Friday, August 31, 2007

Merdeka kah kita??

What MERDEKA means to me?

It has and always will be my birthday.... The day the nation celebrate independence, I celebrate a day of being a year errrr..wiser :)

Couple of days ago, mom said we do not understand what "MERDEKA" means, just because I ridiculed the fact she insisted to fly the flag at the balcony. She said, if we had to go through what she had to go through pre-merdeka, we would appreciate it.

As I grow ..eheemm.. wiser..I don't feel we're Merdeka..there's still something missing, a gap somewhere...

My few small years abroad have given me different perspective in life. Racism exists everywhere, different cultures and religions. On some bad day people get thrown by bad eggs or shit happens. After the 9/11 it was even worst, anyone with hijab is a threat to their so called better society.

Despite what's going on, at the work place, there are rights. Rights for all to work in peace and harmony. A right to bicker, to bitch, to shag, to snog...errr..okeh..whatever..

We had 2 somalians who wore hijab at work. The management allowed this as long as it's neat and black in color.

Back in KL, in the industry I am and under the much talk about Islam Hadhari by Pak Lah, all the staffs have to remove their hijab just to earn a living. I know we have options, but sometimes in a country where there isn't much to offer, what choices do these people have?

Merdeka kah aku? Merdeka kah aku for letting this happen? Everyday I ask myself this..merdeka kah negara ini, sedangkan negara yang bukan Islam agama rasminya tapi masih membenarkan pemakaian hijab di tempat kerja.

I know my heart feel for these people, but what can I do? I'm earning a living too..

What do you think? Merdeka kah kita sepenuhnye??

At 32, I don't think I'm MERDEKA yet...



This morning before I left, my mom wished me HAPPY BIRTHDAY, I saw her looking fragile, she hugged me. I asked for her forgiveness, I asked her to halal my makan and minum and I asked for her to wish me well. They say a mother's word is the best ever...

Ya, Allah, kau ampunilah dosa kedua ibu-bapaku, berikanlah mereka kesihatan yang baik, kelak nanti kau letakkan lah mereka dikalangan orang-orang yg mulia disisiMu...

I'm off to Perhentian where I hope to be liberated by the fresh air, clear water and free sun....

See you all in 8 days!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Long Island' I come...

So Perhentian it is!!!

I'm going thru my checklist....

- beach attires...sesimple yg mungkin..dan boleh direcycle!!
- croc sandal and night glittering sandal...hahahhaaaaaa...
- beach hat....still looking for one!!
- beach carry stuffs
- shades....this is my trade mark!! naik LRT kul 7 pagi pun dah pakai..
- goggles
- swimming suit....snorkelling whoahoaa!!!
- medical kit i.e panadol, tiger balm, insect repellant, plaster
- body and face sunblock...tak bawak kalu, aku balik rentung!!!
- digicam with extra memory card, batteries and charger...nak posing gaban nieh!!
- handphone and charger...connection to real world..
- mini hair dryer...kalu takder rambut aku macam dawai!!!
- chinese fan... nanti nak duk tepi pantai, panas kalu leh kipas sendiri..:)
- toiletries...ooouhhh...vely the important..
- cash...extremely important!!!
- junk food...junk food....and 3 in 1 keep me awake while driving..
- car handphone charger, incase some route no radio signal, i can listen to my mp3
- undergarments...penting nie..
- reading material, As I was passing by, by Adibah Amin and The Time Traveller's Wife
by Audrey Niffenegger....leisure reading by the beach.....aaaahhhh....bestnyer...

and of course a reasonably good condition car to get us there..

Itinerary -

31st - leaving SA at 5am. Pick my friend at Jalan Kuching at off we go!!
- ETA Kerteh prolly at tennish. Staying one night at mak lang's house... dah
terbayang-bayang all the finger licking food...yummmeh...

1st - Leave for Besut Jeti, at 8am. ETA Besut prolly noon. Grab a boat and off we go
to Long Island...yay!!!
- ETA Long Islang, will look for chalet, please lemme have a decent chalet to
stay that have AC and attached toilet!!!
2nd - Free n easy...

3rd - Free n easy

4th - Bubbye Long Island...see you again!!! :(
- Singgah Pasar Payang @ KT, borong segala kepuk yg ader, get for mum serunding
daging and also grab kepok leko and sata...slurppp..

On the 4th, the plan is to have no plan, we might end up at kerteh again, if mak lang dun mind...(muker tak malu nie) or cherating perhaps 2 nites...hmmm..can do also kan??

6th - Leave for KL from wherever we are...

I'm soooo looking forward to this break.......


