Friday, September 28, 2007

The humble, the good and the BODOH SOMBONG!!

If there's anything at left for RHB to be proud of, credit must be given to Mr Lee at Maharajalela Branch for bending the rules.

If he did not bend it like "leeckham" I would be shopping with "air liur" this saturday. Damn pencopek!!!

I swear if I ever kena "seluk saku" lagi, I will knock myself on the wall!!!

Thank you Mr Lee, for making me smile that Wednesday. Dah lah aku rempuh hujan naik monorail from BN to Maharajalela dengan uniform aku yg antaranyer adalah black jacket!!!

When I reached there, the lady at the counter said, they cannot give me a new card without my original mykard. WTF!!!! What the hell we have temporary ID for then? How the hell am I going to withdraw my money??? I demand for the Bank Manager.

After much persuading, showing my unhappiness with the procedure and how it was inconvenient for me...he finally gave in. Ahhhh....victory...Power of persuasion do comes in handy.



Good afternoon, Housekeeping , May I assist you?

Tolong bagi baju lepas mandi

Errr...baju lepas mandi?? errr...baju macam mana yer tu?

Ma...dier tak paham laaa...

Alaaa..takkan baju lepas mandi tak tau...cakap ngan dier dlm laci ader satu jer..

Baju lepas mandi, yg dalam laci tu..ader satu jer....

Cik MMMMMM.....baju lepas mandi tu bathrobe!!!!

Ohhhh....nak bathrobe yer?? Itu namer dier bathrobe...

Aaaaa...tak kisah lah namer dier aper pun....hantar satu!!

Tup...letak telefon.

Dah lah BODOH...SOMBONG plak tu!!!! Inilah MELAYU kiter...kalau kutuk lebih terasa. Niece aku yg lima tahun pun tau bathrobe tu aper.




Good afternoon, Housekeeping, May I assist you?

Allo.. err...may I knooww where I can wash my hair? water in your bathroom ma'am? want to make beeeyootifool hare...

Beautiful hairrr???

Yes...u know..pleety..pleety hare.. salon?

Solly..i no sepeakk..englis...

U sepeeakk...mandarin ma'am? undestand... mandarin, hokkien, cantonesse??

OOuuhh...ok.wait (Grab my chinese staff)

Blaaaa....blaa.a...blaaaa....blaaaaa....blaaaa...bukit bintang,

xie xie nie...(thank you)



Saturday, September 22, 2007

Memory remains....

I pray for the soul of our little angel - Adik Nurin Jazlin, rest in peace my girl, you are now in a better place...insya Allah.

And if the police wants to do something right, this is the time. Get the bastard who did this. I wish for him to be tortured and die slowly. But instead they said they are going to press charge Nurin's parent for negligence. I!!! Do they have to announce after the funeral??? Have they no feelings??

Nurin Jazlin was pronounce dead within the past 24hours from the time they found the sports bad. So imagine the ordeal she has to go through, I can't even describe it. My tears drop again when I saw the papers today. Yes..I am that emotional.

Everytime I look at her photo, she reminds me of my niece, Mashitah. It send shivers to my spine, thinking if this happen to her.

Mashitah...mashitah..I miss that little girl...

Speaking of Mashitah, my brother, Mashitah's father died 2 years ago on Sept 20th 2005. For the whole of that Thursday, apart from hearing the news on Nurin Jazlin and the opening of Pavillion KL, I was trying to remember what else was it.

On my way home, I remembered that it was the day that my brother went to meet his Creator. All the memories came back. When I reached home, I told my mom that it has been 2 years already. And so much has happen.

I pray for Abg's soul to be among the pious and that one day I will be his neighbour.

Ouh..I was reading AphroditeKuzz entry on this chaotic HOBO been creating, I chatted with him once and he claimed he knew my late brother. Years ago, they used to play for the rugby national under 21 team, I think. He mentioned that once while on training, he accidentally knock him off and my brother reciprocate by saying " kau ni kalut!!! kawan sendiri pun nak langgar" or something like that. But my brother died 2 years ago when he was 36, so if he's still alive that makes him 38 this year. Not 40 yet as AphroditeKuzz describe HOBO. So Mr Hobo, if you were telling a true drama, good for you...but if it was a just a pure luck thingy...that's so pathetic!!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

You win lose some...

What did I win?

Well I didn't actually win anything instead I got them as presents.... So what did I get....not many but it's special.

Yeaah..I loicke Tweety...I tot i taw a putty tat..I tit..tit.... Did I mentioned my friend hand made this card. She does lovely cards....cute ehh??

I bought these for me...It's hard for me to find sandals that fits me perfectly and this one fits me perfectly..It was also cheap..only I know where to go for comfy cheap sandals...they have many collections of gorgeous sandals...I loickee.....:)

Me friend above...just know how to get me things. Just what I need...a bag to match my sandal..

Tengkiu...tengkiu...mak lang for this lovely bag...again specially handmade for moi!!! Cantekkk!!! me sukerrr....

Taaraaaaa!!!! 3 new things to add into my list...I so like earth color things..

This one above...mak lang made it for my friend...hehhhehheee..she actually like mine, the flower design. But since it was my I get pick first...tengkiu dodie....

