Sunday, October 01, 2006

Ramadhan and Sacrifices

So much to write..too little time..but I must have some time for me. Because by blogging I find some therapeutic sense in me.

Lemme see..what has been going on in my life?? New job..moved back to my parents place...and...and that's it. Why the heck am i so out of time then??

First and foremost I would like to wish my fellow bloggers a blessed Ramadhan al mubarak. Since I've been out of the blog world for quite sometime, here's a list of those I like to wish individually..just so u know that I'm still around and been reading your fantabulous blogs!!


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If i've missed's not done forgive me..

I will always remember this Ramadhan. This will the first year my mom won't be able to cook for us. She's not feeling well. Since the wedding, she has gotten worst. She's practically invalid in terms of doing any house chores. Suspected Arthritis-Rheumatoid. The blood test will only be known on the 6th October. Deep inside I'm scared...If there's one thing that I'm losing my mom. No matter who irritating she can be in condemning my weight...she's my pillar of strength. When I was down she didn't gave up on me. She played the mother role I would say to almost perfect. I don't want a perfect mom..I'm now learning to appreciate my mom the way she is....

I usually will get home at almost Isya, greet her in the room. Sometimes she will be struggling to get up for the loo to take wudhu. I peep from outside quietly..sometimes I can hear her crying... I just kept far away. What can I do??

There's only my big sis and me. My big sis will rush home to prepare or buy food for buka puasa then back to work. She will come back after maghrib, clear the table, get ready for Isya then to Terawih. I'll be coming back just after Isya, head to the kitchen, clear the dirty plates in the sink then massage my mom or dressed her in her kaftan or just simply chat with her. Nowadays I will put on the infra light treatment for her frozen shoulders and joints, these will usually takes up to almost an hour concentrating to many parts of her joints. So while doing this I get to chat with her on things and hear her feelings...She's scared too..she's been far too independant..that not being able to get dress on her own makes her depressed. I'm grateful that I have an Aunt and her children who really cared about my mother. They send some food everyday to my mom, knowing that I won;t be home on time and my Sister only get food from the Pasar Ramadhan... Thank you Umi and Kakaks!!

While doing that, she will always say that she misses her grandchildren. My late bro usually brings them at least once a month to Shah Alam...Now?? It's not my perrogative... I hope my SIL will find some sense in her to do what my bro used to do especially's hard for all...that's for sure..but that's the least I can matter how much I will never measure up to what my mom have done for me through out my life. My younger sis, drove up yesterday with her husband after hearing my mom's voice on the phone. She's in pain, she's scared, she feels helpless..

I help her dressed

I help her with her food

I help to get out of the car

I help her to get up from the bed

I help her ease her pain by rubbing heat ointment on her crinkled skin..yet natural

I'm actually doing the house chores...

But my SISTER sacrificed the most though... Now that I know she had been crying for quite sometimes..frustrated with her siblings attitude.. where's my 2nd bro?? He's out for 40 days since 16 Syaaban for his yearly mission. Shouldn't he be with his mom instead?? his responsibility now..he's the only son left..It's not my call..but I know deep inside my sister and especially my mom is sad. He should be with his family or in this case my mom and share this moment together..I'm not going to call it a burden..because for once in my life I'm doing something for my mom..something that comes naturally..not because I have to. Yeah..I can be a pain in the neck sometime...whenever she says the wrong washing the toilet it's not a chores...she's just frustrated I guess.

Mommy, I know I never said this enuff, I love you..I hope you will be better soon...I promised to do my level best for you...

Maybe there's a reason after all me not being married yet..there's a reason why I got this new job nearer to home, why my off day now it's no longer Sunday and it's weekday where I can drive my mom wherever she wants to go, why this...why that...but one thing I wonder but why?? why my brother??

All she has left to remember him besides the memories and her pain when delivering him is his wooden chair which he brought back from his uni ages ago and he's 5 juniors..which she rarely sees...

While going through this I'm remembering how my friend down south deals with this. She's in much greater situation that I am in. Thank you for indirectly giving me the mental and emotional preparations.

For now..I'm anxiously waiting for the blood test result...

Oh..Allah please make it simple..don't make it difficult...


Azer Mantessa said...

selamat berpuasa :-)

Kak Teh said...

UbA, my heart goes out to you! May Allah give you strength to cope and my doa's for your mum too. My mum is also frail and old and I am too farto do the things you do to your mum. If only I can. But I have such wonderful siblings and in laws who look after her. Take care - and be strong.

Gravt Kills said...

hey u...selamat berposa and selamat hari raya...keep up the good work with mom...hope she gets well really soon

MerapuMan said...

Selamat Berpuasa and selamat hari raya. Jagalah mak u tu baik2 ye.

Ordinary Superhero said...

Dearest UBA, hope you are strong. Hope ramadhan will give you all the strength you need to muster your life ahead beyond ramadhan. Don't ask too many why(s). Not getting answers will frustrate you even more. And some of the questions that you are seeking answers seem to be beyond us human.

Redha dan berserah lah kepada Allah. That's the greatest ujian to us all.

NZN said...

Dear sis, life is not an easy after all, hope u can be as strong as ur mom are.. please do not let those tears drop in front of her.. smile to her even if you're sad. May God bless you and hope that ur mom will get better .. Insyallah

Angel Eyes said...


