling me all my mistakes which they themselves are doing it...

I had enough of my siblings telling me that I made my mom cry when each and everyone of them have done that and still doing it at times...

I had enough of my siblings telling me what are the consequences of being "anak tak dengar kata" when they are also the "anak tak dengar kata" in some situations...

I had enough of my siblings telling me that I'm not a good muslim, just because of the blunders I did in my life or because I did not see the light after performing the Umrah and that the trip was a waste of money...

I just had about enough....I love my family..honestly..really...but sometimes I prefer being far away from them. Distance makes the love grow fonder,being far make me feel more at home....

I think I perform better as a daughter/siblings when I'm far away. It's really depressing when you have siblings that think they have been doing more than the rest.

Since when doing something for your love ones become something measurable than an act of sincerity??

I miss having small talks with mommy. I still wish her formally when I see her at the patio upon leaving the house or vice versa.

I can't help but to recall the last phone conversation I had with kak long...nag..nag..nag...about my personal life, family and all...I just said..ok..ok...and ok... But when she started to question about my work, I politely told her that if she needed to nag on me about other things ok...but do not touch about my job.

And then she said, it's not easy talking to me, because I would usually answer back then hang up. Yeahh...I know..that's bad.

But that particular afternoon, she was the one who hung up on me.

Usually if it's was me who hung up the phone, it would followed by a SMS drama....

But I didn't bother to do the SMS drama's not me. I'm not up to anymore verbal abuse and cat fight and I'm tired being criticized for not being the perfect daughter or the flawless siblings.

After finding out that Nour's mother passed away, I was like...what if it happens to me? Without doubt, I will cry and will have feeling of regrets.....

Off course to few people that I confide on this they all give me the same advise... and I think you guys know what it is. It's the most logical advise, I would have given the same advise given the same situation. And I totally agree with all of them.

Not a moment went by without thinking of her. I find myself keeping busy just to take me away from thinking so much about it. I've become a freakin weeper!!! When I'm alone I weep over small things....the sad story line on tv, when reading newspaper..almost about everything..I even weep when I saw P.Diddy's performing at the Concert for Diana..can you dig that?? I can't either...though I try to contained it within me only. Can't let it go in public ehh....

Without my mom, I think I will be at loose end.....the fact that I'm not talking to her but just seeing her made me feel all intact.

This time I'm going to follow my hunch like I always do, something good will turn out from this..I'm positive and that my mom will find her way to forgive me and I will crawl up to her and beg for forgiveness.

Do I make sense? Am I tempting fate here? What if...what if... I'm not going to think about it..she's my pillar of strength even if she always put me down about my weight, she's my world greatest mom....

Every cloud has a silver lining...

And I keep telling myself that...

Oh Allah, please make it easy and not make it difficult...Rabbi yasir walatuassir..

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Health babbling

Once upon a time long long ago....

Day 1

A - Eh..u know I went to see the doctor about this..etc...etc...blaa...blaa... then he advised to see gaini.

B - Hmm..I heard the gaini in this hospital is quite and so....

Few days later....

A - Ehhh..where you went? not feeling well ka?

C - No lah...just went to see my gaini for the usual check up..

A - also pegie jumper gaini kaa?? which hospital?

C - Hospital so and so...

A - Famous yaa dr gaini...she's everywhere...

C - Ehh..mestila all women must see dr gaini niee..

A - "Dalam hati" I must see who is this famous gaini...

Another couple of days later...A went to the said hospital,

A - Excuse me..saya nak jumper dr gaini. Is she around?

Receptionist - Ader. Have you made any appointment? Gaini maner yg cik nak jumper?

A - Alaaa..dr gaini yg famous tu..byk kawan I jumper dier..

Receptionist - Err...gaini ader byk cik..which one do u wish to see?

A - Errr..gaini ader byk? wht do you mean ader byk?