What did lose?

Arggghhhhh!!! This is the painful part. On Monday, I went to BB to breakfast with couple of office mates. We took the monorail at Bukit Nanas and got down at BB. I thot someone was pushing me extra hard and felt like my bag was rummage thru. But I was on the phone. As soon as I got down the monorail I felt that I should check my bag and true to my instinct, my wallet was gone!!!! kapishh!!!!

Happened it a split second... Phone rang seconds before approaching the BB Station, the idiot must have noticed that I did not zip my bag when I took out the phone.


Memang dugaan!!!

What was gone?

4 ATM's card
Driving license which had my 18yp picture on it....grrrr
MyOldIc which had my 12yo picture on it...double grrr....sentimental yoo!!!
UK NI Card
MPH Membership card
Blood Identification card
Old UK Student card
London Tube Map
EPF Card
Cash about RM60ish...phewww...

and my GUCCI wallet I bought like 10years ago dgn titik peluh gaji maser muder muder....uwaaaa!!!!! me cannot afford that know how leather gets better year after year.....uwaaaaa!!!!!


Ya Allah..berikan lah aku tahap kesabaran yang tinggi...and please if someone finds my wallet, please call me, my name card is in there.....sedihh woooo....

Lepas buka puasa, straight to police station. Then called 4 banks on the way back home.

I must give credit to HSBC for having the most efficient telebankers!!! My call was picked up in less than 2 minutes...

MBB....comes 2nd

PBB...3rd place

And the worst among the lot....

RHB!!! damn machine voice was entertaining me for like what seems ages!!! like 10 minutes or so!! Blood sucking bank!!! Sajer taktik nak perabih bill henfon aku!!!

I hope the contact number they gave on the fliers of Nurin(the missing child) is reliable.

Sungguh menduga kan indeed.....

I hope next week will be better. Ouhh...and I was called for an interview. I went and was told they will call me next week. Not gonna put my hope high this time...we'll see...

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Traffic stress...

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak..

Salam semua...

6th day into saum. How is everyone doing? I feel the Ramadhan this year it's cooling, perhaps it's too early to say. I'm glad it's going on smoothly for me despite having to handle the opening of our suite floor.

Berbagai-bagai juadah sudah aku rasa dibulan mulia ini. Baik yang dimasak ataupun yang dibeli. Yang dimasak sudah tentu tentulah bukan dari air tangan aku. Kebanyakkan dari air tangan kakak aku. Tiap kali makan, mummy akan bertanya, ok tak..ada yang kurang? Jawapan aku senang sahaja, apapun bukan mummy yang masak, so I still know.

Last Friday nawaitu nak berbuka dirumah, maklumlah hari pertama aku berbuka dipejabat gara-gara menunggu brudder yang hantar tilam baru itu. Rahmatnya, dari pejabat aku terus ke masjid untuk menunaikan terawih. Alhamdullilah... sebab kalau dirumah harus selepas berbuka, maghrib dan isya, syaitan-syaitan yang dikurung itu tetap dapat menggoda aku untuk terus menonton astro.

Bergerak dari pejabat sekitar pukul 4.45pm dan aku sampai rumah lagi 3 minit untuk berbuka itupun setelah membuat pit stop di pasar ramadhan yang pada ketika itu hanya tinggal sisa sisa sahaja. Dapatlah aku membeli 3 putu piring untuk mummy dan yong tau foo. Ok lah tu..dari balik dengan tangan kosong.

Berbalik kepada "traffic jam" tahap gaban hari Jumaat itu. Memang serik..itu adalah kali terakhir aku akan keluar 4.45pm. Aku boleh pulang pukul 4pm kalau mahu, jadi selepas ini, aku akan memastikan yang aku akan bergerak dari carpark pada pukul 4.05pm ataupun tunggulah sahaja untuk berbuka di pejabat.

Sesungguhnye sungguh menduga aku. Sudah aku berjanji untuk tidak memaki hamun, namun kesesakan lalu lintas yang berlaku, memang menguji kesabaran aku. Kena pula ada pemandu yang skema tak tentu pasal!! Dah la aku bagi jalan, lepas tu gerak macam siput and the car in front of her is like a mile away!!! Mana aku tak hangin??

Aku dah menggunakan segala jenis short-cut yang aku tahu, semua tidak berhasil...arrghhh!!! sungguh penat...

Harap-harap minggu depan akan lebih baik...

Dan ouhh....good news..I've got 5 days of leave for Raya...cukup lah..cuti lama-lama pun boring.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sneak preview on Long Beach vacation...

After 8 days I'm back into reality...

The next 2 days trying to recover from post-vacation mood..

Now I'm back full force...with bad rashes and reaaaalllyyy tanned...hitam more like it...

And many many thanks for the birthday wishes, belum sempat reply lagi..insya Allah soon...

Still blur blur skit...

Ramadhan Al-Mubarak to all, semoga Ramadhan kali ini memberi rahmat yang tak terhingga kepada semua...

Please enjoy the food pics, those I whack during my vacation...nasib dah nak posa..can recover back...hehh..hehhhh