Saturday, June 03, 2006

Big Plate

Called my SIL yesterday and told her that I would like to treat the whole clan for dinner tonite... thot of ordering Domino's since I have few vouchers. Pause...not a good idea..since it's a school holiday and tak pergi maner my SIL said why not we dine out?? Good idea..but where?? Then both of us teringat "Big Plate"...the last time we went there was??? tak ingat dahh..

We left after Isya, so that balik nanti tak la chaotic nak suruh solat. It was in Melawati so it took us only about 10minutes drive. On the way was a bad comedy evening for me and SIL. Zahin n Muhd..tak abis abis bagi lawak mental..a short dumb one..but ader yg funny..we had to endure the jokes and even answered for it..layan kan je laaa..

I guess the reason I wanted to bring them out for dinner it's because for the past few days..some of the daily must-read blogs are putting up pictures of's sooooo not fair...i can't cook that good yet..:( So to settle my cravings I had to go and outsource it...and the theme was western..everyone agreed..and so does my tummy. Eating alone sucks, since pay day has arrived..why not I treat the clans? Boleh re-bonding ngan kids skalikan? It cost a whoopi over RM200..but that's nothing compared to the satisfaction I saw on the kids faces and my tummy.

Soups were mushroom soup and oxtail soup served in a homemade bread-mangkuk style. Mushroom soup finished within 5 minutes...I got to take a spoonful.. And the Oxtail-soup, this time I make it a point to snap it before it's gone..

Now that's from the Kiddies menu. It's Baby Steak. It dun look like no portions for kiddies... We ordered 5 of those..deliciousss!!

As soon as the Baby Steak arrived, we gave to Habib..because after the minor opt and with medications he's taking..he's forever hungry.. He quickly removed the greens on his plate. Dengan selambanyer...

Ma, amik petai nie, Habib tak makan.

Ader ker french beans cakap petai???

Menu - Chicken Shah Alam

Menu - Seafood Fettucine..

Menu - Kebab Chicken with Saffron Rice

Menu - Chicken Picatta ( Took home the left-over and had it for lunch today..slurpp..)

While waiting for me and SIL to finish our dish and whatever are left...Zahin made his light-sabre...that shows to prove there's a child in every man..

We went home dgn perut yg kenyang-sekenyangnyer...and in my head..woww..I'm gonna have Chic Picatta left over for lunch tommorow...yayy!!!

We thot the bad comedy night was over but Habib in his jovial mood popped out a question..

Habib - Binatang aper yg ader nombor??

Me - Entah??

Malas nak layan mood..sbb dah jadie ular sawa..he then gave the answer..

Habib - 1300-85-'tupai-tupai (2525)'...tupai laaa..

Mama and me bust out laughing..kelakar jugak lawak bodoh Habib that point at least..

Aaahhhhh..what a night..I think the kids needed the break..

p/s: me & SIL teringat arwah's favourite dish - kambing banting...:(


ninuk said...

we always remember to order "less" when we go to BigPlate. kalau tak mesti banyak leftover.
have more outing w/ the clan. kalau ke area SA , give me a call yea !

UglyButAdorable said...

tu la kann..nafsu2.. definately u nyer no aper yer?? leh pm i kat efx2?

Nour said...

I have been to bigplate kat shah alam...yup i just love the big portion they normally serve..yummy!

But to think of it..that was yearsss ancient la...Have to check it again..The pics looks good laa...drooling!

BTW, I have never heard of kambing banting before...apa eh?

NoRE said...

mak fren's house dekat gile dgn big plate kat SA tuh,tapi x penah pon pegi..lepas tgk gamba2 itu...lps cuti mesti mau pegi situ...haha

NZN said...

so sudden lapar la plak..

booGie said...

"there's a child in every man".
Saya bangkang sepenuh hatinya.
nggeeee ngee

maklang said...

Sedapnya makan2...besok tengahari kita nak makan kat mana?

Ordinary Superhero said...

Mmm, that's marvellous yummy food. where's this place?

Idham said...

must try when i return this summer...tq for the pictures...deliciousss..!! good of yea eh belanja besau...


MA said...

I pun cuma tahu Big Plate kat Shah Alam. Where in Melawati is Big Plate ?

Sup Ekor tu nampak yummy :-)

UglyButAdorable said...

kambing banting tu is their lamb dish..sedap wwoooo..tapi panasss!!!

ko simpan duit gaji ko tu..pi makan situ..takpun duit loan bley..duit shcolar bley..hehh..hehh

makan..jgn tak makan...kata nak gemuk kann?

UglyButAdorable said...

boog..ko bukan child yg ader kat diri ko tuu..hehh..hehh

~mak lang~
hahh..hahh..kiter makan angin kat lobby le meridien..kenyang..insya allah next trip kiter plan betul betul..

~ordinary superhero~
they have 1 in near monterez shah alam..kat simpang tu..if from s.alam u turn left..another outlet kat melawati..and i think one in bandar tasik permaisuri..rasernyer laaa..

jgn luper nanti summer dtg..kita pi yg shah alam nyer..bigger skit.. u belanja laa..hahh.hahhh..

~mak andeh~
MA ader kat melawati deret bank muamalat rasernyer..sebelum sampai sakura tu..

Jade said...

you!!! i always go to this melawati joint with my parents and brothers. mmg everytime makan tak sah if tak cecah 100 bucks. but the food is very, very ummphhh! (although service is quite slow) mmg puas hati everytime pegi makan.

UglyButAdorable said...

yeahh..agree..slow skit..but worth waiting..tapi rasernyer dgn keuntungan tu it's high time they do some changes on the place..i.e the furnitures, chinaware yg tak std tu..for that price patutnyer mesti la standadized kan??