Hopefully your mom will recover fast ya? I'll pray for her.

Selamat berpuasa to you too.

DNAS said...

I feel you sis!
What you've done for the family is a big sacrifice. Hanya Allah yang boleh membalasnya.

sya said...


Selamat Menyambut Ramadhan and semoga di bawah lindungan ALLAH s.w.t.

U take care ok

Arshad said...

Salam alykum and Ramadhan Kareem
Good blog.
May I invite you to visit my blog
where I look at issues through an Islamic perspective.

Anonymous said...

sayu hati baca your post kali ni.. be strong, UBA dear..

itot said...

Moga you tabah hadapi semua dugaan ni ye..Saya doakan moga your mom cepat sembuh, insyaAllah.
Selamat menyambut Ramadhan kepada you juga UBA.

kak elle said...

UBA am sorry to hear abt your they did a screening for her hopefully the result is nothing to be alarmed.Is she taking any anti-inflammatry medications it may help and also buy a heat pad for her frozen shoulder.Be strong gal like you I too has my 78 yrs old dad with me who had stroke 3 yrs ago and alhamdulillah with his strong will he recovered...but when I am at work do worry abt him being alone at home too.

trueblue said...

Hang in there, dear. Be strong for your mother. I hope she'll recover very soon.

Take care. May you have a blessed ramadhan.

Freak & Geek said...

be strong, sweetie...*hugs*

u did well with ur mom.. i feel u, since i've been thru the same... keep it up k.. coz she needs u the most at the mo *wink*

selamat berpuasa!

AuntyN said...

adorable : so sorry to hear about your mom's predicament. It makes me realise that my mak is in much better condition. At least she can dress and bath herself.

Hang in there, InsyaAllah everything will be fine, redha aja lah.

Selamat Berpuasa to you too.

Mama Rock said...

adorable, hang in there! take care dear...

booGie said...

Selamat berpuasa.
Terasa diri dihargai.
Bawak byk2 bersabar juga.

UglyButAdorable said...

~azer mantessa~
to u to bro..:)

~kak teh~
wonderful siblings...i have that..but somehow everyone seems to think they're better than the rest.. sabar jer la..dugaan sungguh...
tks kak teh..

tks u.. u have a good ramadhan too.. and the coming syawal..

hehh.hehh..missed yur jokes...tks bro

UglyButAdorable said...

~bro hero~
yeah..this is the greatest test of all...tks for the encouraging words..

hey lil' sis..tq so much..u take care yaaa..

tks love...

UglyButAdorable said...

i've been a notty n lazy ass daughter to my mom all this while..i hope i'll have longer time to be with her to mend all those time i've messed up..tks d

tks kak sya..u take care too...

waalaikumsalam..ramadhan al mubarak to you too.. insya allah i'll find my way there soon..:)

Nour said...

It never too late sis to jaga your mom, I'm sure she knows you care and love her so much. Will pray for your mom's speedy recovery.

You take care too okay. Banyak bersabar, InsyaAllah things will be fine.

UglyButAdorable said...

tks introduce yurself yeah...the next time u drop by..

tks itot..may u have a wonderful ramadhan n syawal there yeahh..

~kak elle~
tks kak elle..itu lah i always said that no matter how bad my situation is..masih ader yg lagi teruk dan i'm countin' my blessings..

well it says that it's not curable..but she has to do lots of physio insya allah that's my task now..
u take care too

hugs back..tks sis..

UglyButAdorable said...

yeah la kan AN...ader org masih susah dr kiter kan? let all of us be thankful with wht we have kan..

yeap..hangin' tough here mama..u take care..

heii..bro..all friends of mine are appreciated...:)

NoRE said...

selamat berpuasa to u too kak mas..hope ur mom will recover soon,takpe,anggap ni semua dugaan bulan Ramadhan..=)

mak aji said...

Salam UBA,

I've gone through the same so I can really feel for you.

banyakkanlah berdoa supaya Allah memberi kekuatan fizikal dan mental untuk menghadapi ujian ini.

sistertyphoon said...

Hi. Stumbled onto your blog today and noted the similarities between u and me.... particularly that part about your mom criticising you for your weight.... I can relate to that!

It's a good thing what you're doing now. Your mom, however imperfect, should be No.1 on your list of priorities. I salute you for taking care of her. Hats off to you. Wasallam.

maklang said...

I miss u dek...lama tak dengar kabar

MA said...

So sorry to hear about your Mum.

"...I usually will get home at almost Isya, greet her in the room. Sometimes she will be struggling to get up for the loo to take wudhu. I peep from outside quietly..sometimes I can hear her crying... I just kept far away. What can I do?? ..."

Be there.

Just be there for her. I am sure she would appreciate it very much.


UglyButAdorable said...

tks nore..yeahh..dugaan yg lain mungkin lebih perit..

~mak aji~
w'salam mak aji..tks for dropping by...prayers is wht i have now...

hi there...tks for dropping by...jemput2 lah lagi..

no one is perfect..that's one condition of love kan..?? to love conditionally

UglyButAdorable said...

sorry..that was meant to be to love unconditionally..

UglyButAdorable said...

~mak lang~
miss u too kak..:)

~mak andeh~
tks ma...that's wht i'm trying to do..just be there..sumtimes i feel i dun do enuff because people makes me feel like that.. but now..i redha la ma..buat lah aper yg termampu..