Ohh..btw, we won against spurs

Just pure luck...anyway I dun care...

I know, but I just want to tell you...

And we had the major ball possesion...

Also we did it without the double R!!


hahahhaaaa..gotcha boss!!! fadan mukerss!!!


I was on the LRT yesterday, during the peak hours, squeezing myself in and I saw this bedah who had drag make-up on, (serious!!!..tebal sehinci siot!!) and this... brown turtle neck with front zip cardigan!!! and it was zipped aaaaalllll the way up!!!

Giler per bedah ni???

I wun even wear this in the UK summer!!!



The under 23 football team won against Myanmar, 3-1 tonight. Padan la jem gilers after the toll tonite.. I hope this will sparks some "semangat" to "THE LOSERS"

And I heard KJ is in the FAM or sumthing??? They never learn, do they??

Till my next entry.....

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Adab- adab vacation...

This is a post for Kak Bedah and Abg Budin sekeluarga, Mr Ah Beng and family and Macha Muthusamy sekeluarga all over Malaysia and maybe perhaps in Singapore too...

Musim sekolah sudah tiba and for Singaporeans coming soon to ehh?

Planning for short breaks with family? To KL for those who lives outside KL and Selangor or some other places perhaps - beach or Taman Negara maybe...

Whatever it is and wherever it may be, please...please...on behalf of the makciks and kakaks that are earning ala ala kais pagi makan pagi, don't torture them.

Is bad enough that we have the Arab tourists that treats the hotel like their
friggin' home and the maids like their orang gaji!! We don't that kind of Malaysians do we?? Noooo..we're polite and understanding people dan semestinyer bukan pengotor!!!

If you ask any chamber maids from any hotel within KL on which race yg sgt problematic and maner yg easy to handle they will give you straight answers..

I'm stating here the guideline to stay in a hotel or chalet or aper aper jer la that requires maid services...

Now for the pictures above..

If the rooms you are taking has only 2 beds, please don't make it into 3. You know how bloody heavy is the matress and the divan?? Setakat buat satu bilik and byk org tolong boleh la criter kan?? Try cleaning up 16rooms like that??

But sometimes tuan-tuan dan puan-puan sumer are on a tight budget, kang tak bawak holiday, bini mengamuk, anak-anak memberontak kan?? So we understand la..nak kena bawak mattress turun la, pull divan here and there but please..please re-arrange back on a daily basis until you checked out. If not for every single stay the maids will have to adjust the bed position... It sucks big time you know??? Housekeeping nightmare tau??

Then biler dah banyak in the room, then you will need to request more amenities and towels. Pun we understand...

Tapi ini, dah la bagi extra pastuh pie stain kan bagai nak rak!!! APER NIEH??? Lepas tuh..tak cukup curik la plak....lagi la hampas!!! setakat duk bilik standard yg towels dier lagi cantik lagi towel baru kat tesco, let me advise you ladies and gentlemen tak yah la curik towels dier...pathetic la saper yg buat tu...alang alang kalo nak curik..duk la suite ke kan...baru la high end amenities and towels kitaorg provide...alang alang nak curik kan..baik la amik yg 300TC Egyptian kan??

Please hang your clothes at the cloth line provided in the bathroom. Ini bukan flat DBKL yg boleh jemur kat balkoni yer tuan, tuan dan puan puan... And if you have too much clothes just send them for washing via the hotel laundry service and if that's too expensive by your standard please go to the many many self-service laundry provided around the city.

This is a BIG NO..NO!!! Raser-raser kalau nak hidup lama tolong la jgn buat benda tak patut ni!!! This is simple basic science, you put fabric on a lighted hot light bulb it can sparks fire!! So please ladies and gentlemen, have some common sense for cryin' out loud!!

I wish I've taken more horrible pictures of rooms that look worst that what Katrina did to New Orleans.

C'mon people..we are better than that!! Have some mercy for the makciks and kakaks that are cleaning the rooms. I know you pay for the room..etc..etc...but if that's were your home, would you do the same?

To hoteliers, The Arabs are known all over the world as our worst nightmare but the amount of $$$$ that they put in is undoubtly everyone's dream vacation...splurge..splurge.... Please don't let Malaysians be label the same too.

Mak...penat skrg nieh..penat...penat tgk bilik cuti sekolah nie..

Me go now...

Monday, August 20, 2007

Cornered Morning....

This morning briefing...

Ehh..come nearer everyone..come nearer....

I got no voice.... too happy screaming of happiness...

Me - Why la ??

MAN U lost Manchester City summore!!! Richard da man!!!

Ehh..maybe aaa..without the double R....Man U is nothing...


