Sunday, November 18, 2007

Bandung - November 2007

Wowww..I've left the blogging world for quite sometime ehh... It happens at least twice a year, for me. I will have this "malas blogging" syndrome.

But I'm back...:)

What's up with me after that "incident"?

Raya was great as usual. The usual makan-makan and visiting relatives here and there.

And the highlight of my silence, was the long awaited Bandung trip. Shop till you drop, phrase that seems to apply to all shoppers in Bandung.

I was reading this AA in-flight magazine, there this column on celebrity being interviewed. Guess who is it this time? Who else but Siti Nurhaliza. One of the question was, where is her favourite shopping place to which she replied Milan, Dubai and SURIA KLCC.

Well I'll settle for Bandung for now...

I remembered buying a GBP20 jacket at a GAP boutique in High Street Ken once only to realised that it has "Made in Indonesia" tag. GBP20 is considerably cheap for a jacket if you're earning in GBP. Now convert that into RM, it's expensive by my standard since I'm now earning in RM. Amazing Bandung allows me to get a pair of GAP jeans and a gorgeous white jacket for RM50!!! Now that's extremely cheap!!! So heck if I get it in Bandung in a factory outlet, what's the difference?? The tag still says "Made in Indonesia"

Enjoy some of the pics taken in Bandung.... dad ate accidently ate deep fried "chicken head" thinking it was was covered with the bumbu n all....eeiiwwwwww....yucky.really turned off our appetite... I can actually see the beak and "balung".....yucky!!!

Apparently the Indonesians fry their whole chicken literally as a whole including the head...