Receptionist - "Senyum senget" Oooo...cik, I think you've misunderstood...gaini means

GYNAECOLOGIST, Doktor pakar sakit puan...Itu bukan nama cik.."senyum sumbing"

A - ooo....err..if that's the case you just book me with the best laa..."control macho"

Muahahaaaaa...muahahhaaaa....tu la perasan terer lagi....

Ok back to a more serious note...

I read the recent news about our drama queen actress Azean Irdawaty who already had her surgery to remove the lump and is now undergoing chemo.

May she fight this disease with a strong heart and may Allah protect her from any distress for He knows best...

We seem to take health issue lightly, time may have changed, technology have gone up by major scale but our people mentality on health is still at the shallow end. I for one have to admit this. "head down"

I remembered receiving a letter from my GP in UK in the year 2003 about my pap smear test. I was suppose to go for my 2nd check-up as they found a small cyst which they have taken some cell to do further test. At that time they told me that it was nothing to worry about.

I did not return for my 2nd check-up as I've flown back to KL and did not attempt to do so in KL after my mom got a shocked of her life that I took the pap smear test.

Being a semi conventional mother she is, she was pegi pap smear?? U are not married yet, why you do that? Did you know that they have to stick it in?

I said, yes mom, and for you information, all the girls in UK gets a letter from their GP on this test as soon as they finished high school.

Then I add on, takkan la org yg tak kawin sampai umur 50 don't need to get the test?? This disease is not only for married women kan Mie??

She just kept quiet. And I did not pursue with any follow up till now. No..I'm not blaming my mom for her lack in knowledge on this.

I just did not expect to look it at that angle - anak dara tak leh buat pap smear nanti pecah dara....Didn't expect that.. Has some sense in that... I dunno...anyone has opinion on this?

Anyway it's my body, I should have been more persistent.

I shall look into this pronto and also I've to do my mammogram, which I've never done before.

Anyone can recommend any reputable and reliable Gynae? Mind sharing it with me?

Since we're on health talk here, they say - You are what you eat... Research shows that the many diseases occuring now that was rarely heard couple of decade ago is due to the food we eat. How far true is this?

Lets see the picture and explanation below...

Something to ponder....

Fast and easy microwave cooking for you?
Read and you decide...

Subject: Microwaved Water - What does it do to you?

Posted by Ms. Nenah Sylver....

Below is a science fair project that my granddaughter did for 2006.
In it she took filtered water and divided it into two parts.
The first part she heated to boiling in a pan on the stove, and the
second part she heated to boiling in a microwave. Then after cooling
she used the water to water two identical plants to see if there
would be any difference in the growth between the normal boiled water
and the water boiled in a microwave. She was thinking that the
structure or energy of the water may be compromised by microwave.

As it turned out, even she was amazed at the difference.

I have known for years that the problem with microwaved anything is not
the radiation people used to worry about, it's how it corrupts the DNA
in the food so the body cannot recognize it. So the body wraps it in
fat cells to protect itself from the dead food or it eliminates it fast.
Think of all the Mothers heating up milk in these "Safe" appliances.
What about the nurse in Canada that warmed up blood for a transfusion
patient and accidentally killed them when the blood went in dead.

But the makers say it's safe. Never mind then, keep using them.
Ask your Doctor. I am sure they will say it's safe too.

Proof is in the pictures of living plants dying.
Remember YOU are also Living. Take Care.


And I just finished my mid year appraisal with my boss.

Hear this...on of my objective...

Is to reduce 8kgs by mid next year....boleh kaaa?? Like it has anything to do with my work performance.

But being the usual me, I took it positively and proudly nyer nak announce that I've been going jogging for the past 3 weeks on my off day.

Ok so that's just once a week..but it's a start yeahh...And I jogged non-stop for!!! The 5 months of walking to and fro the lrt station has definitely paid off.

Next swimming...anyone wants to join. Skarang dah ader burkini.

Untuk mat-mat yang bacer, burkini yee...bukan bikini okehh!!!