P/S : u wait..u wait BOSS.....wait when Chelsea is down...u wait n see!!!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

21 things I want in a lover

21??? if I can get 5 out of 21 would be a blessing already...

Missy K.U dahling ............ Here goes....

1.Financial stability - those days when moi used to say, money is not important, is the heart that counts. I feel like spitting to myself now. So ok money is not everything but is part of tak nak hipokrit ok!! Not that I want someone who has billions like Bill Gates tapi kalau setakat dah kawin mak nak beli baju dalam pun nak kena pikir seratuih kali...thank you so much laa...I rather remain least he must be able to sustain himself..

2. Fairer than me - ok... bukan nyer racist or anything of that species..I wud prefer my otherhalf to be fairer than me disebabkan saya agak gelap. Saya amat mementingkan breed yang saya akan hasilkan hehhh..hehhhh....Infect I said to my mom once....I want someone that can give me gorgeousssss juniors!!!

3. Taller than moi - 6ft wud be purrfeeecctt... Just so I'll appear tiny next to him...Kurang kurang takde la nampak cam no 10...hehhh..hehhh..

4.Minimum requirement - Must be able to converse in English and several other language if possible. Dan cakap Melayu is essential too sbb sometimes I want to campur the language yg takder direct translation in English..get wht I mean?

Not that I have an excellent English....but if everytime I try to have a simple conversation and the reply is "u tak leh cakap melayu ker...I nie orang kampung la..tak reti cakap omputih" alaaaa..turn off sehh..

5. Preferbally mualaf before I meet him - Weird ehhh...In other word...non malay le kan...dlm hal nie aku terpaksa bersetuju dengan Missy dan Missy was saying..Do I need to elaborate further?? If there is a Malay chap tolong tolong laaaa....not the bloddy typical one okeeh??!!

6. Someone that can appreciate food - love to cook, love to eat, love to shop for food, love to explore international food and appreciate the fact that a woman need a fantastic kitchen and creative utensils whether or not she cooks...hehhh..hehhhh

7. Someone who love music and adore singing with me be it in the car, toilet ka, or wherever laaa....and kalau aku nak nyanyi nasyid pun dier mesti layan haku ok!!

8. Knows how to challenge me and handle my mood swings and my food cravings dan bermacam lagi masalah berpunca dari syndrom PMS...

9. Must love and wants to have kids...

10. Ader sense of humor tahap gabannyer...bukan lawak bodoh kritikal yer kakak..kakak..

11. Yang boleh membimbing aku bukan nak kritik 24jam...know how to tackle an issue and not yakkk...yakkk..yakkk...but no action!! Kalau asik nak kritik jer, mintak mahap la brudder...mak jalan dulu!!! Dan please no bragging sambil flicking turn off!!

12. One that don't force me to call him "Abang" no matter what is our age difference!! Please kalau aku nak abang, aku dah ader 2 abang dan kuzen kuzen brudder yg aku panggil abang "Abang" for me...

13. One that can drive smoothly on land. Since I have good sense of direction and reads the map well, this will be a good combo. Tak payah nak kalut kalut, aku stress kalau dapat mamat yg dah la drive pun berterabur, sense of direction pun hancus!!!

14. He either must be a handy man or someone that knows how to upkeep the houskeeping of the house. Tolong ye...gone are the days where the man just sit at home and bacer suratkhabar satu hari and expect a cup of coffee every 3 hours..

15. Knows that I need my space and he needs to have his space too....sometimes nak breather la kan... teringat balik kisah lama...ohhh..tak larat la nak berkepit jerrr..


17. Since aku adalah didalam kategori kaum hawa yang bukan A list, so whoever that man is, he must accept me as I am and that changes are possible but naturally and gradually and not an overnight thingy... and accept the fact that I'm a simple gal who wears jeans and tops everyday, tidur pakai t-shirt besar and kaftan and only dress on ocaasion when is required..kalau nak suh aku pakai dres and la perla lingerie tiap tiap hari..mintak mahap je la yerr...

18. He must accept my family as they are, not necessarily engaging every ounce of breath with them but acknowledging their existence is important to me.

19. Must be able to swim...errr..dun ask why...I feel safer if that "he" can swim.

20. He who will kiss me every single day of my wasted life, he who would not shy away from holding my hands after having 5 kids, he who will treat me like his queen even after our golden anniversary and he who will not make me turn against my parents unwillingly.

21. Lastly, one that can tame me. Not that I'm wild but sometimes I like to be the one who is being control than the one controlling. Mak penat dah la nak jadi boss...kat office dah cukup laa....

Folks...remind me to go through this entry again if ever get to the "I do" stage... We'll see how many of the above list materialised....

And let's see who shall I tag...hmmm.. Cosmic Gurl...married people also have wishes kan..kan.... Sistah Tynna, Fiona Ice and Itote @ OZ

Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I'm doing a poll. Please help me to decide.

I want to go to Perhentian


Me friend wants to go to Redang...

She said Perhentian is not safe (as in missing valuable items in hotel rooms) as informed by her friends, and since it's only going to be both of us, so she's a bit skeptical.

But I still want Perhentian.....It's not like I wanna bring my lap top there or any other valuable items except for handphone maybe and digicam...hmmm....

What say you??

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rush and Ravenous Weekend...

Feeling not so happy?? Need a good hard laugh?? Go and watch these two...

Damn hilarious yo!!!

After the mad, crazy gelak sampai nak nangis Rush Hour 3, we were feeling ravenous and since that promo by CosmicGurl on the Portobello's Mushroom Burger, we went and search for Mr CJ's himself...

Yes we found it!!

And this is what we ate... my girlfriend and moi...

Charbroiled chicken salad....cruncy beb...

Beef Chilly Cheese Fries...OMG!!! Cheesylicious..Beefylicious...Bootylicious..oppss!!!

And just you look at the drooling Portobello's burgerrrr...grrrrrr.... and the mushroom's slices and all of it....yummeh!!!

And off course accompanied by the free flow of ice tea...

What a blast weekend...How was your weekend?

And I have some to do list and KIV's for the weeks to come.

Cleared :-

1. MU vs Reading - 0/0 -------------- :(

2. 8 days leave application from 31st August - Approved -------------- yeeehaaa!!!

To Do :-

1. Things to buy for the trip to Long Island, NY...hehhh..hehhhh...Pulau Perhentian jerrr..

2. Watch Ratatoooeee the rat.... getting free tix today...

3. Find out more about where to stay in Long Beach...any recommendations?

4. Tagged by Missy is K.U - Mak tgh draft ni...:)

5. Long overdue tagged by Brudder Idham - Also under construction..:) sorry for the delay. I know I don't qualify for your charity contributions, but I'll still do it.

KIV :-

1. Went for 2nd interview last week, they will call me back this week for any good or bad news...uuuuhhhh...really hope I'll catch this one.

Good week ahead to all of you...

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Down whooshhh it goes.....

The watch had a wet day yesterday!!!! uwaaaaa!!!!! stress!!!!

It went whoosh into the hole below............uwaaaaaa...

and it has lost it's little thingy button at the side which I'm assuming have been flushed by moi...:(

The hole was with wee wee..I repeat wee wee water.....euwwwww!!!!!

Contemplating for a few seconds, then I just dip my hands into the hole..........ouuhhhhh...with my eyes close....

A quick wash with the soap...quick dry..dry...with the tissues and hair dryer..

It's still working but it's still slightly wet inside...I wonder what liquid is in there??

I gotta go to the watch repair shop soon...

Benci!!!! I shud not have taken off my watch...:(

Monday, August 06, 2007

Glory...Glory... Man United

U da' man!!!

After a gruesome which 2nd half aku dah tersengguk-sengguk menahan
ngantuk after a whole day of driving to and fro Kuala Lipis, Man United finally won.

Penalty shoot-out can sleep in peace.

Ok..ok...kutuk laaa..kutuk shield jer yee??? This is a start to a new great season..

Look out people, EPL'S around the corner!!

Let the games begin!!!

Friday, August 03, 2007

And the week ends with...

makan - makan.....

cheeseylicious cheese cake!!! yummeh....

sensuous concoction of chocolate peppermint...which I did not get to taste sbb telah disambar dengan tahap speed maximum by the others...

Both cakes are for the August babies....including moi..hehhh..hehhh

This is the department sexytary who is promoted to become GM PA's sexytary...naik Exec Office tuu.. Congratulations!!! Jgn sombong sombong aaaa..lepas niee.

tukang baca doa tgh membaca dgn bersungguh-sungguh... amin...

food spread...

more foooodddd!!!

back by popular demand...12 large pizzas...macam dragon siot sumer makan...

Btw, I have a new friend with me in the car nowadays... sungguh tidak lonely friend is so cute...I don't care that I will bloody be 32 in 27days...

Mom..please don't tear us apart!!!

Look, how could you resist him???

Isn't he a darling??

Have a good weekend for me I have 2 weddings to attend...ouuhhh..bless me God!!!

Ouhhh..did I mentioned that I absolutely adoooreee my new phone??? The above pictures clarity kira ok laaa...and most more pinjam meminjam no more sakit hati!!!